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Top 10 Wedding Emcees & Hosts in the Philippines

A good emcee or host is essential to the success of a wedding. Aside from entertaining the couple’s guests, the emcee is one of the key elements that sets the mood and vibe of the wedding. The way that they handle the whole occasion gives additional meaning to it – making emcees a necessary component to make the event highly lively and¬†memorable. Being a once-in-a-lifetime event, your big day is definitely in dire need of a host¬†that is both funny¬†and articulate at the same time. ¬†To find the best people for the job, check out our¬†list of the¬†Top 10 Wedding Emcees and Hosts in the Philippines.¬†

1. Eri Neeman, for an Entertaining Celebration

Photo Credits: Bride and Breakfast

Eri Neeman’s natural way of hosting makes him one of the most popular and in-demand emcees in the Philippines. ¬†His great talent and excellent personality puts the crowd at ease and gives the guests a memorable event to cherish. A decade of experience in the hosting field has allowed Neeman to hone his entertainment-related skills. He was a stand-up comedian for seven years and has been an actor under Improv Group which gave¬†him the ability to adapt to unplanned situations and think¬†of the quickest¬†solutions¬†to keep the event upbeat and ongoing.
+63 917 883 7486

2. RJ Ledesma, for Smooth-Sailing Events

Photo Credits: Bride and Breakfast

RJ Ledesma is a versatile host who is perfect for a variety of events. Years of hosting numerous shows and news programs on television made him the great emcee that he is today. RJ is one of the top choices for weddings, debuts, anniversaries, corporate events, and even product launches. His extreme professionalism and amazing experience paved the way for him to bag the Best Male Emcee during the 25th Aliw Awards. RJ is also a regular writer at the lifestyle column of the famous newspaper, Philippine Star, and is also the author of six best-selling books,  including I Do Or I Die, RJ’s guide to getting married in the Philippines. In his blog, he has also written several articles on how to prepare for your wedding reception. www.rjl
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3. Boys Night Out, for an Ecstatic Wedding Reception

Photo via Inquirer
Photo via Inquirer

Boys Night Out is a radio talk show that has been on the air for nearly a decade. The show features 3 handsome Filipinos – Sam YG, Tony Toni, and Slick Rick – who discuss topics that are ideal for adults only. Despite the show’s sensitive topics, the public’s reaction was positive. This funny triumvirate can surely liven up your night with their great antics and ecstatic lines.

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4. Atom Ungson, for Formal and Sophisticated Events


Atom is a ten-year veteran in the wedding industry as an emcee. Having hosted around a thousand events (most of them weddings), he has placed himself in a very good position to guide soon-to-weds in planning their special day and execute it seamlessly on the day itself. He understands the nature of weddings as once-in-a-lifetime events, which is why for Atom, there is no room for avoidable mistakes. His style can be described as formal and sophisticated, yet with a light touch, making the guests feel at ease. With his wit and natural humor, guests of the events will definitely be¬†entertained; and the overall vibe of the party is how it should be: fun and memorable. His eloquence, energy, and booming voice contribute immensely to keeping the guests‚Äô attention on the program. As Atom puts it, ‚ÄúHaving command of the crowd is what makes an emcee effective.‚ÄĚ Atom loves and is very passionate about what he does, and this is perhaps what keeps him on top of his game.

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5. Bianca Valerio, for a Fun and Lovely Host

Photo Credits: Drowning Equilibriums

It‚Äôs hard to tell now, but model/host Bianca Valerio once endured severe bullying and suffered depression for years to the point of suicide. Her transformation into a ¬†gorgeous, bubbly, and highly-successful career woman that she is today wasn‚Äôt quick and easy. “Miraculous,” was how she described it. Luckily, Bianca learned from Oprah to “turn pain into wisdom.” This was exactly what she did in her latest venture as a book author of the world‚Äôs first self-help and make-up instructional book in one, Face to Face: The Healing Power of Make-up. Apart from tips and a step-by-step make-up process, it also features 22 stories of men and women, with each of their own transformations from abuse, diseases, and hardships to the strong, confident and even powerful individuals that they have become. Included are models Divine Lee, Isabel Roces, Georgina Wilson, actress Iza Calzado, the colorful Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Bianca herself. By profession, Bianca is all these and more: Model (member of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines ), events/TV host (F.A.S.H.: Fashion and Style Hub on the Lifestyle Network), make-up artist (graduated from the Make-Up Designory in Los Angeles, California), online columnist (, personality development coach (The Launch Pad Workshop Series), and beauty product designer.
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6. Mallory Cosio, for Unique Entertainment Ideas

