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Stay Hydrated: Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

Imagine this: in the middle of a busy day, you’re just craving a perfect cup of coffee or a glass of ice-cold water. But dealing with waiting for the kettle to boil or the clunky water containers in your fridge is just too much hassle. That’s where a water dispenser in Singapore steps in, making your daily hydration routine a breeze. With a water dispenser at home, you get hot or cold water at your fingertips whenever you want it. It’s like having your personal hydration genie, ready to grant your beverage wishes. Some of these machines also clean your water, making sure it’s safe and pure, giving you top-quality hydration. If you’re in Singapore and overwhelmed by water dispenser options, our list of the Best Water Dispensers in Singapore for clean water is like having a trusted friend guide you. We’ve covered many types, so we hope they help you make the perfect choice for your needs!

Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

1. LivingCare Onyx

water dispensers
Product Image Source: LivingCare – Best Water Dispensers Singapore

Versatile addition for any home 

Picture this: a water dispenser that is not just your go-to source for hydration but also your trusty water purifier. That is exactly what the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier brings to your kitchen. It is a true game-changer in the industry, capable of dispensing purified water at six distinct temperatures, ranging from a crisp 5°C to a piping hot 97°C. The magic behind its rapid temperature adjustments: the patented Thermal Electric Module. It swiftly cools water straight from your tap, ensuring you can indulge in refreshingly chilled or ice-cold water instantly. Heating takes on a whole new dimension with the ONYX Water Purifier as well. It redefines the heating process, achieving an internal boil and delivering water at a nearly scalding 100°C, making it ideal for those moments when you require hot water on demand.

Meanwhile, when it comes to water purification, you can rest assured that the Livingcare ONYX does its job well. Featuring an advanced 6-Stage RAON Filtration system with Bicarbonate water softening ensures that your water is not just at the right temperature but also pristine in quality. And not to worry, this water purifier is fortified with an Anti-Microbial coating for extra protection, guarding against 99.999% of bacteria, rust, and oxidation.

Slim, sleek, and stylish

But even though it packs two important features in one kitchen device, this water purifier still looks sleek and stylish. It not only redefines water purification but also raises the bar for kitchen aesthetics with its stunning 13.5cm ultra-slim chassis. With a choice of two elegant colours, Space Black and Ceramic White, it is not just a kitchen appliance; it is a statement of sophistication.

If you want to know more about the Livingcare ONYX Water Purifier, you can read our full review here.

Why we love this water dispenser from Livingcare:
  • With advanced filtration system to help purify tap water
  • 6 Instant Hot/Cold Temperatures 5-97°C
  • Self-cleaning and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly and low energy consumption
  • Alkaline and Non-Alkaline water options available
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Read our full review here >

2. Hydroflux WISH Water Purifier

Hydroflux Wish
Product Image Source: Hydroflux – Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

Redefining water dispensing in Singapore

Introducing the Hydroflux WISH Water Purifier, a groundbreaking innovation in water dispensing technology, now available in Singapore. This device is not your average water dispenser. It offers five different instant temperature settings to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re craving a refreshing 5°C sip, boiling water for quick noodle preparation at 85°C, or anything in between (25°C, 45°C, 75°C), the possibilities are endless. Adjusting the temperature is a breeze – simply turn the display dial and press the “W” button, making it a versatile appliance that can keep the whole family hydrated.

What’s more, the inner tube pathways and nozzles are constructed from stainless steel to ensure impeccable cleanliness. This choice of material makes the product highly resistant to contamination and corrosion, offering superior hygiene compared to those with PVC piping. The purifier utilises a tankless system, ensuring that water comes directly from the source and is never reused.

Cutting-edge filtration and entertainment

Furthermore, the water undergoes a rigorous six-stage filtration process within a single filter, effectively eliminating 99.9% of various bacteria and norovirus. This comprehensive filtration system includes four essential minerals, both alkaline and non-alkaline options, and has passed 81 water purification tests, guaranteeing you the purest drinking water. For an added layer of sterilisation, the WISH Water Purifier employs pasteurisation heat treatment to eliminate any remaining bacteria and microorganisms within the device.

Incredibly, this smart water purifier offers more than just purified water. It comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tunes while cooking in the kitchen. You can easily connect your mobile device for a seamless audio experience. Additionally, the purifier features 16 built-in tunes referred to as “Brain Music,” which are thoughtfully curated to help your brain recover from fatigue as you sip your water.

