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The Bellevue Manila: Your Elegant Refuge from the Bustle of the City

When you think of Metro Manila in the Philippines, you would expect it to be really busy. That being said, we are quite pleased that there are still more serene areas in the metro, and that includes The Bellevue Manila in Alabang. Though we have been here 3 times already, its elegant and laid-back charm still remains. This 5-star hotel has always provided us with excellent service, spacious and comfortable suites, world-class facilities and amenities. And if you are asking why we often stay at this hotel, read on. In this article, we will share 8 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back to The Bellevue Manila. 

8 Reasons Why We Keep Coming Back to The Bellevue Manila

1. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city

The Bellevue Manila - Outside_Facade

The Bellevue Manila is far from any other hotel in Metro Manila. Surrounded by trees, there is a sense of tranquillity, calmness, and comfort – not traffic, huge crowds, and long queues. If you are tired of the city’s noise, The Bellevue Manila can be your refuge. Soothe your tired bodies with the hotel’s cosy yet luxurious suites, multiple dining destinations, and a wide array of entertainment and fitness amenities. If you feel like it, you may also take a walk around the area, or hop into a cab and go into the nearby shopping centres in the upscale area of Alabang. 

As seen in the photo above, The Bellevue Manila boasts 2 buildings consisting of the Tower and Main Wing, which house 456 rooms, 2 swimming pools, several restaurants, functions rooms, and a grand ballroom altogether.

2. Take time to rest in their elegant and comfortable suites

The Bellevue Manila - suites

In the more modern and sleeker Tower Wing, 4 types of rooms are being offered: Tower Deluxe, Tower Grand Deluxe, Tower Suite, and Tower Premier Suite. We are blessed enough to stay at the Tower Premier Suite which provided us with the most comfortable stay. We were able to fit just fine with our babies and helpers in a suite plus a connecting room – really great for families!

MJ and babies at The Bellevue Manila
MJ and babies at The Bellevue Manila

If you ask us, the main highlight of our stay at the hotel was probably the king-sized bed. It was so ridiculously comfy that you might just find yourself just lying in bed all day with your loved ones. The huge TV inside the room had Netflix as well so the set-up is just perfect. Definitely the best place for some R&R and quality time with the family! Our babies loved hanging out on our bed too for some lovely family time. 

The Bellevue Manila - Joce and Ally Readings Sessions
Our little Ally turning into a bookworm! Reading sessions with mummy Joce in our comfortable bed 

3. Experience Bellevue hospitality

The Bellevue Manila - Lobby

The moment we arrived, the warm hospitality of Bellevue welcomed us with open arms. The staff greeted us with big smiles, which the Filipinos are famous for, as well as a heartwarming ambience that made us feel right at home. We also love how there is not only one, but two beautiful Christmas trees in the entire hotel. You can really see that Filipinos love this special holiday. 

The Bellevue Manila - MJ and Ally by the Christmas tree
MJ and Ally by the Christmas tree

What’s more is that when we arrived in our suite, we were welcomed further with two complimentary bottles of wine and cakes which we thoroughly enjoyed. This tells a lot about what they call Bellevue hospitality – a quality that they are always proud of. 

To our lovely surprise, the staff also provided us with two baby bathtubs in our bathroom. We are incredibly thankful as our little girl loved using hers a lot. 

The Bellevue Manila - adorable little bathtubs
Huge thanks to the staff who provided us with these adorable little bathtubs

The Bellevue Manila - ally

4. De-stress with a rejuvenating massage at The Azurea Spa

The Bellevue Manila - The Azurea Spa

For a more relaxing stay, head over to The Azurea Spa and try out their extensive spa treatments. Their rates are quite a steal (₱2000 for a 2 hour massage) for a 5-star hotel, so you should not definitely miss out on trying one of their relaxing massages and other treatments that are designed to rejuvenate your senses. Bellevue’s Azurea Spa also has a hot jacuzzi and dry sauna that you may enjoy.

The Bellevue Manila - Azurea Spa

If you also stay in a Tower Premier Suite, you may also opt to get your massage in the comfort of your own room. This is probably the best option if you want a more relaxing and fuss-free spa experience. In our room, the massage bed was placed by the windows, so the nice view of the cityscape also adds to the whole experience.

The Bellevue Manila - Massage bed in our suite
Massage bed in our suite

5. Laze away by the pool (and admire the view!)

The Bellevue Manila - Pool

If you do not feel like exploring Manila for the day, you may just lounge around by the pool. Cocktails on hand, shades on, and soak up the sun as you laze through the day under the clear, blue Manila sky. Do not forget to put your sunblocks on, though, because the sun in Manila can be incredibly harsh. And if that’s the case, there is only one thing left to do: jump in the pool to cool off! 

The Bellevue Manila has two pools; there is one at the Main Wing and also another one at the Tower Wing where you will find the Poolside Bar for the ultimate relaxation. 

6. Indulge in fine dining at Phoenix Court

The Bellevue Manila - phoenix court

If you are always in the mood for Chinese, then Phoenix Court is the perfect place for you. Most Chinese restaurants focus on a particular regional cuisine, but at Phoenix Court, you will be spoilt for choices as there are dishes from different parts of China. Their signature entrées include Peking Duck, Mango Lapu-Lapu, Two Variety Chicken, and Beef Tenderloin in Pepper Sauce. Head chef Cheong Kwan Loong also specialises in creating Asian-Chinese fusion dishes, so guests will surely be up for a tantalising gastronomic experience.

Phoenix Court is open for dine-in daily at The Tower Wing of The Bellevue Manila, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for lunch and 6 pm to 10 pm for dinner.

7. Cap off the night with a drink (or two) 

The Bellevue Manila - drinks

After dinner, finish the night off with a drink at Vue Bar. Located on the 22nd floor of the Tower Wing, you will get to enjoy a stunning 360-degree view of the glittering Alabang skyline at night. There are live entertainment shows nightly too! And of course, a dance floor if you feel like moving. 

The Bellevue Manila - Vue Bar

The Bellevue Manila - Vue_Bar

For more laidback nights, head over to Cellar 22. It is literally a cellar, tucked in a hidden corner at Vue Bar. Not everyone knows about this place, but it is where you will get to try the finest liquor in the market. Plus, the bar within a bar concept is pretty intriguing.

The Bellevue Manila - Cellar 22

If you prefer a cup of joe over a bottle of alcohol, there is also a place for you at Bellevue. Pastry Corner is perfect for casual conversations over steaming cups of coffee, plus delectable confections such as Chocolate Truffle, Mango Cream Cake, Aunt Dei Cheesecake, and Ensaymada (a definite must-try while in the Philippines!) to make your night much sweeter. 

Bonus: Weddings and Other Celebrations

The Bellevue Manila - Grand Ballroom

The Bellevue Manila is not only a place for your staycation (or honeymoon) in Manila – it is also a perfect venue for a wedding. They offer various function spaces that can accommodate both grand and intimate celebrations. For instance, Bellevue has this massive Grand Ballroom that can fit up to 1,020 pax, depending on your chosen setup. Meanwhile, smaller gatherings may be held in the Tower Wing Ballrooms and other function halls. You may also check out the restaurants and bars (think – Vue bar for a unique wedding with a city skyline view!) inside the hotel. 

The Bellevue Manila- Grand_Ballroom

Third time’s the charm, they said. But with The Bellevue Manila, it has always been a charming and comfortable experience. We have been here before when we were just married and now that we have two kiddos we knew that we had to come back. The Bellevue Manila never disappoints – we’d love to experience the world-class Bellevue hospitality over and over again! 

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