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Top 10 Wedding Montage Vendors for your Wedding in Singapore

Your wedding reception is a great place to take a trip down memory lane. People you’ve known forever, like your relatives and childhood friends, will be there, and they’ll surely have plenty of stories to share about you and your loved one. A great way to relive those memories is to showcase the couple’s love story through a video montage. A wedding montage is usually shown at the wedding reception to keep the guests entertained. It’s like a collection of photos taken during the most important events in you and your future other half’s lives. This includes pictures from your childhood days down to the most important milestones of your relationship. While you can always create your own wedding montage, hiring a professional to do it for you is also a great option. If you’re looking for a great montage vendor for your big day, check out this list of the Top 10 Wedding Montage Vendors for your Wedding that we compiled just for you!

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Top 10 Wedding Montage Vendors for your Wedding in Singapore

1. Dave Portraits, for Friendly Rates

Video Credits: Dave Portraits

Dave Burgess, the man behind Dave Portraits, was born raised in the US. In 2006, he packed up his bags and traveled east. He now resides in Singapore, where he has decided to pursue his love for photography. Dave works a freelance photographer and a part-time photographer for Raffle Studio. Dave specializes in candid event photography, but he is also excellent at indoor and outdoor portrait photography and wedding montages. If you are looking for a budget-friendly montage vendor, we suggest that you check out his works. His rates are $1.5 for the first 30 pics and $1 for the rest.

(1) Dave Portraits Logo

Services Offered: Portrait and Events Photography, Photo Editing, Video Montages, MMS, Evites and Video Greetings. Check out his works here.
+65 9140 8461
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2. Green Imagination, for Printed Pictures and Artsy Concepts

Video Credit: Green Imagination

Don’t you just love printed photos? They’re like tangible pieces of art that showcase our lives’ most important events. Unfortunately, we rarely get to see them anymore because most people opt to store photos on their computers and phones. This is one of the many reasons why we loved Green Imagination. They have discovered a way to make the usual powerpoint-style wedding montage more creative and personal by incorporating printed photos and the couple in it.

(2) Green Imagination Logo

Services Offered: Concept Video, Montage, Church Wedding Coverage, Actual Day Wedding Videography, Solemnisation Coverage and Destination Weddings Coverage.Check out their works here

76A Haji Lane, Singapore 189269
+65 8183 9867
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3. ForestFly Pictures, for Creative 3D Effects and Specially-Made Monograms

Video Credits: ForestFly Pictures A great way to put a spin on the usual wedding montage is through 3D effects. This style of presentation can add “life” to the typical montage and can make them more creative and whimsical. Forest Fly Pictures is your go-to destination for 3D photo presentation. Operating since 2011, Forest Fly Pictures was created after Short Film Productions used this name for their wedding montage and graphic designs division. They specialize in creating 3D video montage and offers customized monograms.

(3) Forest Fly Pictures Logo

Services Offered: Wedding Montage, Wedding Monogram and Logo, Interactive Video and Extreme action videography. Check out their works here.
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4. Lighthouse Studio, for Bright and Vibrant 3D Effects

Video Credits: Lighthouse Studio

Another wedding montage vendor that you can check out for a unique and lovely 3D wedding montage is Lighthouse Studio. Founded in 2006, this production house specializes in crafting wedding films. The style of their team of talented artists has a fine balance of aesthetics and content.

(4) Lighthouse Studio Logo

Services Offered: 3D Wedding Montage, Pre-wedding Love Story / MTV, Banquet/Church Live Projection and On-site Editing. Check out their works here.  

33A Seah Street, Singapore 188389
+65 6573 8840

5. Moments Inc, for Wedding Montages

Video Credits: Moments Inc.

If you aren’t into childhood montages, you can instead show a collection of wedding photos during your wedding reception. This would give your guest a chance to see your pre-wedding photos and some behind the scenes pictures of your wedding. Moments Inc., also known as Ferddy’s Photography, specialise in photography but they also dabble in wedding videography and photo montage. They have been around since 2008. Their works are very polished, clean and classy, so if you into this kind of thing check them out.

Moments Inc

Services Offered: Wedding Photography, Outdoor Portrait Photography, Birthday Celebration Photography, Pre-wedding photography and Destination Wedding Photography.
+65 92721085 │ +6285214088182

6. WMA Production, for a Unique Cartoon Animation

Video Credits: WMA Production

Looking for something unique and new for your wedding reception? How about enjoying a wedding cartoon animation instead of the usual wedding montage? We bet that your guests will love this! WMA Production, formerly know as an-ideadesign, has been around since 2007. The talented people behind this team can easily make a cartoon version of you and your loved ones – and even a cartoon version of your love story. Doesn’t that sound fun? Find out more about their wedding montage animation package here.

(6) WMA Production Logo

Services offered: Wedding Trailer, Concept Short Film, Photobooth, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Video Live Streaming, Childhood Montage, Aerial Concept Shoot.Wedding Visual Effects, Cartoon / Save-The-Date Poster, Casual Photography, Full-Day-Edit Highlight and Pre -Solemnization Photography and Cinematography.
+65 9855 3480
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7. The Wedding Montage, for Themed and Concept Videos

Video Credits: The Wedding Montage

The Wedding Montage has been creating customised montage for over 12 years now. They can create wedding montage suites your big day’s theme and concept. What’s great about their website it that they have detailed instructions on how to get your own customised montage. Find out more about their wedding montage package.

(7) The Wedding Montage Logo

Services offered: Basic Montage, Theme Montage and Concept Montage. Check out their works here.
+65 9009 6385

8. The Montage Guy Production, for a Pre-wedding Concept Film

Video Credits: The Montage Guy

Pre-wedding concept videos are starting to become a trend these days. Concept videos are like short films that feature you and your loved one as a couple. Aside from giving your guests something different to watch during the reception, this would also give you and your loved one a chance to act in front of the camera. If you’re looking for a great videographer to help you with your concept films, we suggest that you check out The Montage Guy. Benjamin Ong, the person behind The Montage Guy, is a cinematic wedding journalist. If you’re interested in having a unique wedding montage, do check out his work.

(8) The Montage Guy Productions Logo

Services Offered: Cinematography, Concept Video and Montage.
34 Marine Crescent, Singapore 440034

9. Foto+stories, for the Couple With A Sense of Humuor

Have your guest laughing their hearts out after they’ve watched your childhood montage video with the help of Foto+stories. Launched in 2009, this montage vendor has the ability to make your montage funnier and more entertaining by adding cartoon bitstrips into it.


Services Offered: Photo Montage for Wedding, Product Showcase, Company Portfolio and Annual Dinner & Dance. Check out their works here.
Bedok, Singapore 467347

10. iSnap Photography

Video Credits: iSnap Photography

iSnap Photography started in 2012. Since then, they have been capturing special moments during weddings. Their catalog includes lovely photos and videos that you and your guests will surely love. Aside from childhood montages, their services also include wedding photography, videography, instant photo booth and Instagram printing. Check out their wedding montage package here.

(10) iSnap Wedding Photography Logo

Services Offered: Wedding Photography, Videography, Instant Photo Booth and Childhood Montage Services. Check out their works here.
+65 9070 9012
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Hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Wedding Montage Vendors in Singapore.

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