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Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Honeymoon Review: A 7 Day Luxurious & Romantic Escape Newlyweds Must Know (Complete Itinerary included!)

Thailand is one of the popular honeymoon destinations in SouthEast Asia for newlyweds around the world. The charm of the country lies in its exquisite exotic beauty, beautiful landscapes, and its rich culture. Chiang Mai, a land of misty mountains, lush padi fields, grand temples and colourful hill tribes, makes it one of the must-visit destinations in Thailand. Check it out for yourself with the things to do in Chiang Mai for your honeymoon. In this issue, we seek out one of the best places to stay in Chiang Mai, especially if you are in search of a romantic and luxurious honeymoon experience.

Perched on the terraced rice fields of the mystical Mae Rim Valley, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is a beautiful 5-star resort where you can immerse yourself in lush tropics and plush, luxurious, high-end living. Here you can get acquainted with local Thai culture and discover the treasures of Northern Thailand at your own time. Knowing this, we flew down to visit to experience it first hand and bring it back to you.

In this issue, discover our complete itinerary of a 7 Day Romantic Experience for your honeymoon at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. Get ready for a rejuvenating experience, filled with breathtaking natural beauty, tranquil serenity and ultimate romance. In addition, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai also has some secret spots perfect for weddings and photoshoots. Read on to discover it for yourself.

This article was last updated on 23 Dec 2019.

A 7 Day Romantic Escape at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai – Complete Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at the stunning Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Our arrival at the resort was one of the most unforgettable moments of our visit. The beauty of the resort, its natural surroundings, and magical mountain views are breathtaking. Set amid the lush green Mae Rim Valley and wrapped around its own rice fields, stepping foot into Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai immediately transported us into a tranquil haven perfect for a romantic escape.

Kickstart your vacation with a relaxing resort garden tour

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 2

We suggest to first begin with a relaxing resort tour to discover the natural beauty of the resort’s acclaimed gardens. Designed by famed landscape architect Bill Bensley, you can discover plenty of tropical plants, exotic herbs, and edible flowers. Embrace the beauty of your surroundings while you are at it.

See the rice fields and visit the resident buffalo

What is so special about Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is that they have their very own rice fields, which are ploughed and harvested every season. Walk through the rice fields and visit the resident buffalos living on the grounds, who help to make this happen. The harvested rice grains not only go to the tables of the resort restaurants but also goes to feeding the less fortunate at a temple situated nearby.

Try on-site rice planting

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 3

Get your first-hand experience at rice planting! It is a very rewarding experience as you learn from farmers how they transplant sprouts from seedbeds to ricefields. Wear the morhom, a farmer’s traditional costume and immerse yourself in this very authentic experience.

Indulge in an exclusive & romantic private dinner at the Barn

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 4

After the productive day, savour an exquisite candlelit dining experience under the shimmering moonlight at a private reserve at the Barn. Tuck into a delicious 5-course meal by the rice paddies and lake. The intricate floral arrangements and soft background music create the perfect atmosphere to¬†mark your special milestone as newlyweds. After your dinner, make a wish by releasing your very own Krathong, a traditional banana leaf cup into the resort’s pond.

Have a restful night sleep in your luxe pool villa

Surrounded by water on three sides, the Pool Villa is a perfect choice for you if you desire privacy and epic luxury for your honeymoon. The Pool Villa is 403 m² and incredibly spacious. There is even an outdoor rain shower! We loved how the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is inspired by Lanna-style architecture, making for a unique and classy ambience. The rooms are intricately designed and luxuriously furnished for complete indulgence Рthe bed, is probably going to make it hard from you to get up from.

Reserving a pool villa also gets you complimentary round trip airport transfers, a bottle of wine and 10% off laundry and F&B services.

Day 2: Become a Northern Explorer

View Point at Mon Cham

Wake up the next morning to the sounds of nature. Be greeted by an incredible and calming view of the water and lush greenery. For your second day, we suggest embarking on an exploration trip to discover Northern Thailand!


