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Experience A Rustic-Luxe Sanctuary in an Urban Jungle at Villa Samadhi Singapore

Earlier this year, we had a refreshing experience at Villa Samadhi in Kuala Lumpur. We fell in love with their mission that aimed to go further than simply offering a crib for the night, but to create a space to shape, nourish and refresh minds. We returned home, refreshed, inspired and excited to check out the Villa Samadhi in Singapore to add to our list of romantic staycation experiences for the upcoming Christmas season.

Villa Samadhi Singapore – Nestled in the greenery of Labrador Nature Reserve is a black-and-white mansion, built in the 20th Century during British Times. Today, it has transformed into a flawlessly chic boutique hotel reminiscent of Singapore’s colonial days and offers a peaceful escape from our overcrowded modern city. In our urban jungle of today, it can be difficult to find space that transports you to a realm of relaxation. We found Villa Samadhi to just be one of those rare spots. Read on to discover what is in store for you.

Reasons to have a Romantic Staycation at Villa Samadhi Singapore this Christmas Season

1. Be surrounded by nature

Being a cosmopolitan city, most hotels in Singapore are skyscrapers surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. Though it may offer an exciting stay, sometimes all we need from a vacation is just some time away from the multitude of distractions we face on a daily basis. Villa Samadhi brings you an opportunity to teleport back to the 1920s. Be surrounded by vast spaces of lush greenery as you stay in an authentic colonial mansion.

At Villa Samadhi, their aim is to recharge and reenergize your senses. As humans, our close connection to nature often gets overshadowed by our technology and fast-paced development. It was a detoxing experience to stay here at the Villa Samadhi. The isolated spaces of greenery provided an oasis and a place to connect with nature and yourself. Just steps away from Villa Samadhi is Labrador park, which used to be a British military battlement. You can take a nice slow walk through the park to glimpse back into the war days.

2. 4 Rustic-Luxe Rooms to choose from

Luxe Crib Bedroom

Despite transporting you back to the olden days, it definitely does not mean that your stay is any less comfortable than it should be. Villa Samadhi houses 30 rooms across 4 room categories. Each room features rustic, monochrome and minimalist decor that echoes the hotel’s colonial ambience, and is also reflective of history and heritage. Choose from Crib, Luxe Crib, Sarang and Luxe Sarang, depending on how extravagant your budget is.

Sarang Bedroom

During our visit, we stayed at the Sarang, which had an indoor plunge pool in the bathroom! We definitely spent a lot of time there just soaking in the tub. Inspired by nature, most furnishings are wooden. The decor is kept minimalist to create a spacious and roomy feel. In fact, Mr Federico Asaro, 48, founder and chief executive officer of Samadhi Retreats, was adamant about preserving the authenticity of the colonial days, both inside and outside, that he travelled to Malaysia to source for old wooden floorboards in order to avoid using modern replicas. A stay at this beautiful historical building comes with a soulful touch.

Luxe Sarang Bedroom
Luxe Sarang Bathroom

The most luxurious chamber of the resort, the Luxe Sarang measuring 56 sqm, is housed in an adjacent building for added exclusiveness. That building used to be a cookhouse! If you are commemorating a special occasion, such as your honeymoon or anniversary, this private sanctuary is ideal for your celebration. The luxurious private garden, generous living spaces and surroundings create a surreal sensation like you are living in your own private colonial house.

3. Elegant Asian Influences

Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur creates a tropical paradise for your vacation, whereas Villa Samadhi Singapore brings you a different experience, one that pays tribute to Singapore’s colonial days. Consistent with its aim to infuse heritage and history into your experience, the interiors of Villa Samadhi Singapore showcase Asian influences. When you arrive at the lobby, check in at an old Burmese bank-teller counter. Around the property, sit on custom-made furniture made from recycled wood and rugs from Iran. See art pieces and fabric from China hanging from the walls.

“I’m not selling a bed for a night. It’s about the experience.” – Mr Asaro, founder & CEO of Samadhi Retreats

On the second floor, you can also unwind at the Library, a relaxing space where you can enjoy a read over a pot of tea or handcrafted cocktails at the bar. Its high ceilings and shuttered windows are consistent with Singapore’s colonial era, and peers out into a view of beautiful Banyan trees, and sometimes peacocks too!

4. Dining in a tranquil setting

A 2-minute stroll leads you to Tamarind Restaurant, which offers you another unique experience. We previously visited the restaurant to explore it as a unique wedding venue, and we enjoyed the ambience very much. Being back here was something I really looked forward to.

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In the day, the restaurant is just as beautiful and serene. To be honest, I have not had breakfast like this in a while. Leading hectic lives, too often we rush through our morning breakfast in a hurry before heading to work. Sitting on the outdoor balcony of Tamarind Hill was refreshing, as we were presented with a lush garden landscape for a view as we tucked in. Fresh juices are available, along with gourmet coffee and tea.

Later in the day and evenings, Tamarind Hill serves up authentic Thai and Burmese cuisine. When it opened doors in 2012, Tamarind Hill was been named  “Restaurant of the Month” by Cuisine and Wine just 2 months after!

Helmed by Executive Chef Wanthana Nikosaen or commonly known as Chef Pin, she is well known for her authentic cuisine and innovative approaches in making Thai cuisine. Enrich your taste buds with the plethora of flavours and spices with popular dishes such as Green Curry Chicken, Tom Yum Soup and more! Our dining experience at Tamarind Hill was a delight, for tasting authentic cuisine in a surrounding of Southeast-Asian inspired furnishings was an immersive experience. 

The Verdict

Villa Samadhi makes for a perfect couples refuge. Away from the city and nestled in a park, we enjoyed the peaceful and tranquil ambience it offered. The architecture and furnishings of the place was a soulful touch, and we loved that it was reminiscent of Singapore’s heritage and old colonial days. Tamarind Hill has a no-child policy of 12 years and below, so rest assured you will not be disturbed throughout your stay. The Samadhi Group takes charge of 3 hotels and resorts. Be sure to also check out The pioneer Villa Samadhi located in Kuala Lumpur and Japamala Resort – a fashionably rustic eco-luxe resort in Tioman Island.

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Villa Samadhi Singapore
20 Labrador Villa Road
Singapore 119193 | +65 6274 5674

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