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Top 16 Things to do for your Mauritius Honeymoon

With its beautiful and pristine lagoons, beaches, and reefs, Mauritius is another paradise closely compared to top honeymoon destination like Maldives. Its incredible wildlife, rainforests, hiking trails, and mountainous is an overwhelming addition to your honeymoon island destination if you decide to visit the African paradise. Here in TWV, we share the 16 adventures that make Mauritius the perfect refuge for your after-wedding getaway.

Top 16 Things to do for your Mauritius Honeymoon, on the Perfect Castaway Island

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1. Capture magnificent views from Black River Peak

Mauritius Honeymoon - Black River Peak - Lifestyle Espresso
Photo from Lifestyle Espresso
Photo from Trail Runner

You can start your honeymoon high by setting your eyes on the view of the Mauritius paradise at the height of 830 metres. Soak in the view from the Black River Peak while you take a 360-degree turn to savour the beauty of the mountain range. You can start climbing through the Plateau trail for the hike distance of 5.2 kilometres or at the Plaine Champagne Road. Unlike other mountains, the peak is quite easier to reach. Just bring rain gears as it tends to be rainy here, also wear anti-slip shoes because the trail becomes slippery due to heavy foliage.

2. Discover rich heritage of Mauritius at Eureka House

Mauritius Honeymoon - Eureka House - Air Mauritius Blog
Photo from Air Mauritius Blog
Mauritius Honeymoon - Eureke House - Air Mauritius Blog
Photo from Air Mauritius Blog

Cradled at the foot of the mountains, the Eureka house is a perfect itinerary if you want to experience the rich heritage of Mauritius. This Creole mansion was converted into a museum where tourists can visit from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and until 3pm on Sunday. This place houses authentic furniture from the French East India Company and other century-old mementos. You can also take a 15-minute stroll from the back courtyard of the mansion to reach the Ravin waterfall.

3. Experience French relaxation in Constance Le Prince Maurice

Mauritius Honeymoon - Constance Le Prince Maurice - Luxury Volt
Photo from Luxury Volt
Mauritius Honeymoon - Constance Le Prince Maurice - Constance Hotels
Photo from Constance Hotels

If you want a French relaxation as you enjoy the view of the ocean, you can stay in one of the overwater bungalows here. You can choose from over 11 luxurious overwater rooms of this five-star resort which was ranked as one of the 10 world’s most beautiful overwater bungalows by The Luxury Expert. Accommodation price starts at around SGD 855. There are a lot of free activities that this offer includes that is why the lavish amount is worth a go. Just remember that the water beneath is considered as a fish sanctuary, so swimming is not allowed.

4. Ride the world’s longest zip line!

Mauritius Honeymoon - Domaine de L’Etoile - Deals
Photo from Deals
Mauritius Honeymoon - Domaine de L’Etoile - Family Adventures
Photo from Family Adventures

Domaine de L’Etoile is the largest natural private reserve in Mauritius as it extends up to 1200 hectares. The most sought-after activity here is riding the world’s longest zip line of up to 750 meters for about SGD 80 per person. This zip lining lasts for about one a half hour! There are also other activities like quad biking, buggy riding, archery, and horseback riding among others where you can appreciate the rich flora and fauna of the place.

5. Skydive over paradise on earth

Mauritius Honeymoon - Sky Dive Mauritius - Vanille Mauritius
Photo from Vanille Mauritius
Mauritius Honeymoon - Sky Dive Mauritius - Sky Dive Mauritius
Photo from Sky Dive Mauritius

If you want some more adrenaline pumping, you can try skydiving. Sky Dive Mauritius offers skydiving packages for you to enjoy the stunning view of Mauritius 3,000 metres from the ground! The diving spot is based on a clearing at Roches Noires where you can try a combo skydive that costs around SGD214 plus photos and videos of you having the time of your life. 