Visit Doi Suthep Temple

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 6

Chiang Mai, also known as ‘the Rose of the North’, offers an enchanting cultural experience with centuries-old temples, indigenous cultural identity, and traditional heritage.

From viewing it at a distance during breakfast, this is one temple you must see up close. Doi Suthep Temple is one of the most sacred shrines in Northern Thailand. Overlooking the city atop its mountain throne, we suggest you climb the 300 steps to reach the top for a breathtaking view of the city and plains. The temple, first founded in 1383, has expanded over time as more holy shrines are added to the first pagoda. It is an extravagant sight.

See majestic mountain views and epic waterfalls
Mae Sa Waterfall

After the temple visit, head over to explore the natural beauty of Chiang Mai. From majestic mountain views to stunning waterfalls. There is a view point at Mon Cham that gives you panoramic mountain scenery on both sides. Alternatively, visit the Mae Sa Waterfall, an eight-tiered tumbling cascade that creates a spectacular natural setting among gigantic trees. You can hike up the narrow path that winds up through the jungle along the eight levels of this magnificent waterfall. Do not forget to bring your camera with you!

Have a private dinner in an enchanted floral garden

After admiring the cultural heritage and scenic views that Chiang Mai has to offer, retreat back to the resort and conclude the day with a private dinner at the Orchid Nursery. When the orchids are in full bloom, you are having a romantic dinner surrounded by many exotic species of stunning orchids! We loved how this open-air nursery allowed us to enjoy a sense of exclusive intimacy, yet at the same time, we got to enjoy the natural breeze of being in an outdoor setting.

The Orchid Nursery makes a perfect space for an intimate wedding, for this enchanted floral haven can be decorated and transformed into a beautiful garden theme, like in Alice in Wonderland! Your guests will be blown away by the beauty of the blossoms. The romantic ambience is definitely one to remember.

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai also has some indoor venues perfect for your wedding and celebrations!

Day 3: Break Some Sweat

After two days of exploring the resort and its surroundings, we figured it’s time for you to try out some of the resort’s activities!

Learn Thai Kickboxing

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 8

Thai kickboxing, also known as Lanna Muay Thai, is the sport of northern Thai style kickboxing. Have a hand at it, for despite it being slightly challenging, the workout is truckloads of fun. Take this opportunity to get active. You even get a Lanna Muay Thai T-shirt as a souvenir for you to commemorate the experience!

If you are not into boxing, there are many other activities for you to choose from, such as pilates, TRX (total body resistance) workout, body toning, croquet and more. If you happen to be a fitness enthusiast, the activities at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai will have you occupied! Check them all out here. We suggest trying the Outdoor Workout – the class is a mashup of a variety of workouts, from jumping rope to Muay Thai to TRX. It is a great experience!

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 9
Trx Workout

If you are a hardcore wellness and fitness enthusiast, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai also has a mini boot camp package available that you can request for. It combines activities for health and luxury such as yoga, meditation and personalised introductory lessons for body training.

Have a sip of afternoon tea

After working up a sweat, it is time for you to relax over a well deserved afternoon tea. Simply let the front desk know and the resort will prepare a delectable tea set for you to enjoy while admiring the beautiful views of the valley.

Pamper yourselves with a relaxing spa treatment

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 10

There is no better time to have a luxurious spa treatment than after a good workout. The resort even has a Spa 101 for couples to learn the art of simple Thai stretching, pressure point techniques, and healing strokes that you bring home and practice on your partner at home. I would love for Matt to learn those massage techniques!

You can opt to have your treatment at the in-house spa or arrange for it to be in your own private sala, followed by a private dinner paired with a refreshing glass of wine to end off the wonderful day.

Day 4: Spice up the Romance

Midway into your honeymoon, we thought to spice up the vacation with activities that focus on building your relationship Рsuch as sunrise yoga, cooking classes and a romantic bike ride around the resort. And oh yes, the signature cocktails at Ratree Bar are a must-try!

Start your day with a morning sunrise yoga routine

Welcome the sunrise with a yoga routine with Dheeraj Singh Patwal. He is an in-house yogi who is very experienced in the art. Let him take you through a peaceful yoga routine that strives to balance your body and mind. Through yogic movement, breathing, posture, relaxation, and meditation, the routine strives to realign your posture, improve your flexibility and strength your muscles, at the same time achieve harmony within your internal organs.

