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Experience a Grand Mansion and a Luxe Lifestyle at Villa Cha Cha Moon Chiang Mai

Not all of us are born kings and queens, living grandiosely in our own palaces or mansions. So, we are incredibly thankful to have stumbled upon Villa Cha Cha Moon, an immensely massive villa in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So massive that you can actually call it a mansion! Villa Cha Cha Moon is actually a villa complex that can accommodate up to 38 adventurous travellers in its 3 independent properties, all of which showcase their own charm and picture-perfect views. Yes, you heard that right – 38 pax! In this article, we will share more about our magnificent experience at the villa and why you should bring your entire squad along for a grandiose stay at Villa Cha Cha Moon.

10 Reasons to Live Grandiosely at Villa Cha Cha Moon

1. Live in your luxurious villa of choice 

Villa Cha Cha Moon

Villa Cha Cha Moon, with its 3 unique and fully independent properties, is ready to accommodate you whether you plan to stay with your immediate family or your entire friend group. Need lots of space? The Lakeside Villa has your group fully covered for the vacation of your dreams. This villa alone has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 5 dining areas, 2 bar areas, 6 car garages, a fitness centre, and a movie theatre. A mansion, indeed. It was definitely bigger than we have expected – you can only imagine our faces the first time we arrived at the villa. It was one of those rare moments when the actual property is way bigger than it seems in the photos.

For smaller groups, the 1-bedroom Riverside Lanna House is ideal for intimate stays. Originally built from a 150-year-old barn, it is often used to entertain guests in an open-air affair. Although smaller, this villa already comes with a spacious kitchen – fully equipped to help you prepare for your mini party. On top of that, this villa is situated on a gurgling river beside a weir, so your guests would feel refreshed and relaxed as they enjoy decadent northern Thai dishes.

Meanwhile, the  4-bedroom Garden House is perfect if you are in town with your whole friend group. It can accommodate up to 7 people in its bedrooms, plus more on some mattresses in the spacious living room. In addition, the Garden House boasts a fully equipped kitchen, 2 dining areas, 3 bathrooms, and 6 garages.  It kind of feels like home!

2. Relax and unwind in the most spacious villa 

The Lakeside Villa of Villa Cha Cha Moon was probably the biggest villa we have ever stayed in. Just look at our little Ally here!  She looked even tinier than she actually is! 

On top of all the rooms we have mentioned above, this incredible villa covers over 1,000 square metres of covered space plus 1200-square metres of sandstone patio areas and even a huge 18m x 10m pool. It was really so huge that it took a lot of our time simply exploring the whole villa on foot. Feels like we need a segway for this massive compound. 

Our favourite room, though, would be the master bathroom. Without the luxurious toilet and bathtub, it will not look like your usual bathroom as its size is comparable to that of a luxury hotel suite, and it even boasts multiple light fixtures in just one bathroom. The furnishings inside the bathroom were super luxurious as well, with a really comfy couch to relax on and the best rainshowers we have ever tried. And as if that’s not enough, the owner helped to put all sorts of body foams from The Body Shop. We felt so pampered! 

3. Soak in picture-perfect views

The master bedroom was massive as well. In fact, the 65″ LG TV (with Netflix!) looked as small as an ancient computer monitor when placed in that room. However, the best part of the room would still be the glass windows where you can gaze through jaw-dropping views of the rice fields and the sacred mountain of Doi Suthep.

The Lakeside Villa also has its very own gym – one that is far from your usual ones. This gym offers you picture-perfect views as you exercise. Definitely a great motivation to burn those calories! 

4. Spend quality time with your family and friends

With its stately size, the Lakeside Villa of Villa Cha Cha Moon is the perfect accommodation for a large group of friends or family. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy all the luxuries of the villa with our treasured group of friends. 

Aside from the spacious living area, everyone can hang out in the villa’s media room which is almost like a cinema, thanks to its 150″ 4K screen and Denon AMOS 13.4.2 DOLBY surround sound multiple speaker systems. Really perfect for movie nights! 

