Best Places to get Evening Gowns for Wedding in Singapore (2024)
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Best Places to get Evening Gowns for Wedding in Singapore (2024)

Getting the perfect evening gown for your wedding reception is as hard and as important as choosing your wedding dress. After all, your outfit as the bride even at the reception is still a part of the celebration’s highlights. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to evening gowns. You can have a cocktail dress, a ball gown, or even a traditional cheongsam – but what is the best choice? Fret not, though! To help you find the perfect evening gown for your wedding, we compiled a list of the Top 10 Places to Get Evening Gowns for a Wedding.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Places to get Evening Gowns for Wedding in Singapore (Summary)
  1. Mel Chen Luxe
  2. Love, Bonito
  3. Flamingo Boutique
  4. My Bridal Room
  5. Zion Creation
  6. Rentadella
  7. Satine Gowns
  8. Emanuel B. Couture
  9. Style Lease LLP
  10. Fayth

Top 10 Places to Get Evening Gowns for Weddings in Singapore

1. Mel Chen Luxe

Mel Chen Luxe
Mel Chen Luxe – Best Evening Gown in Singapore

Step into a world of timeless elegance with Mel Chen Luxe, the epitome of sophistication at Couture Creations. What you will love about Mel Chen Luxe is it is renowned for crafting the best evening gowns in Singapore, seamlessly weaving artistry and opulence into each masterpiece. This ensures you radiate glamour on every occasion. Moreover, the exquisite designs, meticulously handcrafted using luxurious fabrics, showcase a fusion of modern aesthetics and classic allure. From intricate lace detailing to flowing silhouettes, Mel Chen Luxe also encapsulates the essence of haute couture, delivering an unrivalled experience for those who seek unparalleled grace and style. Elevate your wardrobe with these enchanting creations, available exclusively at Couture Creations. Explore the allure of Mel Chen Luxe and indulge in the allure of the finest evening gowns for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

Check out Melchen Luxe >

📍 Melchen Luxe 69 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub #06-17, Singapore S(408731)
📞 +65 9776 5408
📲 Facebook Instagram

2. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito
Love, Bonito – Best Evening Gowns in Singapore

Embark on a sartorial journey with Love, Bonito, where fashion meets timeless elegance, and each garment tells a story of grace and sophistication. What is amazing about this store is it is famous for its commitment to style and quality. Love, Bonito curates a collection of the best evening gowns in Singapore, designed to make every moment a red-carpet affair. Whether you are a wedding guest or the belle of the ball, their dresses also effortlessly blend modern trends with classic charm. To add to that, each piece is a testament to the brand’s dedication to empowering women through fashion, from flowing silhouettes to intricate details. Explore the enchanting world of Love, Bonito’s wedding guest dresses, where glamour meets grace. Upgrade your style today and celebrate the art of dressing up with Love, Bonito.

Check out Love, Bonito >

📍 Love, Bonito 21 Tai Seng Dr, 03 00, Singapore
📲 Facebook Instagram

3. Flamingo Boutique

Flamingo Boutique
Flamingo Boutique – Best Evening Gown Singapore

Indulge in the realm of glamour and sophistication at Flamingo Boutique, where fashion transcends mere attire to become a captivating expression of individuality. Similar to the stores mentioned, Flamingo Boutique is known for curating the best evening gowns in Singapore. It brings a unique blend of style and grace to every wardrobe. From luxurious fabrics to intricate designs, each gown is a masterpiece, promising to transform any occasion into a runway-worthy affair. Whether you are attending a gala or a special celebration, Flamingo Boutique’s collection exudes a timeless elegance that perfectly marries contemporary trends with classic allure. Level up your style quotient and make a statement with their exquisite evening gowns, available exclusively on their website. Experience a world where fashion meets fantasy, and every gown tells a story of unparalleled elegance.

Check out Flamingo Boutique >

📍 Flamingo Boutique Orchard Gateway 277 Orchard Rd #B2-29, The Underground Singapore 238858
📞 +65 8101 0472 +65 8101 0472
📲 Facebook Instagram

4. My Bridal Room

My Bridal Room
My Bridal Room – Best Evening Gowns Singapore

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of My Bridal Room, where dreams intertwine with threads of timeless elegance. This boutique is not just a destination; it is also a commitment to crafting magical moments and offering the best evening gowns in Singapore. Additionally, the Fairy Tale Evening Gown Collection, a true masterpiece, narrates a story of grace and sophistication. Each gown, intricately detailed, carefully merges modern aesthetics with traditional charm. From ethereal silhouettes to intricate embellishments, this collection attests to My Bridal Room’s dedication to making every woman feel like a princess. Elevate your evening with these exclusive creations, found only on their website. Get into the spotlight and let My Bridal Room redefine elegance as you twirl through the night in these captivating gowns.

Check out My Bridal Room >

📍 My Bridal Room 420 North Bridge Road, #01-03 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727
📞+65 6338 1908Whatsapp: +65 8128 9546
📲 Facebook Instagram

5. Zion Creation

Zion Creation
Zion Creation – Best Evening Gown in Singapore

Meanwhile, this Zion Creation is the ultimate haven for the finest evening gowns in Singapore. Each gown features meticulous craftsmanship, designed to make you shine on any occasion. What sets it apart is its collection that greatly blends contemporary trends with timeless elegance. This also provides enchanting options for every taste. From flowing silhouettes to intricate details, Zion Creation’s evening gown selection ensures you exude confidence and grace. Take your wardrobe and style to the next level with these exclusive creations. Welcome yourself into a world where fashion and fantasy collide, guided by Zion Creation to redefine elegance in the heart of Singapore’s fashion scene.