What we love about Hydroflux WISH:
  • Provides five different temperature options
  • The inner tube pathways and nozzles are constructed from stainless steel
  • The water undergoes a thorough six-stage filtration process within a single filter
  • Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker
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3. Wells The One

best water dispenser
Product Image Source: Wells – Best Water Dispenser Singapore

An award-winning ergonomic system water purifier

One of the most stunning and modern designs that we have probably seen in a water purifier is Wells The One. It breaks free from traditional designs of water dispensers in Singapore, separating the main purifying system from the faucet dispenser. On top of that, the ergonomic design also garnered two major awards: iF Design Award 2019 Good Design Award 2019, and Red Dot Design Award 2019. And among the 3 colours available, we absolutely love the one in dark brown. However, we also can foresee homeowners loving the white and red options to match their modern kitchen interiors!

What we also liked about this water purifier is how convenient and space-saving it is. As the world’s slimmest water dispenser, its ultra-small premium design (8.8 cm diameter; 33.7 cm height) allows it to be installed anywhere, be it on top of your kitchen island or next to your sink. And, on top of aesthetics, the tankless design helps to improve the overall hygiene of your purifier and even saves electricity as well.

Smart and user-friendly features

In addition, Wells The One is incredibly easy to use. It has a user-friendly 2.8 full-colour display and one-wheel touch, allowing users to easily adjust both water volume and temperature. Plus, you can also choose from the 6 different water temperature options (cold, room temperature, body temperature, baby formula, tea, or coffee), and 4 volume options (120 ml, 250 ml, 550 ml, or continuous). And in case you prefer alkaline water over regular, Wells The One also lets you do that.

To top it off, this smart water purifier has a passive infrared sensor that detects your presence and prompts the preparation of the device. Meaning that it will be ready to dispense water by the time you are in front of it. Its faucet also has a 180° spin capability that allows you to dispense water in whichever direction you want!

Powerful purification with a 9-step nanofiltration system

Wells also employs an immensely thorough water filtering process with its Wells Multi-carbon Plus filter and Nano Clean Filter. This system basically removes nine types of heavy metals, micro-particles, and harmful viruses and bacteria that cause food poisoning and other diseases. To date, this 9-step nanofiltration is one of the most comprehensive filtration systems on the market. That’s why you are sure to get safe drinking water at all times.

Hygienic sterilizing system

We think it’s also fantastic how it’s equipped with water repellent super bio water pipes. As such, you no longer need to worry about replacing the pipes. It also utilizes a moisture electrolyzing technique to sterilize all water pipes every three days. The sterilizing system also includes an auto water drainage system that drains all water pipes and circulates newly purified water when the purifier has not been in use for 24 hours.

We highly recommend you check out their website which covers the features comprehensively.

What we love about Wells The One:
  • Space-saving, modern minimalist design
  • Features six water temperature options (cold, room temperature, 36.5°C, 50°C, 70°C, or 85°C)
  • Has filters made with eco-friendly materials certified by the US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)
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4. Toyomi FB 8845F Instant Hot Water Dispenser

hot and cold water dispenser
Product Image Source: Toyomi – Best Water Dispenser in Singapore

Sustainable and affordable

Introducing the TOYOMI 4.5L Instant Boil Filtered Water Dispenser FB 8845F, a groundbreaking innovation set to redefine how you enjoy water, whether at home or in your workplace. Toyomi is deeply commited to sustainability, so this water dispenser boasts an energy-efficient design that not only cuts down on electricity usage but also aligns seamlessly with eco-conscious values. It is a trailblazing product within its category, delivering top-tier performance at a price point accessible to a wide audience. Month after month, it consistently secures the top choice in monthly water dispenser sales, boasting an impressive sales record of over 5,000 units on Lazada and Shopee.

Transforms your hot water experience with a rapid heating system

Furthermore, this water dispenser from Toyomi takes things up a notch by delivering steaming hot water in a mere 5 seconds. Yes, just 5 seconds, and this incredible dispensing speed is made possible through Toyomi’s state-of-the-art steam and high-pressure boiling system. It is also amazing how this water dispenser comes with a much larger capacity (4.5L) compared to others water dispensers in the market.

