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LG B8 OLED 4K TV: The Modern, Immersive Home Entertainment System

Imagine lying back on your leather recliner sofa, popping down buttery popcorn and feasting your eyes on the latest Marvel blockbuster on your LG B8 OLED TV. Watching the vibrant 4K details of the superhero fight scene, and savouring the crisp, cinematic Dolby Atmos sound that seems to revolve all around you. This, simply is home entertainment at its finest.

The latest LG B8 OLED 4K TV exudes class with its sleek and ultra-slim frame. Slimmer than our mobile smartphones, might we add. Complementing perfectly with our new home’s modern luxe theme and jam-packed with impressive features, the LG B8 series certainly live up to its hype. In this issue, let us show you the perks of getting one yourself, and bring your Netflix binge-watching game to the next level.

Firstly, what exactly is OLED?


For the readers who prefer to know exactly what they are purchasing, OLED is short for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. OLED is a type of display technology that allows dark black levels to be achieved from ultra-thin screens while making OLED TVs more efficient and eco-friendly. The organic pixels within an OLED panel are self-emissive, meaning they generate their own light and can turn pitch-black when turned off. The picture quality of the LG OLED TVs, as a result, is spectacular, with its perfect black bringing out a stunning contrast for a cinematic experience.

With OLED organic pixels emitting their own light and colour, viewing angles are far wider than its LED-backlit LCD predecessors. OLED’s vibrant colours and striking contrast retain their intensity as far as 90 degrees off-centre. Now you can watch your favourite show even while at the dining table!

Exploring the differentiating features of the LG B8 OLED 4K TV

1. Perfect Black unravels the realistic, vivid colours of nature

LG Perfect Black

“LG’s OLED TVs, with their ability to deliver deep blacks, showcase the recently announced NASA TV UHD channel in the best possible way, taking consumers much closer to the real experience of being in space”

The secret ingredient to true-to-life colours of the LG B8 OLED TV lies in its ability to produce the deepest black, or according to LG, the Perfect Black. With Perfect Black bringing out the stunning contrast and adding depth to all colours, it further enhances the cinematic experience of the LG B8 OLED TV.

To better understand how Perfect Black helps, let’s revisit Reykjavík, Iceland in 2006.

Northern Lights Iceland

The Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights. Source

One night in 2006, the people of Reykjavík turned off all the city lights at night to witness one of Earth’s most alluring phenomena – the Aurora Borealis. As the darkness enveloped the city, the rich, beautiful colours of the Northern Lights shone through the night sky.

What made the colours appear so vivid? Simple. The depth of darkness was key. The deeper the black, the greater the contrast, which is where Perfect Black comes into play for the incredible picture quality of the LG B8 OLED TV. Even Harmonic, NASA’s official partner for NASA TV UHD Channel, mentioned that “LG’s OLED TVs, with their ability to deliver deep blacks… take consumers much closer to the real experience of being in space.”

Harmonic NASA UHD


2. 4K Cinema HDR, for a crisp, cinematic visual experience at home

LG B8 OLED TV 4K Cinema HDR Dolby Vision

Really dark movie scenes are further enhanced by Dolby Vision™ and Advanced HDR by Technicolor technologies inside the LG B8 OLED TV. The result? More stunning colours, better contrast, and an incredible amount of details crafted by filmmakers in HDR, delivering a truly cinematic experience from the comfort of your home.

We tried this out at home with Lord of The Rings on Netflix, one of the most awarded film series in cinematic history, and it didn’t disappoint a single bit. The dark, pulsating scenes, especially the ones in the mines of Moria were brought to life. It just might have been my third time watching it on this TV.

What’s amazing about the Dolby Vision™ technology is that it seems to open up a new world of colour, displaying an unprecedented array of tones and tonal subtleties, making the scenes look more detailed and refined. Its mastery of light helps to deliver purer, brighter highlights, which serves to enrich the dark scenes with more subtle light detailing. Simply put, a visual feast for the eyes.

Major Hollywood studios film using the magic of Dolby Vision™ as well, including 2016 Oscar® winner for Cinematography, The Revenant. Imagine the quality sitting right there in your living room.

Filming of The Revenant Dolby Vision
Filming of The Revenant, 2016 Oscar® winner for Cinematography

3. Control your TV with your voice via AI ThinQ

Through voice command, you can request for the LG B8 OLED TV to change picture mode, find a particular video on YouTube to watch, or even play your favourite TV series on Netflix. All you have to do is to press the voice button on the LG Magic Remote and speak. It’s really convenient, especially when switching apps and typing to search. No more furiously pressing on the right, left, up, down buttons and taking 1 entire minute to key in your search text.

LG Magic Remote


4. Experience the powerful, moving Dolby Atmos® cinematic sound

LG Dolby Atmos Cinematic Sound

Be it watching the latest blockbuster movies, playing Final Fantasy on your Xbox One, or listening to music on the LG B8 OLED TV, the Dolby Atmos® audio system produces multi-directional, cinema-quality sound. This latest sound technology gives the sound a more 3D effect – imagine the difference between hearing Ironman flying a few hundred metres away as compared to hovering directly over your head. That is what Dolby Atmos® can differentiate.

