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Top 10 Reasons to Honeymoon in Sydney

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Located on Australia’s east coast, this metropolis surrounds the world’s largest natural harbor. In 2014, it was also mentioned as the 5th most expensive city in the world (with Singapore at the top!). It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world, making it one of the best places to visit after your wedding. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Honeymoon in Sydney.

1. A Versatile Location

A Versatile Location
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Sydney presents a perfect blend of elements. Whether you are in search of a romantic honeymoon spent relaxing by the beach, an adventurous one to discover nature, or a cultural one uncovering history.., Sydney has everything to offer. It’ s a wonderful destination for all museum lovers, animal lovers, city lovers, beach lovers, nature lovers, even shopaholics!

2. Great Weather

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Great weather might sound like a small thing, but it makes the difference between a fantastic vacation and one that’ s just kind of…. meh. Sydney ’ s weather is spectacular at best, pleasant at moderate, with four seasons that kind of lazily give way to each other at worst. Enjoy generous lengthy summers, mild winters and sunny days.

3. Gorgeous Cityscape

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The view and atmosphere of Sydney is unlike no other. The stunning city is a melting pot of gorgeous scenery and bustling life. In the day, the glittering waters reflect the visual beauty of the sights, and upon nightfall the entire harbour lights up and becomes a spectacular sight. There is no way you are going to miss visiting this city in your life.

4. Breathtaking Coastal Views

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Famous for its (free) beaches, there ’ s no better way to enjoy the city ’ s sunny days but lying on its sand. There are tons of beaches in Sydney for you to choose from, from the famous (and crowded) Bondi beach, to Coogee, Manly, Watson’s Bay and Bronte beaches.

5. Nature is Neighbor

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Beautiful gardens and park lanes envelope Sydney. Hold hands and enjoy fine strolls and romantic picnics surrounded by floral and fauna. On top of gorgeous greenery, you can visit animals in the famed Taronga Zoo and also play with sea creatures at the Sydney Sea Life Museum.

6. Everyday’s an Adventure!

Most get the idea that life in Australia is slow paced and relaxed. Though that’ s possible, every day potentially presents an adventure! This city gives you many options – from architectural wonders, bustling streets, mysterious museums, beach vibes and day trips out of the city. Take your pick!

7. Feel on top of the World

Feel on top of the world
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Adrenaline junkies will totally love what Sydney has to offer. Get a bird’ s eye view of Sydney either from the Sydney Eye Tower, a helicopter ride, or from top of the Harbour Bridge! Don ’t stop there, skydive right out of a plane at Wollongong – a beautiful seaside city located south of Sydney.

8. Get Your Fill of Entertainment

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Sydney takes lifestyle to a whole new level. The city hosts over 30 events and festivals every year. It’ s one of the best places to spend New Years ‘ s Eve surrounded by fireworks. Head over to King ‘ s cross any day for a night of fun, though lock out laws are at 1:30 am and last drink at 3 AM.

9. Fabulous Design

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Sydney is no stranger to gorgeous hotels with beautiful interiors and remarkable design. A recent wave of hotel openings has raised the hospitality stakes, giving you more luxurious and interesting options to consider for your accommodation.

10. Gastronomic Feasts

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Filled with a wealth of fantastic dining spots, you ’ll find yourself spoilt for options when it comes to dining in Sydney. Indulge in good food at classy restaurants, and unwind with seductive cocktails after. Some also call Sydney the breakfast capital of the world. Lined with cool beach side brekkie spots, cafes and foodie gems, you can find yourself soaking in the aromas of freshly roasted beans and sipping on world-class coffee. Sydney is indeed one of the most exciting places to visit for your honeymoon.

We hope that our list of the Top 10 Reasons to Honeymoon in Sydney has helped you make up your mind in terms of paying this state a visit with your loved one.

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