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12 Best Baby Walkers in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

There is a wide range of baby walkers that can keep your baby comfortable, from sit-in to push-behind walkers. These baby walkers give your baby as much mobility as they need, with safety and stability in mind. We have reviewed ten baby walkers based on their stability, safety, easy use and storage, durability, style and design, and how much fun it is. With these baby walkers, you can give your baby a special part of their childhood that they would enjoy.

This article was last updated on 9 January 2023.

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Best Baby Walkers in Singapore

1. Tomy Disney Pooh Walker & Rider

Tomy Disney Pooh Walker and Rider

This Winnie the Pooh combination walker and rider shows off an iconic Disney character that your child will surely relate to and enjoy. While playing with Winnie the Pooh, they can choose between more than 20 sounds and melodies to encourage their imagination while exploring. As an additional treat, it even has a detachable cart for storage that can carry beloved plushies and toys with your child. 

With a quick switch to the other side, your steady walker quickly becomes a fun ride. Encourage their motor skills, muscle strength, and auditory development with this all-around 2-in-1 walker. Aside from your baby’s joy, it also looks out for their safety with its lockable wheels and rubber tires. They can enjoy this 2-in-1 walker for years to come as it is ideal for ages 10 months up to 3 years old.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It improves motor development, auditory development, and muscle strength
  • It has over 20 sounds and melodies
  • It is both a walker and a rider
  • It can be used by your baby from 10 months old up to 3 years old

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2. Hap-P-Kid 3-in-1 Musical Ride On Walker

Hap-P-Kid 3-in-1 Musical Ride On Walker

With the Hap-P-Kid 3-in-1 walker, your baby doesn’t just get solid walking support but also a multi-sensory toy and rideable bike. Give your child an all-around fun experience with this flexible playtime companion.  Encourage them to explore and use their imagination with each mode: Sit & Play, Stand & Walk, and Sit & Ride. Aside from being entertained by the interactive dashboard, they can also develop fine motor skills with the clicking wheel and removable electronic piano.

Your child can explore and play safely with the Hap-P-Kid 3-in-1 walker’s stable base and wide wheels, making it easy for little ones to keep their balance and get on and off the walker. Whether they want to walk around, listen to music, play with buttons or even ride off, this walker makes for an exciting all-in-one experience.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • 3-in-1 walker that also functions as a toy and small car
  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • Stable base and wide wheel for easy and safe use
  • Comes with a removable electronic piano

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3. Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center

The Skip Hop baby walker was designed in collaboration with a paediatrician, making it an ideal fit for your baby. It uses this knowledge to create a whole-body approach to offering fun and support as your baby sits in the walker. The walker can be used by babies from ages four months and above. As the name implies, the 3-stage activity centre consists of sit, swivel, bounce and play; play table and cruise and interact.

This baby walker offers more than 25 developmental activities. Some of these activities include a discovery window, musical light-up piano, clip-on toys, spring clouds with colourful beads, peek-a-boo owl, swaying trees and more. The seat rotates 360-degrees, and the legs are detachable for secure storage. It also has a foot platform which you can adjust to your baby’s height.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It offers a three-stage activity centre
  • It provides your baby with more than 25 developmental activities
  • It can be easily stored and adjusted
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4. Lucky Baby Jamboree 5 In 1 Multi-Functional Baby Walker

If you’re looking for the best way to make your baby’s first steps fun and easy, this Lucky Baby Jamboree and baby walker is an ideal choice. It offers a versatile design that can be adjusted into five modes easily. These modes are a rocker for the first months, a walker, a 360-degree activity centre, pusher and musical footboard.

Whether you’re on carpeted or tiled floors, the wheels are sturdy enough to move equally well on all surfaces. It also offers compact folding for secure storage. The walker features an activity tray, which you can remove and use for snacks time. There are different height positions which you can use to adjust the walker according to your baby’s size, and a washable seat cushion.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • The walker can be adjusted to five different modes
  • It features sturdy wheels for any surface
  • It is easy to store and maintain
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5. Fisher-Price® Musical Lion Walker

If you want to introduce your little one into the world of walking with music, the Fisher-Price musical walker is perfect for steady steps. The walker is themed based on a lion character, and it features two modes which you can adjust it into. These are Sit & Play and Stand & Walk. The Sit & Play mode is filled with a lot of activities for your baby to enjoy while sitting.

With the Sit & Play mode, the baby can play with a light-up nose, mirror with a peek-a-boo page, piano, colourful spinning dial, a slider butterfly, playful bat-at rollerball ears, and clacker bead toes. The Stand & Walk mode is for older babies, helping them learn how to walk. It also comes with tunes that play as your baby takes steps.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • The walker is music-themed
  • It offers two modes for babies of all ages
  • It comes with many toys and objects that babies can play with
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6. Lovely Mo Solid Wood Walker

This baby walker is made of solid African Sapele and European Beechwood. The walker is ideal for babies that are 12 months and older, especially if they are already learning how to walk. It is filled with wooden toys and fitted with a handle that your baby can push, and another in the front for pulling.