LG B8 OLED TV - SK10Y Sound Bar

LG SK10Y Dolby Atmos Sound Bar

That’s not all. Add the LG SK10Y 5.1.2 Sound Bar featuring MERIDIAN technology to the mix, and the end result is exceptional sound quality with powerful surround sound. MERIDIAN features advanced ‘Bass and Space’ and ‘Height Elevation’ technologies, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich, uncompromising sound.

You can also change the volume of the up firing speakers or add wireless rear speakers for a fully immersive Atmos experience. What more, the sleek design of the SK10Y seamlessly matches the LG B8 OLED TV, perfectly blending into your home’s modern interior.

LG B8 TV - TK10 TV Stand

LG TK10 TV Stand

If you are worried about the placement of both the LG B8 OLED TV and the SK10Y soundbar, simply get the TK10 stand which connects both equipments together, tastefully.

5. LG’s exclusive α7 Intelligent Processor – The brain behind the machine

LG B8 TV Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor


The LG B8 OLED TV uses the α7(Alpha7) Intelligent Processor to process videos at High Frame Rates (HFR) to maintain smooth picture quality during fast action sequences. With a powerful picture processing engine, you can expect exquisite picture quality, vibrant colours and greater depth presented in every image. α7 also works efficiently with LG’s UI WebOS, so you can switch freely between apps without the processor lagging or crashing.

6. Feed your travel bug with LG’s stunning gallery mode

LG B8 TV Gallery Mode

Gallery mode of the LG B8 OLED TV

The LG B8 OLED TV features a gallery mode displaying photos of beautiful sceneries all around the world, courtesy of TripAdvisor. Accompanied by relaxing music, these stunning photos refresh themselves seasonally. You can probably get some travel inspiration just by looking at these photos!

What we absolutely loved about the LG B8 OLED TV

1. LG B8’s incredibly slim, sleek design

LG B8 OLED TV Ultra Slim Sleek Design

We absolutely loved how sleek and ridiculously slim the LG B8 OLED TV is! Given that we chose a modern luxe theme for our new home, it complemented our home decor to a tee and definitely elevated our living room’s aesthetics. In our unboxing video, we compared the LG B8 OLED TV to three items – a MacBook Air, an iPhone, and a piece of A4 paper. The TV was way slimmer than both the laptop and mobile phone, only losing out to the paper by a fraction. It will be interesting to see one as thin as a paper, though we had concerns on how it would even stand upright..

The thin black border was a great feature of the LG B8 OLED TV as well, with the picture filling up almost the entire screen. Definitely a statement piece for any modern homes in our opinion. We mounted our LG B8 OLED TV on the wall and it looked fabulous while saving space.

2. The LG Magic Remote, a game-changer for us

LG B8 TV Magic Remote


See the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video button on the LG Magic Remote? Those two buttons are probably the most pressed buttons for us, even more so than the volume buttons! Yes, we transform into couch potatoes at night and watch quite a number of movies and TV series. Loved these two buttons to bits!

What’s magical about the LG Magic Remote is that it functions like a mouse pointer, a serious game-changer for us. We used to take an entire minute keying in our search text or passwords, but with the mouse pointer function, it takes half the time to do so. Spot the voice button in the middle of the remote? It speeds up typing tremendously, as you no longer need to type. We tried the voice function to search on YouTube, and never looked back since.

3. Crystal clear 4K cinematic picture quality

LG B8 OLED TV Living Room


Movies are never the same as before. With Dolby Vision™ Blu-rays, the blockbusters look nothing short of amazing. The perfect black feature really bumped up the contrast and made the colours appear much more vivid. Try looking at the title screen of Lord of the Rings on Netflix, and check out its golden logo on the top left corner. You’ll see how rich it looks.

I sometimes dabble between the picture modes and found Cinema to be the best picture mode for viewing pleasure.

4. Playing games on a 65” 4K OLED TV is simply amazing

Xbox One S


Playing the Xbox One on our previous 49” TV was great, but playing the Xbox One on a 65” OLED TV is insanely fun! Be it playing chaotic games such as Overcooked 2 or FIFA 19 that all guys love, a bigger screen somehow brings you more joy.

Pro tip. If you are a serious gamer, you can set the picture mode to ‘Game’. This helps to get the best input lag possible while SDR gaming. For HDR gaming, turn on ‘HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour’ for the HDMI port which you are connecting your gaming console, and select ‘Game’ ‘HDR Picture Mode’ to have the best input lag possible.

For those who would like to see the features and the actual LG B8 OLED TV live, here’s an unboxing video that we did up. Check it out!

The LG B8 OLED TV has been a game-changer for us, boasting really impressive features for an exceptional cinematic experience at home. If you are looking for an ultra-slim, sleek TV design to blend in with your modern home interiors, be sure to check out the LG B8 OLED TV.

P.S. There are 2 promotions for the LG B8 OLED TV till 31 March 2019:

  • Purchase the OLED55B8S and get free delivery, wall mount and installation worth $200, prepaid MasterCard rebate worth $500, and gift vouchers worth $200
  • Purchase the OLED65B8S and get free delivery, wall mount and installation worth $200, and gift vouchers worth $200

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