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10 Best Baby Shoes & Kids Shoes in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

Great shoes can take you to places. The same goes for babies! As they learn to take their first steps, they will need suitable footwear to help them transit from crawling to walking. While babies will be barefoot most of the time to give their little feet room to breathe, you might want to get some baby shoes like the Mini Melissa My First Mini Tricot to complete any outfit. You can also get baby socks that have grips (like the Nuby Pink Unicorn Sock Shoes) underneath to help them get more traction as they crawl or learn to walk. We’ve rounded up some of the best baby shoes and kids shoes that you can get online, let’s check them out!

This article was last updated on 9 January 2023.

Best Baby Shoes & Kids Shoes in Singapore

1. Avenue Kids

A popular boutique brand in Singapore, Avenue Kids is the go-to shop for babies’ and kids’ footwear, apparel, toys, and accessories that are uniquely designed and made with high-quality materials. Since its inception in 2008, the brand has expanded into three boutique shops in the country. Apparently, that’s proof of how much parents love their products for their kids!

What we love about Avenue Kids is that even if the design of their baby shoes and other products are well-thought, stylish, and durable, they are relatively affordable than other similar choices around. That’s also probably one of the reasons why the brand has gained the trust of many parents around Singapore.

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2. Mini Melissa My First Mini Tricot

This breathable toddler shoes that imitate knitted finishing looks super stylish and fresh. A pair would definitely look adorable on those little feet. Its neutral colour allows you to easily pair it with any clothes. But you can also check out this red crochet pair for a pop of color.

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3. Nuby Pink Unicorn Sock Shoes

Made for babies transitioning from crawling to walking, this cute pair of socks gives a cozy, comfortable cottony feel on the soles. Yet, it’s designed to be equally durable as other baby shoes. On top of that, the socks have a slip-resistant bottom that provides a firm grip on the floor while not reducing your baby’s mobility. Thus, wearing the pair can help your baby stay in balance and safe from slips and falls.

Since it’s machine washable, you can conveniently clean the pair without doing some hardcore scrubbing if it gets dirty. Also, you can choose among multiple colors and styles available. Or, collect them all!

Check out more Nuby designs >

4. Lucky Baby First Soks

Designed for babies and toddlers zero to six months, this cutesy pair of knitted bear baby shoes is a must-have for the coolest months in Singapore. While made to be breathable, it will also keep your baby’s feet warm and cozy. The perfect, elastic fit gives the little toes a lot of mobility and utmost comfort. More importantly, it is designed for soft, delicate skin. Also available in pink!

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5. Tollyjoy Fish Net Mitten & Bootee 

Mittens and booties don’t only provide warmth and comfort for your baby’s hands and feet, they also reduce the occurrence of injuries that result from scratching. Make sure you collect enough pairs that your baby can wear. These pairs of Tollyjoy Mitten & Bootee would make a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe collection.

Check out more Tollyjoy designs >

Best Kids Shoes

It’s amazing how babies can grow up too fast into toddlers and toddlers into preschoolers. And with their continuous growth comes the continuous need to update clothes and shoes because they outgrow them too fast. Shoes, in particular, need to be constantly in check to make sure the size still fits well and provides the utmost comfort and protection. Do you need new pairs of shoes for your preschoolers? Below are some great finds.

6. Havaianas Kids Move Sandals

Perfect for the sunny outdoors, your kid can wear these comfy, durable, and secure Havaianas sandals for a day at the beach or any outdoor playdate. While easy to fasten and take off, these sandals have large straps that provide a perfect and secure grip around the feet. Thus, they don’t slip off easily even with endless hopping and running around. Because the bottom has a rubber finish like a typical Havaianas slipper, this pair of sandals provide skid-resistant properties that help avoid falls and injuries that result from it.

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7. Superga Junior Light Dark Bordeaux

Children two to three years onward are normally very active. Oftentimes, we feel as if they never run out of energy. They like running around non-stop. And so, it’s important to keep their feet protected from broken glasses and other splinters. While providing enough coverage and protection, a good pair of kids’ shoes should also feel comfortable.

So, always opt for pairs made of breathable material. This pair of Superga shoes are made of premium canvas which is known as an ideal breathable fabric for footwear, making it one of the excellent choices around.

Check out more Superga Junior designs >

8. New Balance Kids Shoes

Do you have a healthy habit of exercising with your kids? If you haven’t thought about that yet, why not start today? You can play, jog and run together at the park. Or you can dance together, too. Whatever your idea is in keeping an active lifestyle with your kids, make sure to dress them up with the right exercise clothes and of course, the right footwear. New Balance Kids Shoes are an outstanding choice when it comes to comfort and durability.

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9. Elisa Litz Princess Cinderella Flats

Little girls love to play princesses at times. Dress up your little miss with an adorable dress and match this cute pair of Elisa Litz Princess Cinderalla Flats to complete the princess-like look. Perfect for those unplanned photoshoots! More than the pretty details, these shoes also provide quality. Made with lambskin leather, the pair provides breathable, moisture-wicking comfort for your little girl’s delicate feet.

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10. Kappa School Shoes

Is your little boy about to start going to a preschool program? Make sure he has durable shoes that can endure any kind of weather, whether it’s dry or rainy season. These Kappa School Shoes are notable for that kind of durability.

Shop more Kappa Kids Shoes >

I hope that our guide on the 10 Best Baby Shoes in Singapore has helped you to find the best pair of shoes for your baby, toddler, or preschooler. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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