But that’s not all – customisation is at the heart of the TOYOMI FB 8845F Instant Hot Water Dispenser. With five adjustable temperature settings (Room temperature, 50°C, 70°C, 85°C, and 100°C) and four preset volume options (150mL, 250mL, 500mL, and continuous), it is like having a personal hot water concierge, ready to cater to your every beverage whim. Whether you are kickstarting your day with a robust coffee, savouring a delicate tea, satisfying your instant noodle cravings, or prepping your baby’s milk formula, rest assured that this water dispenser ensures your water is always at the ideal temperature.

Filtered water for optimal health

Toyomi goes beyond convenience to prioritise the cleanliness and healthiness of your water. With their cutting-edge 6-stage filtration process, you can be sure that every sip from your water dispenser is not just hot but also entirely free from harmful contaminants like microplastics, PFOA, limescale, chlorine, lead, pesticides, and minerals. What’s even more impressive is that these features eliminate the need for complex water pipe installations with your water tank, delivering unparalleled user-friendliness. The pipes are crafted with #304 stainless steel, promoting a hygienic and sterile drinking experience. This exceptional and distinctive design choice grants you and your loved ones the peace of mind to enjoy hot water without worry in the world.

Honestly, the TOYOMI FB 8845F Instant Hot Water Dispenser encompasses everything you could wish for in a water dispenser. Your hot water journey has just been elevated to a new level of speed, intelligence, and convenience! The best part? You can get all these at a budget-friendly price point!

Why we love this water dispenser from Toyomi:
  • Dispenses hot water in 5 seconds
  • Powerful performance at a budget-friendly price point
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Customisable temperature settings to ensure the water’s ideal temperature
  • Removable water tank that eliminates the need for water pipe installation
  • Equipped with a 6-stage filtration process and high-temperature sterilisation function
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5. AOX Pure EZ-3s Pro

water dispensers in Singapore
Product Image Source: AOX – Best Water Dispensers Singapore

Tailored drinking experience

If you are in search of a top-notch water dispenser in Singapore for your modern home, AOX’s award-winning Pure EZ-3s Pro is an excellent choice. What truly sets this water dispenser apart is its impressive range of 13 temperature options, allowing you to tailor your drinking experience precisely. This water dispenser goes beyond just hot and cold options, offering the perfect temperature for your morning coffee, boiling water for instant noodles (100°C), or even your baby’s milk formula. Furthermore, with a simple press of a button, it delivers a refreshingly cold glass of water at the ideal temperature. While user-friendly, the Pure EZ-3s Pro also incorporates a child lock feature to ensure safety if you have curious toddlers at home.

Elegant and space-saving design

Notably, the Pure EZ-3s Pro boasts a sleek and stylish design that seamlessly complements your modern kitchen, providing pure and customisable drinking water without compromising on aesthetics. It comes in two appealing colours – Angelic White and Pistachio Green – to suit your personal style preferences. Its compact size ensures it can easily fit into any kitchen space, even if you have limited room to spare.

Safeguarding your family’s health

However, what truly matters to us is the assurance of safe drinking water for our family. The Pure EZ-3s Pro is equipped with state-of-the-art DDMI filters that effectively eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and fluoride, ensuring that your family enjoys only clean and safe water with every sip. Additionally, it incorporates Twin UVC technology to further purify the water.

What we love about this water dispenser:
  • Tailored drinking experience with 13 temperature options
  • Elegant and space-saving design
  • DDMI filters remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and fluoride
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6. Steriluxe

Steriluxe Singapore
Product Image Source: Steriluxe – Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

For a burst of innovation right in your home, consider picking the Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2, powered by Snaptec Technologies. With this water dispenser in Singapore, you can wave goodbye to old-fashioned water dispensers because it’s about to take you on a journey to the future of hydration! This isn’t just any water cleaner or dispenser; it’s one of the smartest choices in Singapore. Picture a super sleek 7″ interactive touchscreen display and water that can be as hot or cold as you like. Additionally, thanks to its Snaptec Watertrack technology, it helps you take control of how much water you use, and maintenance is a breeze. The four-step filtration system also provides you with water that’s incredibly pure. But here’s the best part: the Steriluxe Connect app keeps things personal. With it, you can create profiles that are all about you, set hydration goals, and earn rewards for your water achievements.

