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Our Second Thomson Medical Baby – from Belly to Baby Aaron in Thomson’s Deluxe Family Room

We went back to Thomson Medical for our second baby! And now that our baby Ally is all set to be a big sister – we booked Thomson’s  Deluxe Family Room instead of the previous Whitley Suite. This room is ideal for one companion stayover and one child (1.5 – 6 years old) so I could spend time with both my husband and firstborn child in the privacy and comfort of our room.

What’s also great about this family room is that it comes with an Oslo ModBed Floor Low Bunk House Bed – a modular bed that grows according to your child’s needs. Pretty awesome for families staying in! There is also a set of FIJN Clouds Play Table & Matching Play Chairs, so your kid can bring along as many toys as he or she wants to not be bored while in the hospital. 

The family room looks like it was designed for a staycation (minus the fact that you are inside a hospital), so we were really looking forward to spending some time there as we complete our soon-to-be-family of 4. However, when the big day came, we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night, so we were not able to bring baby Ally along. Even if she wasn’t there, Thomson Medical still provided us with plenty of baby gifts, which she really loved when we got home. 

So many gifts!

It was such a long day but everything was worth it! I’m so grateful that our new baby boy was born healthy.  My hubby was with me all throughout, and luckily, our room was comfortable even for the companion. According to him, the duvet blanket on his bed was super soft and comfy and he really loved sleeping on it. 

MJ with Baby Aaron

Also, just like our first visit, Thomson Medical prepared a simple candlelit dinner for us on our last night there. It actually felt like a date night! Additionally, the food tasted great and nutritious.

Candlelit dinner in the comforts of our Deluxe Family Room

Confinement Food Delivery

Thomson Medical’s amazing care did not end at the hospital – it extends to the postpartum and confinement period. We really appreciated how they also offer confinement food delivery services. Every recipe is thoughtfully crafted by Thomson Medical’s in-house team of experts. This way, you can be sure that you will get the right food and nutrition that a recuperating mum needs. The best part is, food is delivered right to your doorstep! The meals came in airtight thermal containers and arrived right before meal time, so I always ate nutritious meals on time, which is important for recuperating and breastfeeding mothers. We didn’t have to worry about cooking meals anymore, which really made our household load much lighter.  I was able to focus more on my recovery and tending to our new baby. 

Just like before, the confinement meals I got were always warm and well-cooked. Every meal time, I receive meat, vegetable, double-boiled soup (helps to lock in the nutrients and flavours of the soup ingredients!) and rice. Each meal also comes with a complimentary serving of Longan & Red Dates tea, plus dessert on some nights. The fish papaya soup, and the best-selling braised pig trotters were amazing, as usual. But what we really love about their confinement food this time around is how they allow you to choose from two premium rice options at no extra charge. You can either have Fragrant Brown Rice or Kinmemai Better White Rice with your meals, and both tasted great! 

Thomson Medical also provided us with Freshly Brewed Bird’s Nests during my confinement period. This is just an add-on, but I highly recommend recuperating mums to try it! If you are curious, bird’s nests look similar to a jelly, but taste fishier. The best part is, bird’s nests are really nutritious – they help mums sleep better by relieving stress and anxiety and also help mums maintain a beautiful complexion.

Freshly Brewed Premium Bird’s Nest

Feel free to tell them if there are dishes that you can’t or don’t eat (like pork or pork innards), and the team from Thomson Medical will gladly customise the meal plan for you. To know more about their menu, check this link here.

Fuss-free Confinement Herbal Care

Aside from eating nutritious confinement meals, it is also recommended for new mums to take additional herbal care for a faster recovery. Fortunately, Thomson Chinese Medicine also offers amazing confinement herbal service. A TCM practitioner visited us in the hospital while we were there to do a pulse reading, so she was able to customise the herbs to what my body needed. The practitioner also discussed everything I should do during my confinement period and even gave me a very thorough handbook to take home.

Basically, the confinement herbs are classified into 3 stages (Uterus Recovery, Digestive Wellness and Breastfeeding, Vitality Booster) to meet the different healing needs of post-natal recovery, but the added customisation makes everything even better. It’s really fuss-free – you just need to follow the steps/stages to revitalise the mummy’s body.

Confinement herbs good for 28 days

What’s also great about their confinement herbal care is that the rates are actually pretty affordable. Sometimes, when you visit herbal shops, you may end up spending more than you intend to as there are different grades available for all the herbs. However, when you buy from Thomson Chinese Medicine, the herbs come as a set already and will last for the entire confinement period, saving you time, money, and effort. Not to mention the fact that the herbs are customised just for you! I also loved how the herbs were so easy to prepare – I did not have to boil the herbal leaves or whatsoever. I only had to mix everything inside the packet with warm water and it is all ready to drink! 

Fuss-free confinement herbs


A year after having baby Ally, I can still safely say that Thomson Medical Centre’s maternity care is top-notch, maintaining its quality of care. I am very thankful to have dedicated doctors, nurses, and other practitioners who took care of me and baby Aaron every step of the way. Their amazing service even extended until I’m home! 

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