Healthy Ready-to-eat Meals in Singapore
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7 Best Healthy Ready-to-eat Meals in Singapore | Best of Food 2023

You are what you eat. Singaporeans are generally becoming more health-conscious nowadays, as we all seek to eat more healthily to better sustain our bodies. But with most people flooded with work and facing a lack of time, how can you address your body’s nutritional needs without spending much time on food preparation? With an extensive variety of healthy ready-to-eat meals in the market, which then is the best healthy ready-to-eat meal in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 7 Best Healthy Ready-to-eat Meals in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 9 January 2023. 

Table of Contents

  1. Meals in Minutes SG
  2. FitThree
  3. Grain 
  4. Fresher
  5. Lean Bento
  6. Nutrify Meals
  7. AMGD Global

1. Meals in Minutes SG

Meals in Minutes Healthy Ready-to-eat meals Singapore
Image Source: Meals in Minutes SG

Want to stock up on healthy meals? Have them frozen in your freezer so you can just heat them once you need a wholesome meal. Meals in Minutes uses a Sous Vide-style of cooking to seal their foods which helps in maintaining the quality of the cooked and ready-to-eat meals. In just minutes of heating, your delicious meal is ready to serve. They have fish and prawn meals. But what we absolutely love is the Joe’s Burger, wherein the patty is made from tuna. Having difficulty thinking of what to eat for the week? We highly suggest purchasing their “Our Favorite Bundle”. It includes healthy rice and quinoa, veggies, fish and prawns, and the all-time favourite Joe’s Burger. You can also purchase via their Shopee page anytime.

Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane
#03-99, Midview City
Singapore, 573970
Contact: +65 9152 9359
Facebook | Instagram 
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2. FitThree

FitThree Healthy Ready-to-eat Meals Singapore
Image Source: FitThree

Three is uncomplicated

One of the most convenient healthy meal providers in Singapore is FitThree. What we love about FitThree is that their name says it all. They give you 3 easy steps to have your customised nutritious meals at your table. You can also choose from 3 kinds of nourishing meals for your active lifestyle.

Three easy steps

With just your fingertips, you can book your orders online via their website. Simply tailor-fit your meals based on your preference or fitness goals. You just have to create a FitThree account beforehand to make your transactions smooth. Then their chefs will do the work in preparing your sumptuous meals for you! Furthermore, you can either pick up your order at their partner gym after working out or have them delivered straight to your doorsteps. You can also check for other pick up stations to see if your workplace or school is near a station. If you prefer to deliver your meals at your home, no need to worry about minimum orders because there is none!

Three kinds of healthy meals to choose from

You can choose between low-carb, meat, and vegetarian as your main meals. You can just add extras if you still need more, or pick breakfast meals instead. Each menu changes per week, so you won’t feel tired with the same meals over and over again. FitThree uses fresh, organic, non-GMO, no additives, etc. to make sure that you are eating real food despite your hectic lifestyle. Meal prices may be a bit steep. It usually starts at $13.40/meal, but using quality ingredients to create a delectable meal, it’s worth the penny.

Address: 20 Bukit Batok Crescent
Enterprise Centre
Singapore (658080)
Contact: +65 8452 4752
Facebook | Instagram
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3. Grain

Grain Healthy Ready-to-eat Meals Singapore
Image Source: Grain

Healthy meals for everyone

Whether you are eating solo, having a dinner date with your partner, family meal bonding, or a feast during parties and events, Grain can provide healthy and sumptuous meals for everyone. They have meal bundles for groups, and they also have catering services for parties and corporate events at an affordable price. To add to that, they also provide special meals for kids to enjoy. Their meal boxes are best for sharing so everyone can enjoy nutritious meals even if they are not that health-conscious. Trusted by big clients such as Airbnb, Facebook, and Microsoft, and featured on TechCrunch, Forbes, CNBC, etc., you are assured that they provide not only nutrition-dense but also savoury meals.

Flexible meal planning

No time to cook for your family? No problem! Grain is to the rescue for your week’s meal plan. They have a subscription option where you can plan ahead your meals for the week. But if you are just looking for a bite for a specific time and day, they can also provide you with their daily bestsellers. On the other hand, if you’re planning to avail of their catering services, they have options such as bento and other meal boxes. And for intimate occasions, such as weddings, they also provide a mini buffet.

