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Top 10 Things to Do in Jaipur | India Golden Triangle Part 3/3

“In this series, we take you to explore India’s most famous and possibly most romantic tourist route – The Golden Triangle. Comprising of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, these 3 most-visited cities in North India together will fascinate you like no other place on earth.”

Jaipur was deemed as the Pink City when all of its walls and structures were painted with the color pink as it denotes hospitality, and it aimed to welcome Prince Albert in such tone when he visited India over a century ago. The objective that once impressed the prince now dazzles everyone who visits it. Explore the forts and unfold the secrets behind its walls while experiencing the history and mystery of Jaipur. We think that the rosy tint of these infrastructures perfectly symbolise the blush moments of marriages, so here are 10 things to do for your honeymoon in Jaipur.


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Before we get started on the things to do, here are our recommendations on the best places to stay at in Jaipur!

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Best Places to Stay in Jaipur:

1. Experience living in a former Indian royal mansion at Samode Haveli

jaipur honeymoon samode haveli

In the historic walled city of Jaipur lies an urban oasis. What used to be a traditional Indian mansion, a residence for the rulers of Samode, has been transformed into a luxury hotel by its descendants, its doors open for travelers seeking a unique and eye-opening experience. Set in a verdant garden, Samode Haveli is a quintessential Indo-Saracenic regal residence steeped in history and age-old traditions of impeccable hospitability. Upon setting foot into the hotel lobby, our eyes catch on to the mesmerising colours, its walls intricately painted, telling tales of the rich history of this 175-year old property.

The guestrooms here, originally built and occupied for by Samode rulers, are spacious, with decor that reflects old Indian grandeur but befitted with modern amenities fit for the 21st-century traveler. It is amazing how this century-old mansion is so well preserved and modernised without losing its heritage. Guestrooms overlook a private courtyard and their balconies face the charming pools, fountain courts, and gardens of the old Haveli.

When it comes to dining, there’s nothing as romantic as sharing a meal with your loved one in the lamp-lit veranda. We feasted on traditional Rajasthani cuisine under the vast open sky. You also have the option to dine at the alfresco areas or sip yummy cocktails while lying on day beds by the grand pool. Whenever you feel like venturing outside, the Samode Haveli staff are more than happy to guide you. They have an in-house cycling tour where they will guide you around the bustling pink city! After a long day, head to their in-house spa for total rejuvenation, which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your next day’s adventure. Samode Haveli preserves the rich history and culture of Samode. With its distinctive character and intimate privacy, you will enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon at this unique destination.

Click here to visit Samode Haveli >

jaipur honeymoon samode haveli
Samode Haveli
Samode House, Gangapole, Jaipur – 302002, Rajasthan, India
Tel. : +91-141-2632370, 2632407, 2631068 Fax: +91-141-2631397
E-mail: reservations@samode.com
Facebook | Instagram

2. Experience a magical honeymoon at Samode Palace

jaipur honeymoon samode palace

Tucked away in the mountains, Samode Palace is an exclusive honeymoon destination, a must-visit when in Jaipur. For newlyweds looking to be transported into an extraordinary experience, this sprawling property boasts 475 years of history and has played host to royals, celebrities, artists, and the most discerning of travelers. Samode Palace, a quintessential example of regal Indo-Saracenic architecture, combines Indian and Mughal styles to bring you back in time and yet provide you with modern luxury. The stay at sister hotel Samode Haveli though hard to beat, Samode Palace, in essence, shares a unique experience.

The guest rooms and suites of Samode Palace emphasize comfort and romance. Each comes with a regal four-poster bed draped with sheer fabric for a romantic vibe. Exquisitely carved couches placed in the room and along the hallways invite you to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Flowers seem to follow you everywhere, from the trees outside to the delicate petals floating in your bathtub. As you stroll the opulent halls of the palace, you will find intricate carvings and charming paintings on the walls surrounding you and carpets beneath your feet. Amidst spending your days exploring the city, you should set aside time to relax at the rooftop infinity pool, especially during sunset hours – you are presented with a mesmerising view from the mountain tops while lazing on the daybeds.

Our stay at Samode Palace was nothing short of magical. On top of the delicious dining at their two restaurants, their staff was very hospitable and we had a relaxing time. Their menus offer a choice of Royal Indian delicacies or scrumptious Asian and European fare. Breakfast in the open courtyard under the shady trees was a great way to start our mornings – the atmosphere exudes romantic alfresco vibes reminiscing of Europe. The staff also prepared two candlelight dinners for us at two of their exclusive spots – one on the beautiful rooftop pool, and the other at their intimate garden courtyard. It was hard not to fall in love with this place – the romantic ambience, beautiful heritage, and warm service is bound to make your honeymoon absolutely unforgettable. Read their reviews here.