In a nutshell, we believe the Steriluxe Aurra Pro 2 is more than just a glimpse into the future; it’s a game-changer for your hydration journey, designed especially for you!

What we love about this water dispenser:
  • Its ability to customise water temperature to suit our preferences (ranging from 45-85°C)
  • The Snaptec Connect app, allowing to monitor water intake, earn points, and redeem rewards
  • Its Snaptec Watertrack technology, which keeps tabs on water consumption and optimises maintenance
  • The individual profiles for tracking water consumption, whether we’re using it at work or at home
  • Its  quadruple nanofiltration system, ensuring the highest water quality
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FAQs: Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

1. What are the types of water dispensers?

While water dispensers come in various sizes, there are three main types of water dispensers – built-in, tank, and bottled water dispensers. You can also choose between a tabletop or a free-standing one.

Direct piping water dispenser

A direct piping water dispenser is connected to your water source. It automatically takes water from your pipes and dispenses it to your cup when you require it. The biggest benefit of a built-in water dispenser in Singapore is that you do not need to refill any tank or bottles, however, it does require installation, a water source, and regular maintenance. Check out the 3M HCD2 Water Dispenser that comes in White and Black.

Tank water dispenser

A tank water dispenser has a tank that holds your water. It filters or heats the water up when you require it.

The benefit of a tank dispenser is that it is easy to purchase. It is also compact and you can place it anywhere on your countertop without worrying about the water connection. It is also cheaper compared to a built-in dispenser. However, you are required to repeatedly fill up the tank which can be a bit troublesome. The tank is also small and usually limited. You are also required to clean the tank regularly to prevent bacteria build-up.

Bottled water dispenser

You will commonly see bottled water dispensers in hotels or offices. They’re also usually free-standing models and have a big plastic water bottle connected to them at the top or bottom, serving as their water source. The benefit of having a bottled water dispenser is that it holds a large capacity (usually 5 litres) of water, and it can serve large groups of people at once. The downside is that you are required to buy and have the bottle refills on standby. They do take up quite a bit of space. For a bottled water dispenser in Singapore, check out the Pere Ocean Platinum Hot and Cold Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser.

2. Do water dispensers in Singapore come with filtration systems to ensure water purity?

Indeed, many water dispensers in Singapore are equipped with built-in filtration systems, acting as diligent guardians of water quality by effectively removing impurities and particles.

3. What are the key features to consider when purchasing a water dispenser in Singapore?

When in the market for a water dispenser, it’s wise to consider features such as temperature controls, child safety locks, energy-saving modes, and advanced filtration capabilities to ensure a comprehensive and efficient water solution.

4. Can I make an environmentally responsible choice with water dispensers in Singapore to reduce plastic waste?

Absolutely, water dispensers in Singapore offer eco-friendly alternatives. Opt for bottleless (direct-piping) dispensers to significantly diminish the need for plastic water bottles, contributing to environmental sustainability.

5. Is a water dispenser in Singapore versatile enough to serve various purposes, such as cooking and making hot beverages?

Without a doubt, your water dispenser can be a versatile companion in the kitchen. Beyond hydration, it’s an excellent choice for cooking and preparing hot beverages, simplifying various culinary tasks.

6. Can I trust tap water with my water dispenser, or is bottled water the safer choice in Singapore?

You can indeed rely on tap water with confidence, particularly if you opt for a bottleless (direct-piping) water dispenser equipped with a reliable filtration system. Nevertheless, bottled water remains a suitable option for those who prefer it!


To put it simply, finding the right water dispenser in Singapore is more than just about convenience. It’s about having a trusted companion for your hydration needs! So our guide to the top water dispensers covers different types, from those using bottles to direct-piping options. We’ve also taken a close look at the details, like how much water they can hold, how hot or cold they can make it, and whether they clean the water, so you can pick one that fits your needs. You’ll also find some well-known and reliable brands like Wells, Hydroflux, and Cosmo in our list, ensuring you get a quality choice for your home.

As you go on this search, remember that your ideal water dispenser, promising refreshing drinks whenever you want, is just a click away. Share this guide with your friends so they can enjoy the benefits of personalised, hassle-free hydration. Here’s to staying refreshed and well-hydrated, just the way you like it!

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