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VLV Singapore launches 3 Mouthwatering Lunch Sets for an Unforgettable Wedding Feast

Each time we attend a wedding banquet, we are often served up the same type of Chinese food. After attending a couple of weddings, we can almost predict what’s about to be served up next. As a wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, it’s no surprise more couples are looking¬†for some innovation infused into their wedding menu. Well, you are just in luck!

VLV Singapore, housed in a stunning heritage building along the¬†Singapore Clarke Quay riverfront, presents you a masterful menu of modern Chinese cuisines. Helmed by Executive Head Chef Martin Foo, VLV was awarded best restaurant by The Straits Times in 2016. The restaurant serves up exquisite creations that blend traditional Cantonese flavours with modern techniques. What you get are luxe dishes that embodies Singapore’s modern Asia setting.

When we got wind of their latest wedding lunch set menus –‚ÄėCreations‚Äô, ‚ÄėTasting‚Äô and ‚ÄėSignatures,¬†we were eager to check them out.¬†Read on to find out why we think these sets will impress your guests right off the bat.

VLV launches Mouthwatering Lunch Sets for a truly Unforgettable Wedding Feast

1. ‘Creations’

Dim Sum - VLV Restaurant
The Creations Lunch Set

No Asian (we believe) should be able to resist the allure of dim sum. We know we definitely can’t.¬†

The ‘Creations’ Lunch Set was created for those with lighter appetites and lovers of variety. What better way to do so than with soft and succulent dim-sum?¬†Featuring bite-sized goodness served in traditional steamer baskets, this menu was a delightful experience.

The menu kickstarts with an epic beginning. We were presented with a trilogy of Dim Sum dishes –¬†Prawn Dumpling ‘Ha Gao’, Fish & Mushroom Dumpling and the Singapore Chilli Crab Bun¬†– all piping hot when served.¬†Next up,¬†a bowl of Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup. Cooked with aromatic Matsutake mushrooms and bamboo fungus,¬†the soup was fragrant and delicate and a great palette cleanser.

Moving into the next part of the menu, we enjoyed the¬†Baked Chilean Seabass¬†with Black Olive & White Wine Butter Sauce and¬†‚ÄėChar Siew‚Äô Spring Onion Noodles. The menu wrapped up¬†on a sweet note with¬†Almond Cream with Egg White & Black Sesame Dumplings.

Our favourite dish: The Singapore Chili Crab Bun. The soft mantou is topped off with the delicious chilli crab meat and steamed to perfection. Enough said.

Singapore Chilli Crab Bun

‘Creations’ is served at $48 ++ per person (min. 2 persons). It can also be a perfect meal for any mid-day retreat.

2. ‚ÄėTasting‚Äô

VLV_Signature Lunch Set
The ‘Signatures’ Lunch Set

As Asians, we believe no meal is complete without¬†delicious meat. A symbol of wealth and prosperity, you will never find meat missing in any wedding banquet. VLV’s new ‘Tasting’ lunch set menu features hot favorites like¬†Sweet & Sour Chilean Seabass¬†and¬†Crispy Roasted Chicken.

Sweet & Sour Chillean Seabass - Tasting Lunch Set VLV Restaurant
Sweet & Sour Chillean Seabass
Crispy Roasted Chicken - Tasting Lunch Set VLV Restaurant
Crispy Roasted Chicken

The ‘Tasting’ Lunch Set first features a duo of Dim Sum dishes, namely Prawn Dumping ‘Ha Gao’ and Pan-fried Carrot Cake. Next, awaken your senses with the¬†Nutritious Herbal Soup¬†‚Äď cooked with fresh and flavorful sea prawns before proceeding to savour¬†the¬†Sweet & Sour Chilean Seabass,¬†Crispy Roasted Chicken¬†and Poached Hong Kong Choy Sum. Wrap up the meal with¬†Braised Noodles with Enoki Mushroom and Beansprouts¬†and refresh yourself with the¬†Roselle Flower Osmanthus Jelly¬†for dessert.

If you crave a wider selection of flavours, this menu was created with you in mind. The¬†‘Tasting’ Lunch Set is priced at S$98++ for 4 persons (max. 2 set per group).

3. ‚ÄėSignatures‚Äô

For those craving for a more indulgent spread, the Signatures lunch set features some of Chef Martin’s most iconic creations at VLV.¬†This menu embodies the taste of other cultures and countries, stringing together a colourful experience that will most certainly satisfy your guests’ palette.

Kickstarting the menu are finger foods¬†Aburi Kagoshima Kurobuta Roll, and succulent¬†Calamari Rings. Sharable around the table, it makes for a delightful communal dining experience. Next up is the Crab Meat Spinach soup, followed by¬†Coral Trout Head & Belly¬†‚Äď steamed to perfection with black garlic and black bean.

The rich¬†flavour¬†of the following dishes –¬†Claypot Prawns cooked with ginger, scallion and dried Chili and¬†Roasted Crispy Duck¬†(a signature dish!) will leave you wanting more. End off the meal with a hearty Kimchi Seafood Fried Rice and a light and refreshing¬†Roselle Flower Osmanthus Jelly¬†is served.

The ‘Signatures‘ Lunch Set¬†is priced at¬†S$138 ++ for 4 persons (max. 2 sets per group).

The Star Chef behind the menus ‚Äď Executive Head Chef, Martin Foo

Executive Chef Martin Foo

From a 13-year old boy who found strong love and talent in creating good food when helping out at a relative’s hawker stall, Chef Martin Foo today is titled Best Asian Restaurants ‘Chef of the Year’ by The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. Armed with over 28 years of experience and stellar track records in the food and beverage scene, Executive Chef Martin Foo of VLV has translated his¬†passion and creativity into VLV’s latest lunch set menus.

The VLV’s three new lunch sets are now available at on weekdays (Lunch:¬†12.00pm to 3.00pm), and prices are as follows:
Creations Р$48++ per person (minimum 2 persons)
Tasting Р$98++ for 4 persons (maximum 2 sets per group)
Signatures Р$138++ for 4 persons (maximum 2 sets per group)

About VLV Singapore
Located in the heart of Clarke Quay and along Singapore’s iconic riverfront, VLV is a lifestyle destination that combines a modern Chinese restaurant,¬†a luxurious club lounge, an al fresco live entertainment courtyard and a riverfront dining area.¬†Housed in a historic building built in 1880s, VLV‚Äôs multi-layer destination spans over 20,000 square feet along the Singapore River riverfront and is the latest crown jewel at the heart of bustling Clark Quay.

VLV Singapore
3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay 

#01-02 Singapore 179020
Tel: +65 6661 0197
Weekdays 12pm-3pm, Daily 6pm11pm, Weekend Brunch 11.30am – 3.30pm

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