Do book your class at the spa before 9pm the night before to ensure you get a slot! Yoga mats, towels, and water is provided, so just put on a comfortable outfit and you are ready to go! The daily sunrise group class is 60 minutes long and is THB 980++ per person at 7am ‚Äď 8am. Apart from the sunrise yoga, you can also check out their other routines here.

Have morning breakfast in the rice fields

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 12

After sunrise yoga, have a¬†private breakfast in the rice fields. Surround yourself with the beauty of lush, green rice fields as you relax in the cool morning breeze. Your personal butler will serve up a delectable menu created by Chef Staphane Calvet, composed of freshly pressed tropical juices, freshly baked bread and buns, tartines, muesli, and the Chef’s signature ‚ÄúOeuf √† la coque” soft-boiled eggs. Inspired by childhood memories of grandma’s lovingly composed back home in France,¬†Chef Staphane Calvet aims to nourish you with a breakfast that can give you the energy and inspiration to set you up for an amazing day ahead.

Learn the art of Thai cuisine in their signature cooking class at Rim Tai Kitchen

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 14

Rim Tai Kitchen is gorgeous and a great place for those who love to cook and eat. Here, let the chefs take you on a memorable culinary adventure to discover local Thai cuisine. We strongly suggest you take part in their signature cooking class!

If you want the full experience, instead of the sunrise yoga and private breakfast, you can begin your adventure with a morning visit to the vibrant local market, where you can select your ingredients for the cooking class and sample popular breakfast treats. Then head to the Rim Tai Kitchen, where you will be introduced to the guardian spirits for their blessing, before heading over to begin on discovering the best-kept secrets of Thai kitchens. Whip up regional specialties with guidance from the chef, and end off with enjoying the fruits of your labour over stunning mountain views. Check out the full experience here.

Take a romantic bike ride around the resort

After whipping up local delights, enjoy a romantic bike ride around the resort’s paddy fields and explore the Mae Rim valley where you can catch glimpses of the local life that surround it.

Slip into laid back evening mode over cocktails at the Ratree Bar

After your refreshing bike ride, head over to the Ratree Bar by the swimming pool, where you can order Thai inspired cocktails and enjoy the sunset amid the casual Thai-style ambience. Cocktails at the bar are created by Javier de las Muelas, a famous mixologist who created Bali’s most exciting beach cocktails.

Here at the Ratree Bar, we got really excited to taste Javier’s specialty creations that are exclusive to the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. Make sure you try the refreshing Chiang Mai Mule that will leave you with sweet dreams, or the Spicy Mai Tai, a classic reinvented to have a little more kick. Do visit during 5-7pm as there will be complimentary light snacks made available.

And of course, don’t forget to relax and sunbathe, or take a dip in the pool. The Ratree Bar also has a billard table available if you are up for a game.¬†When hunger sets in, head over to the Terraces restaurant for dinner. After which, you can take a free shuttle bus to the night market for some more local adventures.

Day 5: Get Adventurous

For day 5, we figured to take it up a notch. It’s time for some adrenaline-thumping activities, so we included hot air balloon rides, water rafting, zip lining and cave exploration.

Grab a quick bite with 24-hour in-room dining

With 24-hour in-pavilion dining, it gets super convenient to grab a quick bite before you head outdoors!

Reach for the skies with a hot-air balloon ride

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 16

A hot air balloon ride in Chiang Mai is breathtaking. We urge you to include it in your honeymoon if you are there from November to February! Flying over breathtaking views of the Ping River valley with sweeping views of mountains and terraced rice paddies makes for a truly unforgettable experience. You can also spot the beautiful temples of Chiang Mai from up in the skies.

Explore the outdoors with whitewater rafting
Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 17
Whitewater Rafting along the Mae Tang River

Another exciting way to get in touch with Chiang Mai’s outdoors is to take to the water. The warm weather and steep mountains make for a thrilling rafting adventure. Go for whitewater rafting along the 10-kilometres long Mae Tang River that runs along untouched wilderness and quaint rural hill tribe villages. You can also combine your rafting trip with a hill tribe trek.

