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Mr & Mrs Smith Reveals Astonishing Secrets of Singapore Honeymooners

Prepare for some top secrets to be revealed. To celebrate the launch of the new cosmic-themed On the moon honeymoon hub, travel club Mr & Mrs Smith conducted a survey on 500 Singaporeans who have been on a honeymoon. The results were astonishing. 

Which honeymoon destination is trending?


Mt Fuji Japan
Photo credits: Japanese Ammo (well this gave it away didn’t it!)

Mr & Mrs Smith identified five trending long-haul destinations from around the world, and given the choice to honeymoon again this year, the survey said:

★ An overwhelming 73 per cent would head to Japan!
★ 22 per cent would choose Argentina
★ 4 per cent would want to explore India
★ 3 per cent would opt for Sri Lanka
★ Just 0.8 per cent would get loved up in Nicaragua

Cherry Blossom Japan
Photo credits: Popsugar

Just look at those beautiful cherry blossoms! Wouldn’t you want to go there right now? 3 easy steps: Book your tickets first, apply for leave, leave. Or reverse the first two steps if you’re a responsible one.

Honeymoon buzzwords? What’s that?!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Singapore, and the limited days of leave that most people are constrained by, honeymoons are generally not too lengthy. Still, some lucky twosomes are managing to beat the constraints. Stats conclude that a significant 15 per cent of couples went on adventures longer than 14 days. Wow! That’s something to be jealous about. We only went for 7 days to Maldives! How we wish we could turn back time. 

Wait, I thought you mentioned buzzwords? So yes, introducing the combo-moon, and the buddymoon.

A combo-moon focuses on pairing different places for the trip. 45 per cent of couples planned a combo-moon, most of whom chose three stops for their honeymoon. 32 per cent went for a beach holiday, 23 per cent preferred a city break (perhaps they like the hustle and bustle of Singapore too much), while 10 energetic per cent went for an adrenaline-rushing activity-fueled adventure. The couple below took combo-moon to the next level. #challengeaccepted

Photo credits: The Huffington Post

Two is company, three’s a crowd. Apparently the buddymooners do not believe in that, whereby couples share their post-wedding honeymoon bliss with their friends. Think it’s not common? Think again! A whooping 20 per cent of couples reported having honeymooned with their friends for all or part of their trip.

Three's a Crowd
Photo credits: GoMikee

What happens behind closed doors? Hmm…

12 per cent of Singapore honeymooners admitted that they spent most of their moon in their suites (no further details were requested), while 80 per cent diligently explored new surroundings beyond the bedroom.

Honeymoon Suite Mr & Mrs Smith
Photo credits: Mr & Mrs Smith Travel Blog, WordSmith

Several twosomes were a little more adventurous; 14 per cent reported being caught in a “compromising position”, of which: 
★ 6 per cent were interrupted in the bedroom
★ 4 per cent in the bathroom
★ 4 per cent at the beach
★ 3 per cent were busy poolside, leaving…
★ 1 per cent who gave no answer, probably best to leave it at that.

Don’t they know of the “do not disturb” sign? They should have brought it along throughout their trip.

The good, and the not so good…

The survey done by Mr & Mrs Smith also provided happy news, whereby just over a quarter (27 per cent) reported conceiving on their honeymoon, or trying to conceive (35 per cent). The not so good? 34 per cent admitted to pretending to be on a honeymoon to get free stuff!! Hmm this sounds familiar, does it to you?

Honeymoon with Baby
Photo credits: Dylan Matthew Whitley

So, put some fuel in your rocket and prepare for lift off to the moon – because in space no one can hear things get steamy.

If you do not have time, and somehow ended up scrolling through till here, check out this infographic specially crafted by Mr & Mrs Smith which sums up the deep secrets of Singapore honeymooners. 

Photo credits: Mr & Mrs Smith
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