6. Marvel on the natural wonders Mauritius

Mauritius Honeymoon - Chamarel Seven-Colored Earth - Cestovanie Dovolenka
Photo from Cestovanie Dovolenka
Mauritius Honeymoon - Pamplemousses Botanical Garden - Expedia
Photo from Expedia

Chamarel Seven-Colored Earth is a small area of sand dunes that has the mix of colors brown, red, yellow, violet, purple, green, and blue. The colors are due to the reaction of basaltic lava to clay minerals. There are tours, limited to 15 persons per session, which are being organized locally. This is also the perfect place to have that camera rolling and your photography skills at work!

After your colorful photo shoot in Chamarel Seven-Colored Earth, you can capture more photos with 650 plant varieties in Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. This is a place where you can observe rich flora and fauna. There are almost 650 plant varieties, so it is advisable to hire a guide for a small fee. You can also find the trees planted by world icons like Indira Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The garden is open every day where you can pay for about SGD4 for admission fee and add another dollar for a guide.

7. Quench your thirst with Mauritius beverages 

Mauritius Honeymoon -  Rhumerie de Chamarel - Elite Voyage
Photo from Elite Voyage
Mauritius Honeymoon - East Coast Margarita - Quotesgram
Photo from Quotesgram

The rum in this distillery is purely ecological as they grow sugar canes in a special soil. There are tours offered in this place where you can get the opportunity of learning their work process either in English or French. Entrance fee is around 7SGD where you can also have a taste of their spirits.  After that, you can grab a lunch at L’Alchimiste restaurant and check out interactive art at Curious Chorner of Chamarel.

8. Walk with lions or eye-hunt rare species

Mauritius Honeymoon - Casela Nature & Leisure Park - Secret Earth
Photo from Secret Earth
Mauritius Honeymoon - Ile Aux Aigrettes - Mauritian Wildlife Foundation
Photo from Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Casela Nature & Leisure Park is a 14-hectare park is a home to a big zoo of wild animals and heart pumping activities like zip lining and canyoning. The park also offers 15-minute interaction with lions for just SGD16. You just had to sign an indemnity form before embarking on the wild adventure.

On the other hand, if you want to see other wild creatures, you can visit La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes. This animal park stretches to about 3.5 hectares where you can walk along the trails of tropical trees like bamboo, palm, and banana. There are 150 Nile crocodiles in its shelter and other wild animals including the oldest, 97-year old tortoise. If you’re lucky, you can have the opportunity of riding and feeding a tortoise or holding a baby crocodile.

But if you’re not into wild, you can go for eye-hunting rare species at Ile Aux Aigrettes. This is a top ecotourism destination that stretches up to 26 hectares. It is home to the remnants of Mauritius’ coastal forests where you can fill your eyes with the sights of their rare pink pigeon, Olive White-eye, giant Aldabra tortoises, Telfair’s skink, and other species.

Click here for Casela Nature & Leisure Park Tour >

9. Experience life underwater

Mauritius Honeymoon - submarine excursion - Mauritian Life
Photo from Mauritian Life
Mauritius Honeymoon - Scuba Diving - Study Abroad blog Palma
Photo from Study Abroad blog Palma

Experiencing the underwater beauty of Mauritius is not something you should miss. All of Mauritius shorelines are favorite spots among tourists who usually flock on the preferable months of October to December and March to April.

If you want to experience the “vice and virtues” of the place, head to the bars and restaurants by the shore. You can also try the submarine excursion 35 metres below the water while riding in an actual submarine! For about SGD168, you can already experience the two-hour ride which consists of 40 to 50-minute underwater exploration. You can also try the underwater scooter trip and have a marine bonding with the fishes.

When it comes to scuba diving experience, any diving points are sure to have state-of-the-art dive operations and world-class instructor. Not to discount are the stunning corals and marine life beneath!

10. Watch a hundred tortoises roam at Francois Leguat Reserve

Mauritius Honeymoon - Francois Leguat Reserve - MariDeal
Photo from MariDeal
Mauritius Honeymoon - Francois Leguat Reserve - Pinterest
Photo from Pinterest

Francois Leguat Reserve is a home to more than one hundred tortoises that are products of a breeding program. There are also more than 100,000 indigenous trees plus a cave that tourists and honeymooners like you can visit. The way here is poorly signposted, so it’s better to have a guide when you visit.