Click here to visit Samode Palace >

jaipur honeymoon samode palace
Samode Palace
Samode House, Gangapole, Jaipur – 302002, Rajasthan, India
Tel. : +91-141-2632370, 2632407, 2631068
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10 things to do for your honeymoon in Jaipur

1. Unravel the secret of the Hall of Mirrors at Amber Fort

jaipur honeymoon Amber Fort

Amber Fort is a fortress of finesse; a fusion of Hindu and Mughal (Islamic) architecture. It has four palaces, courtyards, gardens and halls, so expect it to be a long but worthwhile journey. It is situated atop a hill; you’d be surprised over the different ways on how to reach the place rather than walking on foot. One of the options is the elephant ride that gives the experience a more regal feels to it since this is one of the means of travel in ancient times. However, many tourists are trying to avoid this now because of the well-being of the animals. Otherwise, there are jeeps and golf carts that can take you to the majestic place.

Among all the attractions within the fortress, one really stood out the most for us. It is the Hall of Mirrors where there are flower-shaped carvings from walls to ceilings. It looks trivial at first, but these carvings are actually made of mirrors. Please, go to Sheesh Mahal and watched these mirrors mimic the stars when the candles are lit. It is not always open, though, so let’s hope that you get to see it, too! There is also a sound and light show at night that will definitely complete your honeymoon trip in this stop.

Getting There: You can take the bus near Hawa Mahal in the Old City, and it will cost you INR15. It is 20 minutes away, so if you do not want to squeeze in inside the bus, take the rickshaw or taxi that will cost you around INR 500-850.
Opening Hours: 8:00AM to 5:30PM everyday
Entrance Fee: INR 500

Click here for tickets to the Amber Fort >

2. Admire the city below Hawa Mahal

jaipur honeymoon Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is the extension of the City Palace and is known for its distinctive architectural design resembling a honeycomb. It is also called the Wind Palace because of its little windows (jharokhas)—953 of them! Royal women used these windows to watch the city below, and you can definitely do it, too! Do not be deceived by the façade of this place that looks like there is no entrance at all. You must go to the other street at the back of this landmark. Look for the intersection called Badi Chapaur, and then turn right until you see the first alleyway that will point you to the entrance of Hawa Mahal. The best time to see this masterpiece is early in the morning because it is when the sunrays highlight the pink hue of its sandstone. Make sure you take great pictures then—natural light is the best! Inside, there’s also a museum with old paintings, relics, and armor used in royal ceremonies of the past.

Getting There:
Board 12015 Ajmer Shatabdi Express; it takes four to five hours to arrive in Jaipur from Delhi. It will cost you more or less INR 805.
Opening Hours: 9:00AM to 4:30PM everyday
Entrance Fee: INR 200

Click here for tickets to the Hawa Mahal >

3. Spend a romantic boat ride on Man Sagar Lake and get enchanted by Jal Mahal

jaipur honeymoon Man Sagar Lake

Once, this palace stood in full grandeur, serving as a getaway for maharajas who wanted to hunt duct, but an intense drought struck Jaipur in the late 1700s. The succeeding urbanization left this water-dwelling marvel neglected and on the verge of ruin. Luckily, a private firm took notice and restored Jal Mahal back to its full glory. It has five stories, but only the top level can be seen now. Still, its light creates a translucent cascade of colors on the waters, giving the abandoned place the life it deserves. You can rent a boat to go nearer to the Water Palace, but the palace itself is inaccessible. However, isn’t it romantic to spend the night afloat the Man Sagar Lake while taking pleasure of the ‘Water Palace’ under the glare of the moon? Right! Did you just imagine the lantern scene in Tangled?

You may also want to try riding the camels on the shore of the lake. The best time to visit is from October to March, so the weather is good enough, giving you a clear view of the palace.

Getting There: It is only 8 minutes away from Amber Fort, you can take a taxi or rickshaw from there (or from any part of Jaipur). You may also take the bus from Shahpura Bagh station.
Opening Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM every day (restricted areas)
Entrance Fee: INR 50

Click here for tickets to the Jal Mahal >

4. Hunt for great finds together as a couple at Bapu Bazaar and Juhari Bazaar

There is a dizzying amount of bazaars in India where tourists can find awesome bargains. By all means, explore them all you want! But these two markets are our favorites ones; both are very vibrant not just of the colors that saturate the place, but also because of its people.

