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9 Romantic Gifts to Give on Valentine’s Day

The big day is in 2 days time!! Your day starts with complete joy; you have love in your heart and faith in your hands with a wish to surprise your loved one on this very special occasion. But something in your mind tells you that maybe you need the right Valentine’s gift, just to show how much you treasure your significant other. If you still haven’t gotten Valentine’s gift yet, we are going to find out the treasures that you can give to your Valentine. Here’s our list of the 9 romantic gifts to give on Valentine’s Day.

1. Chocolates

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You can never go wrong with chocolates. Some might think it’s cliche, but we cannot deny that it is the classic Valentine gift that any Valentine could get. The reason behind chocolates is that your partner thinks of your relationship to be just like a piece of chocolate, sweet, tasty and when it’s over you keep on craving for more. Being one of the most popular romantic gifts that are bought on Valentine’s Day, it deserves to be at the top of our list. You can head down to Laurent Bernard, who packs their sweet treats in beautifully wrapped tiffany boxes. Or check out Chocz Gourmet, Singapore’s very own high quality brand of European swiss chocolate.

2. Flowers

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Valentine’s Day is the day where the gift of nature becomes your helping hand. You could never go wrong with flowers – one of the most beautiful creations by nature. When picking up the right flowers as a Valentine gift, try to be sure about the flowers they love. It is best to get them their favourite florals for a more romantic effect. If you are unaware, then just go for the lovable rose, which embarks the real meaning of Valentine’s Day. Head down to Poppy Flora Studio, Veronica’s or Far East Flora to grab your gorgeous bunches!

3. Teddy Bears

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How could anyone not love a teddy! Soft, fluffy & great for snuggles. Grab a customized bear for your sweetheart at Build a Bear! Get the right stuffing and clothes… and ta-da! It’s all perfect and you are set to go.

4. Perfume

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The smell of good perfume gets your romance in the right direction. If you want to make this Valentine’s Day romantic, you can have an exotic or classic perfume for your Valentine, which fragrance will add a romantic ambiance to your relationship.

5. Jewellery

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Any Valentine will be flaunted with admiration when you gift her a piece of classic jewels; therefore, people always say that diamonds and Akoya pearls are a girl’s best friend. Truly, they are the best friend that any girl would love to have because these gems believed to strengthen the relationship and could last forever. So, if you want to give her something special, or make her feel really special then, a piece of perfect jewellery will help you out. If your valentine loves any specific stones, then go for those too. When you make the purchase of her choice then, that will genuinely make her feel even more special. For guys, watches would be perfect because what could mean more than giving time to your special someone? Did you know? The week before Valentine’s Day, Yahoo records searches for diamond earrings spiked 370% & watches spiked 202%!

6. Ticket to her favourite destination

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You can make this Valentine’s Day truly special for your Valentine by taking her on a trip too, probably to that place where she always wanted to go. If at any case you are unaware of it, then you can even take her to a romantic destination like Rome or Paris where she can truly be the special one for you. Or it could be a ticket for her favourite concert or play too! Check out Sistic if anything’s happening near you. Do book in advance!

7. Handmade Goodness

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They say one way to a person’s heart is through the tummy. Plus baking is absolutely romantic! Bake her favourite cookies & cupcakes, you could even serve breakfast in bed to complete the package! Try this recipe for Red Velvet, and thank us later!

8. Scrapbook of love

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Compile a scrapbook or photobook of your memories together. Write lovely notes and quotes in them. This treasure would be perfect for walking down memory lane together. You could visit Art Friend or Paper Market for your scrapbook supplies! If you’re opting for an electronic photobook compilation, check out Photobook Mart.

9. Heartfelt goodness

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Write a song, a poem or even a love story about the two of you, or bind together a book of love quotes. That would totally melt the heart! If you are into the arts, you could also draw a painting or a comic strip dedicated to your loved one. Otherwise, putting together a 10000 jigsaw puzzle would work too! It’s a present that will truly showcase your effort! You can get your jigsaws at Jigsaw Puzzle World.

There you go! Hope that this gives a little inspiration to gift-finders out there! If you’ve got any more ideas to share, simply drop a comment below and help others out. If this article has helped in some way or another, please do share the love with your friends!

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