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Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park – Traditional Weddings with a Modern Touch & Attractive Prices

When it comes to a wedding, every bride and groom want it to be a beautiful and memorable celebration. Your wedding venue and food are key factors in delivering the right atmosphere and ensuring that your guests enjoy the event. However, with prices of wedding tables skyrocketing to a new high, it gets increasingly tougher to find that perfect venue that does not break the bank. In light of this news, we were determined to find a wedding venue that could deliver you these – a beautiful setting, convenient location and great food, all at an attractive price point. After scouting around the island, you will be happy to hear we discovered just the gem – Ramada Singapore At Zhongshan Park. It’s time to check out what a Ramada Singapore Wedding gives you.

An award-winning hotel conveniently located in Novena, Ramada Singapore is the first hotel-by-the-park development in Singapore. Overlooking the scenic Zhongshan Park, Ramada Singapore presents chic and tranquil venues for your big day. Beautiful setting? Check.
Located just a stone’s throw away from Novena MRT station, Ramada Singapore is easily accessible and convenient for your guests from all around Singapore. Convenient location? Check.
After a first-hand experience at Ramada Singapore, we tasted their delicious cuisine and left craving for more. Great food? Check. 

To top it all off, the wedding service and packages offered by Ramada Singapore is a pretty attractive! Read on to find out why you should pick them for your wedding celebration.

9 Reasons to have your wedding at Ramada At Zhongshan Park Singapore

1. Enjoy a magical outdoor solemnization under blue skies

Ask any married couple which was the most memorable moment of their wedding day, and many would say it was the moment they exchanged their vows and rings. Your solemnization marks the beginning of your marriage and it should be nothing short of magical.

At Ramada Singapore, you can say your “I Dos” beneath the beautiful blue skies, overlooking a view that beautifully blends Singapore’s nostalgic and modern sites. The event lawn incorporates Japanese garden-like elements of pebbled paths and granite stepping stones and is beautifully landscaped to complement its green and natural surroundings of Zhongshan park. Welcome to your fairytale happy ending (or beginning of a new one!).

2. Be surrounded by lush greenery in your wedding ballroom

Ramada Singapore provides you two gorgeous venues to host your wedding banquet. We first stepped into the Zhongshan room, which had me falling in love with its chic and tranquil setting. Featuring full-length glass window panels at three sides of your ballroom, the Zhongshan room allows your guests to dine in a relaxing setting surrounded by soft natural light and the verdant lush greenery of Zhongshan Park. The setting feels like a magical garden! The space is cozy, intimate and makes a picture-perfect canvas for capturing beautiful memories of your banquet. Additionally, the room is versatile as the stage and projectors can be oriented to your liking.

The Zhongshan room of 192 sqm, can seat a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 120 guests. 

…or soak up oriental atmospheres in the Balestier Ballroom

If you are in search for a grander atmosphere, the main Balestier Ballroom is understandably Ramada’s pride. It is spacious, features a high ceiling of 6 meters and is decoded in dark wood furnishing and burgundy tones which create a strong and grandeur oriental ambiance. The ballroom is a flawless blend of contemporary east-meets-west. Additionally, the pillarless ballroom allows for your guests to get an unobstructed view of the stars of the day.

The Balestier Ballroom of 310 sqm, can seat a minimum of 180 (weekdays) -220 (weekends) and a maximum of 260 guests. 

3. Have your guests delight in delectable authentic Cantonese cuisine

As Singaporeans, both young and old, there is something that ties us all together. Food, glorious food. There is nothing that delights us more than tasting delicious and authentic cuisine. So if you are looking for a sure-win way to please your guests, the menu is where you should place focus on.

Ramada Singapore boasts of an exquisite range of authentic Cantonese cuisine. Prepared by renowned Chef Awyeong Kin, armed with 30 years of culinary experience and has worked in various well-known Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong as well as renowned 5-star hotels in Singapore. We were privileged to taste it for ourselves. The dishes were flavourful, traditional and we can imagine your guests will be savouring each and every dish happily (like we did).

For guests looking for something edgier, the kitchen is happy to oblige with their signature fusion dishes, which among other interesting choices include Conpoy and Winter Melon in superior broth and refreshing Passion Fruit in Longan Tea.