5. Frolick around the huge infinity pool

Of course, a mansion should have its own pool. Villa Cha Cha Moon definitely does not disappoint, and even brings so much more to the table with its huge 18m x 10m mineral water swimming pool overlooking the sacred mountain. Mineral water in pools is better because no chlorine is needed, hence you can feel at ease while swimming with your little ones. It is good for your skin, too!

What’s also great about Villa Cha Cha Moon is how they have a spacious pool area where everyone can just relax. Take it from us, the bean bags and couches were really comfortable.  Honestly, it feels like you are in an actual beach club! There is even a bar area where you can feel like a full-fledged barista trying to mix up everyone’s drinks.

6. Hang out with friendly and tame animals

What’s also special is that Villa Cha Cha Moon has resident dogs and cats that are simply adorable. Your kids will love them for sure! I am not even a kid but I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with them. Don’t worry, they are really tame so you can take photos and play with them for as long as you want. They also look really well taken care of. 

7. Perfect for those who love the great outdoors

If you love the great outdoors, you are in luck as there is a lake right in the middle of the villa complex. We even saw one dog sipping water from the lake – a scene that looked like it was straight out of a movie or a documentary. The lake also made it seem like we are in a different place already, not to mention the massive, massive complex where it lies. There are just so many things to see and do at Villa Cha Cha Moon, we thoroughly enjoyed just walking around. Though if you prefer to cycle, they also have 6 bicycles at your disposal. 

8. Unparalleled care from the villa’s dedicated staff

Behind this massive villa is its cheerful and dedicated staff, which truly made our stay wonderful. They offer pre-stocking and one-time free grocery shopping for guests, so the villa staff can head out to buy groceries (anything you want – even beers, wines, and spirits!) and prepare everything before you arrive. We appreciated it a lot! Other services offered include poolside BBQ, at-home massage treatments, laundry services, dinners with a private chef and chauffeur services. Feel free to let the staff know if you want anything so they can arrange it for you at a nominal extra cost. 

What’s even better is that the owner himself (Steve) was there to take care of us. He prepared all the luxurious body foams from The Body Shop and really made sure that we were enjoying our stay every step of the way.

9. Indulge in a delicious Northern Thai feast

The owner Steve also went above and beyond by preparing a lovely feast of Northern Thai cuisine for our entire party. Every dish was so delicious and authentic, albeit spicy (you can tell him though if you cannot handle spice). We have tried: Steamed chicken in broth, Chang Dah Pao Kai (stir-fried Gymnema leaves and egg), Lab Pla Kua (minced fish with special Lanna spices), Lab Moo Kua (minced pork with special Lanna spices), Pad Pak Had Noi Naman Hoi (stir fry baby boy choi with oyster sauce), Nam Prik Noom (spicy chills paste made from shallots, garlic, tomato and chilli), Jin Som (grilled fermented pork), Geng Pak Wan (star gooseberry tips soup with sun-dried fish), Geng Kare Gob (mixed vegetable curry with frog), and Tom Yam Jin Gai (spicy chicken soup with Chiang Mai spices). Plus, steamed and sticky rice, of course. Quite an interesting and sumptuous spread, as we never tried Northern Thai food before! 

10. Enjoy serenity and peace with your loved ones

It may seem like the villa is located in an awe-inspiring rural landscape, but in reality, it is just 30 mins away from downtown and other famous tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. Nothing a short Grab ride can’t solve, or a private van hire arranged with the owner. Among the many, many things to do in Chiang Mai, what we highly recommend is visiting the ethical Elephant Nature Park, especially if you have kids. It will be the most memorable experience for them, plus, you will also learn all about how we can help save Thai elephants from abuse. 

After all the touring, head over to some of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai. You will be spoilt for choices here! Then, cap the night with a drink or two (or maybe even more) in some of the best spots for nightlife in Chiang Mai.


All in all, Villa Cha Cha Moon provided me and my loved ones with a really luxurious stay. It is probably the biggest villa we have ever stayed in, making it the perfect choice for a huge family or a huge group of friends. We highly, highly recommend staying here for at least a couple of nights!

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