10 Best Things to do on Valentine's Day in Singapore
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10 Best Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Singapore (2023)

When you’re in love, every moment with your significant other feels special. Even strolling in parks or eating in fast food chains feel like such a romantic date. But then, no matter how simple and satisfying your usual dates could be, these dates could still be elevated during the most romantic time of the year – Valentine’s Day. From romantic dining options to relaxing spas to thrilling activities, love is literally in the air this February with the wide array of things that you can do for Valentine’s Day in Singapore. In this article, we will share the 10 Best Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in Singapore with your SO, your family or even your friends.

This post was last updated on 02 February 2023.

10 Best Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Singapore

1. Indulge in a romantic dinner 

Romantic dinner Valentine's Day in Singapore

Singapore is a number one destination for world-class restaurants, so indulging in a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day would be a good idea. Whether you’re looking for your usual fine dining experience to a more laid-back atmosphere, you’ll find something for you in the Lion City.

Some restaurants you might want to check out for Valentine’s Day: 

  • Flutes – This restaurant is located in the National Gallery of Singapore for the most romantic ambience amidst art and culture. This year, they will offer an exclusive menu just for Valentine’s day. 
  • NOX – Dine in the Dark – If you’re looking to have a multisensory dining experience, this is the place to be. You may enjoy a 3-course mystery menu in total darkness for Valentine’s Day.
  • The Summerhouse – This restaurant is romantic yet laid back at the same time as you’ll be able to dine inside your very own geodesic dome within a beautiful garden. This year, enjoy a specially curated 3-course set menu, served with a side of oysters.

2. Drink cocktails on a rooftop 

Rooftop cocktails

What better way to spend your special night than doing so hundreds of metres above the ground? In Singapore, there are lots of rooftop bars where you can relax and have a few drinks with your SO. But if you ask us, the best view would be above Marina Bay Sands. The sky bar (CÉ LA VI) at this iconic hotel is located 57 floors up, so the stunning sweeping Singapore skyline is truly within your reach. Not only that, they serve up cocktails that are specially crafted by their in-house specialists, which you can enjoy while listening to ethereal beats from their talented DJs. If you get hungry, CÉ LA VI also offer rooftop dining where they serve Contemporary Asian cuisine.

3. Dine in the sky

Singapore Flyer Valentine's Day in Singapore

Intimate romantic dinner…drinks way above the ground…why not have the best of both worlds while dining in the sky? Dinner at the Singapore Flyer will certainly (and literally) elevate your Valentine’s day. A romantic dinner under the stars, with the most beautiful view of Marina Bay and Singapore’s stunning skyline, is definitely one of the best things to do for Valentine’s Day in Singapore.

4. Book a staycation

Staycation Valentine's Day in Singapore

A staycation is the closest thing to having a full-blown vacation without actually travelling far. Luckily, Singapore is home to many romantic hotels you can check out for Valentine’s Day. It’ll be just like staying at home, except with a more romantic vibe brought upon by the luxurious suites, comfortable sheets, infinity pools, world-class restaurants, rooftop bars, and so on. If you don’t feel like exploring the area, you can just order room service (or an in-room spa treatment if want to relax!) and hang out with your beloved in the comfort of your hotel suite. 

5. Relax with a romantic couple’s massage

Couple's massage Valentine's Day in Singapore

For couples wanting to relax, the best thing to do for Valentine’s Day is to indulge in a romantic couple’s massage. You both deserve some R&R! Couple massages are much more special than getting a regular massage as they are usually done in elegant private rooms. Some spas may even offer champagne, chocolates and fruit so it will truly feel like a romantic date. The thing about massages is that they help your body release oxytocin or the love hormone. After the massage, you and your partner will feel more loved and affectionate to each other – thanks to the plentiful supply of oxytocins! 

If you want to try something new, consider visiting Joya Onsen Cafe for a traditional Japanese onsen experience. You’ll even get to try wearing yukata or jinbei for a quick photo-op after sweating it up in the sauna.

6. Attend a class together

Attend a class together

Attending a class or a workshop with your SO is also a great way to bond and spend this special day together. You have plenty of choices: you can learn how to cook authentic local food, explore the art of pottery and ceramics, upcycle via paper-making, try aromatherapy, create latte art, and so much more. It will ultimately boil down to what piques your interest and what seems enjoyable to the two of you. For a more relaxed Valentine’s date, you can try a sip & paint art session.

7. Visit the ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum Valentine's Day Singapore

This museum is not just for kids. In fact, dropping by at ArtScience Museum will allow you and your SO to have an immersive, educational experience and learn about art, space, technology, and more. We highly recommend that you check out the Future World: Where Art Meets Science exhibit – the digital installations inside are surreal. Better get your cameras and outfits ready too as you’ll definitely get a lot of IG-worthy spots, especially in the Crystal Universe installation. 

For couples who are into arts and culture, other museums that you may visit are the National Gallery Singapore, the National Museum of Singapore, and the Museum of Ice Cream. 

8. Spend the day in Sentosa

Sentosa Valentine's Day Singapore

Sentosa Island is the best destination for a couple of adventure seekers. Embrace your inner child and enjoy a gravity-fuelled ride at Skyline Luge, try bungy jumping (the tandem bungy would be perfect for you and your SO!) at Skypark, or ride the famous SkyHelix, or perhaps go ziplining above Sentosa at Mega Adventure. If you don’t feel like getting your adrenaline pumping, you may opt to ride a cable car to Sentosa, then just relax at a restaurant or a resort in Sentosa with tranquil beachfront scenery. 

9. Go on a picnic date

Picnic date

Singapore may look like your typical urban jungle, but it is actually home to many public nature parks and reserves. So if you want a more budget-friendly yet just as romantic date idea, going on a picnic would be perfect. This is especially great if you and your partner are both nature lovers. 

The perfect picnic date consists of a good location, good food, and a mat. You may consider Marina Barrage as your venue – the view is spectacular at night. You can literally have a picnic under the stars! If you want a hassle-free experience, you can seek the assistance of a reliable picnic rental service. They’ll do all the work for you and you’ll end up with an IG-worthy picnic set-up that will surely swoon your SO. Don’t forget to bring food, though! 

10. Sail away on a romantic voyage

Romantic voyage

It can’t get any more romantic than going on a sea voyage. And it doesn’t have to be a few days cruise trip either. Singapore offers a variety of sailing experiences aboard luxurious ships, some even include candlelit dinners and live music for the most romantic ambience. The best part? You’ll get stunning views of the Singapore skyline too! We recommend hopping on a Royal Albatross for a sunset dinner cruise with your SO – the experience will be something that the two of you will cherish forever. If you prefer something more intimate, you can splurge on a private yacht tour at ONE ĚŠ15 Marina Sentosa Cove.


Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most popular events in Singapore, so if you don’t feel like seeing a lot of people on this special occasion, then you can just stay at home with your significant other. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter where you spend Valentine’s, but rather the person you are spending it with.

Valentine's Day at Home

There are so many things that you can do for Valentine’s Day at home, too. Here are some suggestions!

  • Watch a romantic film or series
  • Prepare a homecooked meal together
  • Get classy with a wine-tasting night
  • Play games
  • Order takeout from Chope
  • Set up a living room fort using bedsheets, pillows, fairy lights etc.
  • Have a picnic dinner on your patio

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Singapore will help you find the best thing to do with your significant other on the most romantic day of the year. If you found this useful, please share it with your friends and family! 

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