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    Top 10 Popular Hotel Wedding Venues in the Philippines

    One of the greatest moments that an individual can ever experience in this lifetime is their wedding day. Because of its essence, every couple wants this special occasion to have that perfect blend of perfection, sacredness, fun, and intimacy. In order for this to happen, you have to prepare a list of things that you have to consider along with your future spouse to make your dream wedding possible – and one of them is the venue for your wedding. Most couples place hotels on top of their list because these establishments truly make great wedding venues. They’ve got this cozy ambiance that can make your friends and family feel at home.…

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    Top 10 Hotel Wedding Venues in Singapore

    Every bride dreams of a spectacular wedding venue. A ballroom venue exudes grandeur and is a perfect venue for your dream wedding. With so many places to get married in Singapore, how do you know which hotel is the one for you? The Wedding Vow searched through our island and we bring you the Top 10 Hotel Wedding Venues in Singapore. With modern architectures, luxurious interiors and spacious settings, these hotels are a dream come through. They will be the perfect place for you to say I do. Apart from grand ballrooms for your banquet, these hotels come with pools, beaches, and courtyards for your solemnization venue. Read our 2018 Noteworthy Series…