4. Savour a scrumptious spread of Halal and Indian cuisine

Singapore is a melting pot of multi-races and cultures, and Ramada Singapore stays true to our roots. Their wedding packages include halal Muslim wedding menus and Indian buffet menus that also present rich and delightful flavours prepared by their partner restaurants. Best of all, they are highly customizable so you can pick out your favourites!

Besides great food, Ramada also accommodates the kompang and pelamin ceremony for Muslim weddings and unique wedding favors for Indian weddings. Their experience with multi-cultural weddings will ensure a perfect fit for yours.

In fact, Ramada Singapore is a perfect spot to take off for a dining adventure. Their well-known Flavours of Asia lunch buffet offers you a huge variety of modern Asian cuisine infused with an exclusive touch of Singapore. The latest incarnation of “Flavours of the World” a la carte menu was specially curated, bringing Local, Asian and Western fares to the fore.

Speaking of which, we have a giveaway for you – stay tuned to the very end of this article!

5. A select variety of wedding themes inspired by the seasons of nature

Summer Garden
Summer Garden

The atmosphere for your wedding celebration will be largely determined by your wedding theme, decorations, and props. Nature-lovers will be happy to hear that Ramada Singapore offers you four charming wedding themes to choose from. Inspired by the seasons of nature, these themes will ensure a romantic atmosphere for your special day. For a warm and vibrant feel, opt for the Summer Garden theme. For a dreamy atmosphere, the Spring Romance theme will be perfect. Choose Cherry Blossom for its soft understated hues for you to stand out, or select the Eternal Harmony theme for an elegant sophisticated look.

Every part of the ballroom is meticulously decorated to fit the theme. I loved the recherché table set up of the red velvet tablecloth, dazzling porcelain dining sets and silk draping over the chairs that created the rich romantic ambiance of the Summer Garden theme.

6. Enjoy a comfortable stay in a cozy bridal room

Ramada’s bridal room is the perfect hideout for a married couple. The amenities will make for a comfortable wedding night. This space will also help to ease your preparations for the wedding. Their bridal room also have premium Serta mattresses that is complete with crisp linens and rain shower that you will surely enjoy.

7. Nearby heritage backdrops for your wedding photo shoot

Balestier Heritage Tour
Photo via

Located in Balestier, Ramada Singapore is nestled in a culturally rich district that presents many scenic backdrops that present beautiful photo opportunities for your wedding album! While you are at it, you can also take the chance to explore these hidden gems.

8. The best part: Enjoy all of the above at an attractive price point

There is no doubt that weddings in Singapore are an extravagant affair, with most couples bearing the heavy cost of at least S$30,000 to S$50,000 for a day (source). Wedding dinners typically cost S$1200-S$1800 per table and can go up to S$2000 for higher-end options.

Fortunately, Ramada Singapore can bring you the wedding of your dreams without having to shell out a bomb. With Ramada Singapore’s packages, you can save more on your wedding banquet and have more budget for your honeymoon, or that wedding gown you have your eyes on. ;)

Ramada Singapore’s Dream wedding package comes at a great price point starting from S$868++ per table. Their Muslim wedding packages start at S$58++ per person; and Indian weddings at S$78.80++ per person. We have to admit that Ramada’s packages are priced at a highly affordable price point in comparison to many other hotels, and considering what they offer, it is definitely value-for-money.

9. Be pampered by Ramada’s team of wedding experts

“You get what you pay for.” As much as that is true in our practical world, Ramada Singapore’s wedding team has gone the extra mile to create wedding packages that not only is value for money but paired with good service. Upon checking in, I was pleasantly surprised by the courteousness and personal touch in their service. They really did make me feel special.

Pleasant treat courtesy of Ramada
I was surprised with a lovely welcome note and traditional nonya delights upon checking into our room!

The team also takes pride in their connectivity with their partners, that include florists and wedding favour suppliers. For your wedding, take the load off your shoulders. Let Ramada’s team of wedding professionals take care of you.

“Have it your way and leave the rest to us” is their motto illustrating a commitment to delivering good service. Are you ready to make your wedding dreams come true?

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