Bapu Bazaar

jaipur honeymoon Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is a street market that specializes in fashion and home decor. Foreign visitors have hailed it as the “shopping mecca” in Jaipur. Shops stand in an endless row touting authentic Indian handicrafts, clothes, accessories, shoes, beddings, and so on. As this is a traditional market, shoppers can bargain here to get the best deals, but some shops may refuse to lower prices. It’s a great stop for tourists who want to do their souvenir shopping in one go. Allot time though, because it can get hectic and you can suffer from analysis paralysis because there’s just so many to choose from!

Getting There: Board the Chandpole Metro Station and the ride takes 15 minutes. You may also ride the bus from Sindhi Camp.
Opening Hours: 10:30AM to 7:30PM everyday

Johari Bazar

jaipur honeymoon johari bazar

Lovers of sparkly things will go gaga in this street market. Johari Bazaar is famous for being the home of gems, handcrafted jewelry, art, and some furniture. Visitors will not run out of choices here and can get great bargains on some beautiful items! Buy jewel-encrusted picture frames, soap dishes, and other household items—everything will make you look like royalty! Also, look out for blue pottery, which is made from ground quartz; beautiful is an understatement.

Getting There: From Bapu Bazaar, it will take you 4 minutes to get to Johari via Sonthaliwalon Road.
Opening Hours: 10:00AM to 11:00PM every day

5. Walk down the courtyards like true royalty couple at the City Palace

jaipur honeymoon City Palace

City Palace showcases the different powers that influenced India throughout history. It’s a combination of Mughal, Rajput, and European architecture constructed using the signature pink sandstone of Jaipur. This palace is actually made up of several individual castles or mahal connected to each other by courtyards. Royal descendants still use Chandra Mahal as their residence, so visitors only have access to a section. Still, there are plenty of expansive grounds and pavilions inside that you can lose yourself into. Also, if you and your partner are fans of ancient ceremonial weapons and armors, head to Anand Mahal’s Sileh Khana museum, it is a feast for the eyes. A museum inside, Mubarak Mahal (palace,) showcases the royal textile collection and other artifacts. Jaipur artisans have a dedicated section where tourists can buy souvenirs; don’t forget to check that out, too. Set aside 2 hours or so to really enjoy this place! May the weather be nice when you visit because the sky serves as a striking backdrop for the palaces.

Getting There: From Sanganer International Airport, hail a cab or taxi, and the ride lasts for about 30 minutes.
Opening Hours: 9:30AM to 5:30PM every day except during Dulhandi.
Entrance Fee: INR 500 to INR 3000 (You can book online tickets here)

6. Witness the mighty tigers and alluring birds while riding a jeep at a national park

Ranthambore National Park

jaipur honeymoon Ranthambore National Park

These days, Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places in India to enjoy both flora and fauna. It also has the best tiger population in the country; there are 70 of them! The 392-square-meter acre is divided into 10 zones. Zones 1-5 are called the core area while 6-10 is the surrounding buffer and lesser tigers in sight. Those who prefer gentle feathered mammals instead of ones with razor-sharp teeth and claws can go bird-watching or go on a village trip in the surrounding area. Souvenir shoppers will also be satisfied with the choices at Dastkar Craft Center. This park is best explored through jeep safaris, but there are other vehicles available for larger groups. Safari runtimes differ per service provider, but usually, it takes about two to three and a half hours to make a round.

Getting There: It is 7 miles away from Sawai Madhopur (Core zones 1-5 are closed from July to October 1 because of the monsoon rain)
Opening Hours: Sunrise to sunset (Safaris are from 7:00AM to 2:00PM)
Entrance Fee: INR 1714 ,(park entry fee, guide fees, vehicle hire)

Nahargarh Sanctuary Jeep Safari

jaipur honeymoon Nahargarh Sanctuary Jeep Safari

Looking for the king of the jungle? They’re at Nahargarh Biological Park! Well, specifically, they’re in the zoological park, along with other jungle royals like the Bengal tiger and panthers. Since it spans 720 hectares, there’re tons of places to visit in this sanctuary. However, it’s most well-known for its bird population. Nahargarh Biological park is home to more than 285 bird species. A dedicated place called Ram Sagar where birdwatchers can enjoy hours trying to spot their favorited winged creatures. The entrance is a ways away from the carpark and ticket stand, so come prepared in comfy shoes or rent an electric rickshaw. Better yet, avail of a jeep safari tour package to lessen the hassle. Also, note that there’s a camera fee here, it’s worth the shots, though!