Affordable meals in an eco-friendly packaging

Who says that healthy meals should be expensive? At Grain, a solo adult meal price starts at $10.95, while all solo kids meals are only $8.95 each. You can also purchase a side dish for as low as $4.55 and a dessert for as low as $4.95. Meanwhile, despite being affordable, they still manage to place their foods on eco-friendly bento and bundle boxes.

Address: 5 Burn Rd
Singapore 369972
Contact: +65 3163 5336
Facebook | Instagram
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4. Fresher

Image Source: Fresher

Long-lasting nutritious meals

Packed in sealed plastic and kept in an insulated bag, you’ll receive your chilled yet ready-to-heat meals at your doorsteps at your preferred time slot. Meals are kept that way so you can be sure that the nutrients are retained for as long as a month in a freezer even without preservatives. And with just a few minutes of heating and prepping, your meal is ready for serving. And with its features in Best in Singapore, The Finder, etc., and big brands such as Netflix and Dyson trusting Fresher, you know that they are committed to delivering fresh and healthy chilled meals to your home.

Unique healthy menu

We love Fresher’s unique menu, such as Shrimp Cauliflower “Mac” N Cheese and Turkey Bacon Potato Hash of Russet and Sweet. Hearty but well-thought meals!

Saves more as a regular customer

A frequent eater? You can save more with repeat purchases using their bulk credits. Once you reach a certain number of orders, you will be given a complimentary amount, a freebie, and a discount on their meals.

Address: 17 Sims Way
Singapore, Singapore
Contact:+65 9137 0180
Facebook | Instagram
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5. Lean Bento

Lean Bento Healthy Ready-to-eat Meal Singapore
Image Source: Lean Bento

If you are looking for a healthy Asian meal-to-go, this is where you should head to.  Meals are Halal-certified, have no MSG and preservatives, and use wholefood ingredients instead. Meal planning? They not only have meal plans for those who want to stay fit, but they also have for the whole family and even pregnant women. They have various kinds of nutritious bento meals that we love, such as Protein Taro Bento, Skinny Zucchini Bento, Thyme & Laksa Noodle Bento, and more. We also love their Croissant Boxes, Mid-Autumn Protein Mooncakes (vegan), and Protein Bundles packed in a cute eco-friendly box. You have the option to deliver the food straight to your home or pre-order online and pick them up the next day at their store.

Address: 1 Irving Place
Singapore 369546
Contact: +65 6750 4504
Facebook | Instagram
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6. Nutrify Meals

Nutrify Meals Healthy Ready-to-eat Meal Singapore
Image Source: Nutrify Meals

Nutrify Meals cater to mostly those who want to achieve their fitness goals. If you visit their website, they have a Macro calculator there so you could easily customise your meal per week based on your gender, activity, and fitness goal. Their meals are mostly protein-dense with fibres which can help you build more muscles and lose excess fats. Likewise, even their veggies are high in protein too! They are halal-friendly, so you are sure that they do not serve pork, lard, and alcohol on their meals. But to satisfy your sweet cravings, they also offer Protein Pancakes and Muffins which we absolutely love! But if you still want to create your own healthy cooked meals, they also have Nutrify Prep, where the ingredients are delivered cooked at your doorsteps, and it’s up to you to prep them and create your own dish. 

Address: 371 Beach Road, CityGate,
#B1-44 Singapore 199597
Contact: +65 8646 7620
Facebook | Instagram
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7. AMGD Global

AMGD Global
Image Source: AMGD Global

What AMGD stands for is “Ahhmahgawd!” because they want you to feel amazing after eating their meals. We love that their meals are not only healthy and convenient to eat but also look colourful and appetising as well. AMGD can help you customise your meals by answering a questionnaire on their website. And if you want their regular meals, it’s easy to choose because some meals are tagged as Keto and for Immune Support. Furthermore, match your meal with a Vitamin C-packed Honey Lemon drink to detoxify your body while feeling refreshed too. And just like the other meals-to-go, they have concept stores where you can pick up your order if you are near the area.

Address: 28 Tai Seng Street
#03-01 Sakae Building
Singapore 534106
Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest
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We hope that our guide on the 7 Best Healthy Ready-to-eat Meals in Singapore has helped you to buy the best healthy ready-to-eat meals in Singapore for your fitness goals and busy lifestyle. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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