The Lovely Mo Walker can be customized for your baby and easily cleaned and refinished. The materials are also environmentally friendly, making it safe for your little one.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It is made with solid and eco-friendly wood
  • It is ideal for older babies
  • The walker can be customized
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7. Taf Toys Development Walker

To give your baby the best, buy this award-winning baby walker. It is a four-in-one walker that offers your baby with fun and at the same time, development. The development walker is made up of an actual baby walker, a wagon, ride-on and a detachable toy box. It encourages your baby to take their first steps.

With the Taf Toys baby walker, your baby can rise, pull, push and play with the walker. They can also open and close the toy box to enhance their gross motor development and at the same time, use it to store keepsakes for improved emotional intelligence. It also comes with a honk and clicking key for better motor skills.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It is an award-winning walker
  • It improves motor skills and gross motor development
  • It also comes with a toy box for storing keepsakes
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8. Lucky Baby Yoona 2 In 1 Baby Walker & Rocker

Next, we have the Lucky Baby two-in-one walker. Apart from functioning as a walker, it also acts like a baby rocker, for little ones in their earlier years. Then, it can work as a baby walker for older babies. You can use the toys and the activity tray to stimulate your baby’s senses and help them explore the spaces around them.

The activity tray can also be removed or used for snacks time. You can easily adjust the walker for your baby’s height as they grow and quickly wash the seat cushion. It also provides proper support for your baby as they sit. With the extra-stable base, your baby’s first steps would be not only fun, but also comfortable.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It offers a two-in-one function as a walker and rocker
  • It features an activity tray and different toys
  • It is easily adjustable and provides proper support
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9. Lucky Baby Wizy Baby Walker

Another baby walker from Lucky Baby, this only functions as a baby walker. It offers utmost comfort as your baby sits, with an easily adjustable height position as your baby grows. It also has a broad base that will secure your baby as they sit and also provide stability. The washable seat cushion can be easily maintained and provides proper back support.

It is fitted with an activity tray to put toys and snacks on, and it can be removed for freedom of movement. The walker is easy to store and allows compact folding for easy mobility. The wheels are also quite sturdy so that they can move well on all kinds of floors, and it is fitted with a safety stopper to prevent accidents. You can also check out the blue version.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It provides comfort for your baby
  • It can be easily adjusted for a baby’s height and weight
  • It is highly affordable
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10. Lucky Baby Bumble 2 In 1 Baby Walker & Rocker

This Lucky Baby walker is not only a baby walker for older babies but also a bouncer/rocker for fun and playtime. The rocker is for the first months, while the walker is ideal for older babies. This walker will stimulate your child’s senses with different toys and an adjustable activity tray.

It is also quite comfortable, and you can adjust it according to the height of your baby. The walker also has a broad extra-stable base and sturdy wheels that can function on all types of floors. You can combine this with the Lucky Baby Whoppee activity centre.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It can function as a rocker for younger babies
  • It comes with an adjustable activity tray
  • It features an extra-stable base for better function
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11. LeapFrog Scout’s Get Up & Go Baby Walker

This baby walker is a perfect tool to keep your baby active and improve their motor development. It can be easily transformed into a baby gym for playtime and comes with a detachable panel. It also features three play modes which include Play and Learn, Music and Get Active. These give you music, baby-friendly sounds, songs and effects.

The walker also has six colour-changing lights that will improve learning and offer your baby music for playtime. It also comes with 14 manipulatives like a toy phone, flip page, high five paw, piano keys, dog door and bead spinner. It is only ideal for babies that are three months and above.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It improves motor development and can be transformed into a baby gym
  • It offers three play modes and six colour-changing lights
  • It also comes with 14 toys and accessories

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12. Ferrari Baby Walker

For the classy and sporty babies, this Ferrari Baby Walker is a perfectly-themed walker for making the first steps. It comes with a colourful activity tray for keeping your baby entertained and engaged at all times. It is ideal for developing coordination and visual skills.

This exclusive baby walker can be adjusted according to the height of your baby and can be easily folded when you’re not using it. The activity centre is fitted with lights, horns, sounds and a steering wheel. You can also buy the Lamborghini Baby Walker if Ferrari isn’t your style.

Why buy this baby walker:
  • It has a unique and sporty design
  • It is fitted with many activities for entertainment
  • It can be easily adjusted and stored
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Where to buy a Baby Walker in Singapore?

You can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for baby products. It is also a great place to compare prices.

I hope that our guide on the 12 Best Baby walkers in Singapore has helped you find the best Baby Walker in Singapore for your baby. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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