Getting There: In Amer Kunda, look for the Amer Police check post NH8.
Opening Hours: March 15 – October 14 8:30AM to 5:30PM; October 15 – March 14 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Entrance Fee: INR 300

7. Explore the secret tunnels of Jaigarh Fort

jaipur honeymoon Jaigarh Fort

At the other end of a subterranean tunnel from Amber Fort is Jaigarh Fort. It was built in 1726 to serve as a safe house for royals to escape to should the former come under attack. Also, it’s there to protect the said fort. Since Jaigarh Fort is connected to Amber Fort, tourists visiting the latter can actually pass through the secret tunnels to this one and will take roughly 45 minutes (quite exciting!). For those who don’t want the cardio though, golf carts are available for rent for INR100 each. Jaigarh Fort provides a high vantage point to get a great overlooking view of Amber and the rest of Jaipur. Inside, the gardens are perfectly kept, although it does not have the intricate interior of Amber—making it look more like a fortress frozen in time during the medieval period. It’s also home to the biggest cannon on wheels in the world, Jaivana. It is indeed the perfect spot for military lovers, or if you just like old and vintage of some sort.

Getting There: If you are not taking the secret tunnels from Amber Fort, auto-rickshaw around Jaipur will take you to the place for less than INR 500. Buses are also available from Rajasthan Road Transport.
Opening Hours: 9:00AM to 4:30PM everyday
Entrance Fee: INR 85

Click here for tickets to the Jaigarh Fort >

8. Get to know Jaipur’s colorful past at the Albert Hall Museum

jaipur honeymoon Albert Hall Museum

This is Rajasthan’s oldest museum; designed after the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In fact, England’s King Edward VII witnessed the laying of its foundation stone when he came to Jaipur in 1876. Aside from various art inside these halls from paintings to clay art, marble works, crystal creations, pottery, weapons, and metalwork, there is an Egyptian mummy that belonged to the dynasty of Ptolemaic. When visiting, we recommend spending at least an hour to fully appreciate it. They are also open for night viewing, so if you want to spend your honeymoon adding more light shows to your itinerary, Albert Hall Museum is where you should be.

Getting There: From Merta Road Junction Railway Station, you can take the cab to the museum.
Opening Hours:9:00AM to 5:00PM everyday; 7:00PM to 10:00PM for night viewing.
Entrance Fee: INR 300; INR100 (night viewing)

9. Strike a pose against the pink Patrika Gate

jaipur honeymoon Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate is the ninth gate of Jaipur. Initially, there were seven. But since the city was built according to Vastu Shastra or the “science of architecture,” nine is a significant number, and so this pink gate was constructed with the number 9 in all its proportions—nine archways and all. This eye-catching entryway to Jawahar Circle isn’t just something to spare a passing glance. Can we just say that it looks like a dollhouse that exudes beauty and sophistication? Also, the walls inside are adorned with murals depicting Jaipur’s history—images of salient sites, rulers, and citizens’ daily lives. Modern structures also have a place on the vibrant walls. It’s so colorful that every shot you take here is Instagramable!

Getting There: The Jawahar Circle is 7 minutes away from Jaipur International Airport, and you can take either a taxi or the bus.
Opening Hours: 6:00AM to 9:00PM everyday

10. Conquer a part of Kumbhalgarh Fort

jaipur honeymoon Kumbhalgarh_Fort

Kumbhalgarh is deemed as the Great Wall of India—it’s the longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China. It has survived several attacks and takeovers and came out with the temples and residences still intact and in good condition up to this day! There are nearly 400 temples and many palaces along inside its walls that you can explore. The best time to come is in winter from November to February when skies are clear or during the summer months to see the lush greenery around. Newlyweds will undoubtedly appreciate having a panoramic view of the plains, forests, and hills—the sunset is spectacular here!

Getting There: Rajasthan State Government provides buses that will take you 50km from the fort. You can hail a cab from there.
Opening Hours: 9:00AM to 6:00PM every day
Entrance Fee: INR 200

Click here for tickets to the Kumbhalgarh Fort >

Jaipur is the epitome of history frozen in time. We are still awed by the fact that this Pink City is able to preserve the very essence of its existence. There is something so romantic in discovering the history of each museum as well as taking nature in its full glory while strolling around different forts and parks – or maybe it’s just really us and our wanderlust! Visiting the city would definitely give you the exact feeling we are trying to convey.

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