11.  Stand atop an extinct volcano

Mauritius Honeymoon - Trou aux Cerfs Mountain - Spanish People Daily
Photo from Spanish People Daily
Mauritius Honeymoon - Trou aux Cerfs Mountain - Gosee Write
Photo from Gosee Write

In the morning, you can jog up the Trou aux Cerfs Mountain and have a 360-degree view of Curepipe. The crater has thick vegetation and becomes a favorite spot for hikers and joggers alike. There are benches near the crater where you can rest while having a good view of the plateau.

12. Indulge in Mauritius’ special food

Mauritius Honeymoon - Mauritius Street Foods - Bruised Passports
Photos from Bruised Passports
Mauritius Honeymoon - Victoria 1840 - Restaurants.MU
Photo from Restaurants.MU

There is another way to savour the flavours Mauritius’ food for your honeymoon. In the streets, you can spot some carts that sell a mix of African, Creole, Indian, and Chinese-influenced food. Try Chana Puri, Samosas, Dhol Puri, Pineapples sprinkled with chillis and salt, and other delicious finds. It can also be an amazing bonding time with your better half!

If you’re not a fan of street foods, you can dine at Victoria 1840 wherein you can also enjoy contemporary artworks. Victoria 1840 was a sugar mill before it was converted into a tourist attraction. You can see here the artworks of Yvette Maniglier who had been under the wing of famous painter Henry Matisse. The catch here is that you can only have the luxury of enjoying the artworks if you dine at the in-house Le CafĂ© des Arts restaurant.

13. Witness magnificent rock formations at Le Souffleur

Mauritius Honeymoon - Le Souffleur - Josue Bonnefemme
Photo from Agape Prod
Mauritius Honeymoon - Le Souffleur - Flickr
Photo from Flickr

If you want some rough adventure, you can visit the rock formations at Le Souffleur. There is a half-built grotto on the side of its cliff where you can find a geyser-like fountain that blows up to 20 metres high.  You can also try the natural rock bridge at Pont Naturel and ponder over a witch-shaped rock at the clifftop of Gris Gris. It is also advisable to hire a local guide so you will avoid accidents as the environment here tends to be a bit harsh.

14. Have a sip of tea at Bois Cherie

Mauritius Honeymoon - Bois Cherie - Stewardess Diary
Photo from Stewardess Diary
Mauritius Honeymoon - Bois Cherie - Make My Trip
Photo from Make My Trip

You can have a tour in the 250-hectare plantation where the best part is getting to taste a sample of their tea. A guide will be helping you in your visit where you will witness the actual tea production and their tea museum. The tour also includes a visit to their panoramic plantation where you can savour the lush foliage of different types of teas.

15. Feast your eyes on the view corals at Blue Bay Marine Park

Mauritius Honeymoon - Blue Bay Marine Park - Air Blog Mauritius
Photo from Air Blog Mauritius
Mauritius Honeymoon - Blue Bay Marine Park - Rent a Guide
Photo from Rent a Guide

Click here for Blue Bay Marine Park Tour >

Once you visit the Blue Bay Marine Park for your honeymoon, you will be able to witness its precious corals which come in more than 50 species! There are no official tours in the place, so if you want some awesome nature-tripping, go out snorkelling or ride a glass-bottom boat.

16. Have a sunset cocktail at Port Louis

Mauritius Honeymoon - Port Louis - Flickr
Photo from Flickr
Mauritius Honeymoon - Port Louis cocktail - Discover Events Happening in Your City
Photo from Discover Events Happening in Your City

End your day with a romantic sunset cocktail at the Caudan Waterfront in the country’s capital. You can head to this leisure and entertainment centre and catch the spectacular sunset by the dock.  After that, you can take a round of shopping spree at the Central Market and visit the Pere Laval’s Shrine the other day.

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How to get to Mauritius:


AirAsia is now offering trips directly to Mauritius from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has four flights a week starting on October 4, 2016 with base fare of SGD165.

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