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Take Care of Your Hydration with the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier [Review]

While Singapore is known for having one of the cleanest tap waters in the world, you just cannot risk it when it comes to your family. Even more so for households with younger kids. Clean drinking water is no longer just a convenience; it is a necessity. Among the multitude of water purifiers on the market, we do think that Livingcare’s ONYX Water Purifier is something you should really consider. Not only does this water purifier ensure the cleanliness and safety of your drinking water, but also doubles as a convenient water dispenser, ready to quench your thirst at any moment. 

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In this article, we will delve more into the world of water purification, exploring the features, benefits, and technology behind the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier, helping you make an informed choice for cleaner, healthier hydration for you and your family.

Why should we purify our water?

When you turn on your tap for a glass of water, it is easy to overlook the journey that water has taken and the potential contaminants it carries. Bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals like lead and arsenic can contaminate your tap water, posing serious health risks. And so, water purification is important to ensure that each sip we drink is clean, safe, and free from harmful substances

In the bustling Singaporean market, there is a whole bunch of water purifiers, each on a mission to make our tap water the best it can be. But, some of these little water purifiers don’t stop at just cleaning your water – they double as innovative water dispensers too! Picture this: they also serve up hot or cold water at your command. It is not only a smart choice for clean water but also a convenient solution for your hydration needs. And when it comes to these innovative water purifiers, Livingcare takes the spotlight. 

Livingcare – homegrown brand in Singapore for your hydration needs

Livingcare is your local homegrown hero in the water purification and dispenser scene, armed with over 15 years of solid experience. They’re not just another player in the game – they have fine-tuned their filtration systems to Singapore’s water source, and rid your tap water of any lingering contaminants while ensuring that water is served at just the right temperature for every household. They strive to be Singapore’s #1 choice for water purification systems and they do so by continuously innovating and improving their technology and designs. Furthermore, they provide services to clients all 365 days in the year, taking great pride in upholding their reputation for service excellence.

As of writing, Livingcare proudly offers three distinct series of water purifiers: the Jewel, the Pearl, and the all-new ONYX – each a testament to their unwavering commitment to providing top-tier water purification solutions in Singapore.

The Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier

What defines a truly outstanding water purifier? For us, it’s one that not only performs its core function flawlessly by ensuring the cleanliness of the water we drink but also goes the extra mile with added versatility, like doubling as a convenient water dispenser. And let’s not forget the importance of aesthetics; a water purifier should seamlessly blend into your kitchen, rather than being an eyesore. So, we are so pleased to discover the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier, which checks out everything above. It even functions in an eco-friendly manner – a true embodiment of revolution, reengineering, and redefinition in the world of water purification. We will share more below!

An all-in-one water purifier slash dispenser

The Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier represents the pinnacle of what a modern water purification system can be. As we’ve shared above, this water purifier not only keeps your water clean and pure but also ensures that water is served at the precise temperature you desire, making it a versatile addition to any home. It accomplishes the remarkable feat of providing optimal and instantaneous water at various temperatures to cater to the needs of various households. The secret behind its rapid temperature adjustments lies in its ingenious Thermal Electric Module, a patented technology that swiftly cools water sourced directly from your tap, ensuring you can enjoy refreshingly chilled or ice-cold water in an instant.

Heating too undergoes a complete transformation with the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier. It reimagines the heating process, achieving an internal boil and dispensing water at nearly 100°C, perfect for those moments when you need hot water on demand.

The Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier is able to dispense purified water at six distinct instant hot and cold temperatures, ranging from a crisp 5°C to a steaming 97°C.

Improved water filtration systems

Of course, the main job of any water purifier is still to keep our water clean. This mission is at the heart of the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier, which boasts an advanced 6-Stage RAON Filtration system with added Bicarbonate water softening, paving the way for a new era of water purification. 

Moreover, this water dispenser also employs cellular hydration, which means that it is equipped with a redesigned nanoporous membrane that transforms water into finer molecules. This membrane works wonders by converting H2O into smaller, finer molecules, making the water not only cleaner but also more readily absorbable by your body

Self-cleaning water purifier

Another amazing thing about the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier is that it also helps to clean itself. It literally takes care of itself! Equipped with an in-built Electrolyzer, it sterilises and deep cleans the entire water flow path and its components, ensuring impeccable cleanliness throughout its lifespan. Additionally, its filters are easy to change – you probably won’t need a professional to help change them. The device itself will alert you precisely when it’s time for a filter change, ensuring that your hydration experience remains seamless and worry-free. Shop for ONYX filters here.

To extend its lifetime further, the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier is coated with surface protectants, which are effective against bacteria and fungus. Moreover, it offers an additional layer of protection against rust and oxidation, ensuring sustained durability and reliable performance over time.

Redefines style in water purifiers 

If you are aiming to maintain a sleek and stylish kitchen, you are in luck with this water purifier. This innovative appliance not only sets new standards in water purification but also elevates your kitchen’s aesthetics with its remarkable 13.5cm ultra-slim chassis. Offering a choice of two elegant colours, Space Black and Ceramic White, it seamlessly integrates into any kitchen decor while being functional. 



We hope that this review on the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier gave you an idea of whether you should consider getting this water purifier for your home. You are not just investing in clean water; you areinvesting in the health and comfort of your family. Experience the future of water purification and redefine your hydration journey with Livingcare’s ONYX.

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