Check out Zion Creation >

📍 Zion Creation 1 Irving Place, The Commerze @Irving, #07-08 Singapore 369546/ One Raffles Link, CityLink Mall, #B1-39 Singapore 039393
📞+65 6384 4337 , Whatsapp: +65 9127 0708
📲 Facebook Instagram

6. Rentadella

Rentadella – Best Evening Gowns in Singapore

Experience the embodiment of elegance and style at Rentadella, your ultimate destination for the finest evening gowns in Singapore. Rentadella perfectly intertwines sophistication with convenience, offering a carefully made collection of stunning dresses for every fashion aficionado. Whether you are headed to a wedding, gala, or special event, Rentadella ensures a lasting impression. Navigate our user-friendly online rental platform to discover your perfect gown effortlessly. From timeless classics to trendy statement pieces, Rentadella also empowers you to embrace your unique style without the commitment of ownership. Welcome yourself in luxury with Rentadella’s extensive range, where each gown tells a story, transforming every occasion into a memorable runway moment. Unleash your inner glam with Rentadella, where elegance seamlessly meets accessibility for the best evening gowns in Singapore.

Check out Rentadella >

📍 Rentadella 201 Henderson Rd, #04-11 Singapore 159545
📞+65 8339 5669
📲 Facebook Instagram

7. Satine Gowns

Satine Gowns
Satine Gowns – Best Evening Gown Singapore

Enter into a realm of enchantment with Satine Gowns, where sophistication meets style to redefine your eveningwear experience. What is exceptional about Satine Gowns is it stands out as the paragon of elegance, boasting a stunning collection that effortlessly captures the essence of glamour and grace. As your premier destination for the best evening gowns in Singapore, Satine Gowns also takes pride in curating a range that caters to the diverse tastes of every fashion-forward individual. Explore their exquisite collections online, featuring a fusion of timeless classics and contemporary designs that promise to elevate your fashion statement. Aside from that, with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Satine Gowns guarantees that each gown tells a unique story, making every moment you wear it an unforgettable one. Visit their collections at and experience elegance firsthand.

Check out Satine Gowns >

📍 Satine Gowns The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Road #02-48 Singapore 238843
📞 (65) 6733 2126
📲 Facebook Instagram

8. Emanuel B. Couture

Emanuel B. Couture
Emanuel B. Couture – Best Evening Gowns Singapore

This store beckons you into a realm of timeless beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey in fashion. What is great about Emanuel B. Couture is it is renowned for creating masterpieces that transcend trends. It also shines through its sartorial excellence, offering a collection that defines opulence and sophistication. Elevate your glamour quotient with the best evening gowns in Singapore, meticulously crafted by Emanuel B. Couture. Each gown is a testament to the brand’s commitment to luxurious fabrics, impeccable design, and attention to detail. From intricately beaded creations to elegantly flowing silhouettes, every piece reflects a harmonious blend of creativity and precision. Explore their exquisite creations at and see the allure of being draped in the finest evening gowns that redefine sophistication.

Check out Emanuel B. Couture >

📍 Emanuel B. Couture 41 Tras St, Singapore 078980
📞 +65 6227 4795
📲 Facebook | Instagram

9. Style Lease LLP

Style Lease LLP
Style Lease LLP – Best Evening Gown in Singapore

Begin on a transformative fashion journey with Style Lease LLP, your gateway to a curated collection of the best evening gowns in Singapore. Style Lease LLP invites you to redefine elegance and make a statement on every occasion. Explore also their extensive range, a fusion of contemporary trends and timeless classics, offering a diverse selection that caters to every style preference. Additionally, Style Lease LLP ensures that you find the perfect gown effortlessly and indulge in luxury without the commitment of ownership as it is committed to providing an unparalleled rental experience. From romantic silhouettes to modern chic designs, each gown in their collection tells a unique story, allowing you to embrace your individuality with confidence. Elevate your wardrobe and leave a lasting impression at your next event with Style Lease LLP’s exquisite evening gowns.

Check out Style Lease LLP >

📍 Style Lease LLP 68 South Bridge Road Level 5 Chan Brothers @ 68 Singapore 058698
📞 +65 8200 3893
📲 Instagram

10. Fayth

Fayth – Best Evening Gowns in Singapore

Lastly, Fayth, synonymous with sophistication, presents a stunning collection that transcends the ordinary. This makes it a go-to destination for the best evening gowns in Singapore. Whether you are aiming for a touch of contemporary flair or classic elegance, Fayth’s dresses offer a diverse range to suit every fashion inclination. Plus, the carefully curated selection showcases versatility, ensuring you effortlessly find the ideal gown for any special occasion. From charming florals to sleek silhouettes, Fayth’s commitment to quality and design excellence is also evident in every piece. Dive into the allure of fashion-forward choices and elevate your wardrobe with Fayth’s exclusive collection of evening gowns. Explore their captivating designs at, where each dress is a testament to the brand’s dedication to timeless style and unparalleled grace.

Check out Fayth >

📍 Fayth B1-03 to 03A Address 68 Orchard Rd, #B1-03 03A Plaza, Singapore 238839
📲 Facebook | Instagram

Bonus: White Runway

White Runway
White Runway – Best Evening Gown Singapore

Oh wait, there’s one more. White Runway is also your premier destination for the best evening gowns in Singapore. With an exquisite collection that exceeds current trends, White Runway redefines elegance. This offers a curated selection of dresses that effortlessly merge classic charm with contemporary allure. Each gown is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to enhance your unique style and make every moment memorable. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, gala, or any special event, White Runway’s diverse range ensures you find the perfect ensemble. From timeless silhouettes to modern designs, their commitment to quality and attention to detail also shines through. Elevate your fashion experience with White Runway and explore their captivating collection at, where every gown tells a story of grace and sophistication, ensuring you shine on every occasion.

Check out White Runway >

📲 Facebook | Instagram

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