Zipline down rolling hills of lush greenery
Ziplining down the rolling hills

I love the thrill of ziplining! In Chiang Mai, it is a spectacular experience as you get to see the vast evergreen forest and rolling hills. Alternatively, you can opt for a cycling tour to discover the local culture in the villages. You still get to see scenic mountain views while leisurely biking through the routes.

Explore the mystical Chiang Dao cave

As one of the top-rated tourist attractions, Chiang Dao cave is a cave that extends around 12kilometres around the Doi Chiang Dao mountain. This mystical cave features beautiful crystal formations and numerous sacred Buddha images that are a breathtaking sight to view. 

Day 6: Get Closer to Nature

No trip to Chiang Mai is complete without immersing yourself in the beautiful nature and outdoors that it has to offer. Hence for Day 6, we suggest for you to hike the outdoors, and visit the beautiful park, orchid nursery, butterfly farm and the gardens that Chiang Mai has to offer.

Go hiking at Doi Inthanon National Park
Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 19
Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon is home to the highest peak in Thailand. Standing at 2,565 meters above the sea level, Doi Inthanon is part of the Himalayan mountain range. The Doi Inthanon National Park covers a protected area of more than 400 square kilometers, and is a sanctuary for a wide range of plants and animal species. The compound is a rugged mountain terrain that is blanketed by lush tropical forests and dotted with mighty rivers and waterfalls. A hiking expedition will allow you to discover the jungles, mountains and hill tribes around Chiang Mai.

Discover the beauty of nature at Orchid Nursery & Butterfly Farm & Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 18

If you are looking for a more relaxed pace, seek the¬†Orchid Nursery and Butterfly Farm or the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden for some nature loving. Discover the beauty of colourful orchids, butterflies and immerse yourselves in nature’s best.

Buy handicrafts at Sankaphaeng Road
Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai 20
Umbrella Painting

End off the exciting day with a visit to SanKamphaeng Road. Also known as the “Handicraft Highway”, you can find everything from silk, silver, celadon, gems, potetery, lacquerware to antiques here. One of the unique souvenirs we found was the umbrellas that are painted with beautiful designs on them. If you have more time to spare, you can head over to the Sunday Walking Street, where you can see showcases of the art and craftsmanship of Northern Thailand.

Day 7: Relax and unwind before heading home

After 6 fun-filled days of adventure, it is time to slow down the pace before you head home. For day 7, take time to relax, starting with brunch. Head out to the pool for some last minute sunbathing, a nice foot massage (or even a last minute spa), before heading home.

Indulge in a Sunday brunch experience

Every Sunday, there is a brunch experience from 12 noon to 3:30 pm at the vibrant Rim Tai Kitchen. Enjoy an international selection, paired with live music. A great way to end off your honeymoon vacation!

Indulge in some last-minute pampering

Before you head home, you can get some last-minute pampering before you board your flight, whether it is a quick foot massage by the pool or a body massage.

Stop by the Lan Sai village for shopping

Shopping lovers, don’t forget to grab some last-minute buys at the in-house Lan Sai Village. Home to Jim Thompson (the first and only Jim Thompson store in Chiang Mai), Private Collection and The Boutique, you can shop among the rich collection of high-end collectibles, antiques, thai silk, costumes and accessories.

We fell in love with Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai during our stay. This luxe country retreat successfully combined luxury, intimacy and local flavour¬†into their honeymoon experience. It is no surprise that it is one of¬†Asia’s most evocative resorts. The surreal surroundings and beautiful interiors of the resort transported us into a paradise that not only was exclusive and luxurious but¬†reflected ancient northern Thai culture and colonial Lanna styling. Our visit was rejuvenating yet enriching at the same time. We appreciated that the resort staff went over and beyond to create authentic couple experiences for us to enjoy. Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is only 1 hour away from Bangkok, so we urge you to come and discover this place for yourselves!

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