Photo via Imagine Nation
Photo via Imagine Nation

May it be weddings or other celebrations, Mallory could sweep her audience off their feet with her bubbly personality. With over a decade of experience, Mallory knows how to gain the attention of her audience using her prowess in public speaking, confidence, and character. As she weaves her magic on every program that she hosts, guests find themselves glued to their seats and unable to leave until the program is over. She also has unique ideas to offer on every type of program, giving great ways to meet the needs of her audiences for entertainment.

Simoy, Proj. 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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7. DJ Rikiflo, for a Great Overall Experience 

Photo via Riki Flores
Photo via Riki Flores

Riki Flores, popularly known as DJ Rikiflo, has a plenty of experience on hosting up her sleeves. She has been a courtside reporter of Studio 23 on UAAP, a host of Basketball TV, a program of Solar Entertainment Corporation that airs NBA games and features basketball related topics, and on-air DJ of Magic 89.9. She also hosts events like corporate gatherings, weddings, and sporting events. DJ Rikiflo only stands at about 4’11 feet tall, but it didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams in hosting and courtside reporting. With her raw talent and confidence, she will surely be able to capture¬†the attention of your guests during the wedding reception.

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8. Max Tiu, for a Lively Evening

Photo Credits: Events Venue

Max Tiu is a very well-known Chinese host when it comes to¬†hosting wedding receptions. Most of the weddings and events that he hosted for are¬†for famous personalities. Satisfaction is Max’s topmost priority. He always makes sure that he gives more than what is expected of him. He is very dedicated to making his clients happy. Aside from his hosting skills, Max is also a very talented singer – which is also a huge plus factor on why he is a very in-demand host for weddings. Aside from his voice, may it be on singing or on hosting, he could hold the attention of his audience with his sense of humor that is absolutely charming – bringing life to your event always.

Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines |
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9. Missy Ferrer Litao, for Delightful Occasions

missy ferrer
Photo Credits: Neri The Nomad

Missy Ferrer Litao has this kind of personality that is bubbly – making her a very likable person. The audience of the program that she will host will surely have a great time with her because of her good hosting skills. She knows what to say, how to say it, and when to deliver it. This kind of confidence ensures that the program won’t have any dull moment. She also knows how to keep the attention of the audience with her ideas and strategies to keep the event smooth-sailing.¬†She plans ahead and sees to it that the program will be entertaining for everybody – making the event a joyous occasion for all.
02.920.3938 ; 0908.864.9651
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10. Darlene Tan-Salazar, for a Lovely and Enthusiastic Night

darlene tan
Photo Credits: Weddings at Work

Darlene Tan Salazar is another well-known wedding host and is highly recognized for her utmost professionalism and straight forwardness. According to her past clients, having Darlene as the emcee is like having a second wedding coordinator that is in-charge of the reception program. When she is being asked for her opinion on how to beautify the wedding reception, she would most likely give suggestions along with great and sufficient explanations on why the couple must consider it. She’s the type of host that wants to give everyone a great time – making them participate on the whole activity to keep the energy burning. Her personality, along with her superb skills on hosting, can definitely make the reception perfect and memorable – not just for them, but for their audience as well. |
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Having a good wedding emcee is very important as he/she is in charge of your wedding day program’s flow and direction. Their capabilities to bring entertainment to your guests will liven up your wedding celebrations. I hope our list of the Top 10 Wedding Emcees and Hosts in the Philippines can provide you with the services you need. If we missed out any, feel free to comment below and let us know!

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