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16 Best Food Steamers in Singapore for Healthy Home-Cooked Food | Best of Home 2023

Looking to prepare healthy and delicious foods for your loved ones? Personally speaking, I love steaming my dishes. It makes the food taste moist, fresh and healthy. Compared to stir-frying, steaming does not leave my kitchen oily, so I do not need to worry about cleaning up afterwards. Steaming is the best way to preserve the nutrients and flavours of your natural foods. While a stove steamer works fine, an electric food steamer is easy to use and is convenient. Moreover, electric food steamers are also very affordable, and you can get a basic model for about $50 to $150. Looking for the best food steamer in Singapore? In this Best of Home series, we shortlist the 16 Best Food Steamers in Singapore for Healthy Home-Cooked Food, providing quality recommendations for your lifestyle needs and budget.

This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides. 


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

This article was updated on 5 January 2023. 

Table of Contents

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Best Food Steamers in Singapore

Disclosure: Our aim is to help you buy the best food steamer in Singapore for your home. This article contains affiliate links. They come at no extra cost to you, but if you purchase through our site, we get a small commission or bonus which keeps our site running and allow us to continue creating free content for you. That being said, we only recommend products that we trust to buy and use for ourselves. Thank you for your support! For more info on our disclosure policy, click here.

1. Buydeem Multi-functional Steamer G56

Buydeem Multi-functional Steamer G56

5-in-1 steamer for effortless cooking 

It may look like a gorgeous yet simple rice cooker, but the Buydeem Multi-functional Steamer G56 can do way more than just cook perfectly fluffy rice. Equipped with 5-in-1 functions, this versatile steamer can handle anything you need in preparing a scrumptious dinner. From cooking meat to veggies, baking desserts, steaming dumplings, defrosting leftovers and so much more. I really, really like this steamer as you no longer have to watch over the fire since you can set the timer. What more, it looks absolutely fitting in any modern home!

If you have a baby in the house, you can prepare his or her meal using the steamer as well. Even better, make use of the included stew pot and enjoy healthy food prepared via the slow cook method. 

Family is starving already? Worry not, this steamer can cook your meals in a jiffy. The heat-up time prior to cooking takes only less than a minute, so the steamer is really designed to make cooking a breeze. Moreover, it has a keep-warm function that means dinner will always be hot.

Fresh food at all times

On top of its versatility, what’s great about this steamer is that the food made is bursting with the best nutrition and freshness. It boasts a lid cover that was designed to prevent condensed steams from dripping on the food, ensuring that your meals are perfect. 

Safe and efficient cooking

If you are not yet an expert in the kitchen, it’s perfectly okay with the Multi-functional Steamer G56. We buy versatile kitchen appliances for that reason, after all. When the steamer’s water level gets low, simply open the cap to fill and water will be released into the base – you no longer need to open the entire lid and have the hot steam escape. This easy-fill design helps you continue to cook efficiently and safely! For added peace of mind, the steamer also features a dry boil warning when the water level gets too low and shuts down immediately. 

Why buy this: 
  • 2L water capacity for cooking larger meals
  • Versatile pre-set modes – steam, stew, etc with timer function
  • With safety features
  • Able to top up water level without lifting the main lid
  • 1-year warranty
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2. TOYOMI Mini Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Toyomi food steamer

Easy and convenient to use

The TOYOMI 1.0L Mini Stainless Steel Steamer ST 2018 is one of the most classic food steamers on the market. From dumplings to rice to vegetables, this steamer can steam 3 tiers of dishes at a time.

This electric mini 3 tier steamer is incredibly easy to use. Simply just place the food onto the steamer tray, put some water in the tank, turn the knob of the timer, press the start button, and let the steamer work its wonders.

What’s great about this food steamer is that it can save you lots of time, from preparation till clean up. Its turbo steam system allows for the machine to start steaming in just 30 seconds. The rapid steam distribution of this steamer allows for fast, even cooking.

The detachable steam tray and the 3 stainless steel steamer trays are dishwasher safe, so you can just toss everything in the dishwasher and you will have the rest of the day to enjoy. Moreover, steamed food is definitely the healthier choice!

Why buy this:
  • Turbo steam system for quick steaming of food
  • For healthier, steamed food
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Capacity: 1.0L
  • Diameter of steamer: 19cm

Toyomi promo code:

Use coupon code WEDDINGVOW10 to get 10% off storewide
Check price on Toyomi > | Amazon >

3. TOKIT Omni Cook

TOKIT Omni Cook

Multifunctional, space-saving appliance replacing 21 kitchen appliances

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a newbie in the kitchen, the TOKIT Omni Cook makes home cooking easier, simpler, and more fun than ever before. It’s a fantastic kitchen tool that can handle a range of cooking tasks at the same time. With these things in mind, the Omni Cook is like 21 kitchen appliances in one, yet it only takes up one square foot, making it very compact and versatile. It could be a blender, mixer, grinder, steamer, shredder, scale, kettle, whisk, juicer, and more depending on how you set it up!

Thousands of free worldwide dishes

What’s more, it features an integrated 7-inch touch screen, an inbuilt high-precision food scale, and Wi-Fi connectivity for numerous software functions and upgrades. The latter function means you’ll have access to a database of TOKIT-only recipes that is updated regularly depending on customer feedback. Simply connect your smartphone to the Cooknjoy app, and your favorite recipes will be stored on the TOKIT! 

Speaking of trying out new dishes, the Omni Cook has an automatic cooking mode with automated temperature settings to help you prepare your food to perfection, as well as a self-cleaning mode to decrease scrubbing time after your meal has been enjoyed.

Basically, this all-in-one food processor can prepare anything, from appetisers to sweets. So, this makes the Omni Cook a true all-rounder for everyday kitchen use!

Why buy this:
  • Features an auto-cleaning mode for seamlessly cleaning dishes
  • Has cloud database recipe platform for free recipes
  • 11 cooking modes replacing 21 kitchen appliances
  • Compact and space-saving design
Check price on TOKIT >

4. Braun Identity Collection Food Steamer

Braun FS1500

Steam booster

The Braun FS1500 food steamer is a sleek device that focuses on simplicity. It only has an on/off switch and a timing dial, perfect if you do not want to spend so much time fiddling around with buttons. What’s unique about the Braun FS1500 is that it has a steam booster. The steam is quickly produced in just 45 seconds so you get your food cooked fast.

It features 2 BPA-free transparent baskets, allowing you to see your food as it cooks. Each steam basket has its own drip pan to prevent any unwanted mixing of flavours between the layers. The 6.2-litre capacity makes it a suitable size to cook for 2-3 persons.

Why buy this:
  • Nestable basket allows for compact, space-saving storage
  • Unique steam booster
  • BPA-free transparent baskets and anti-drip pans
  • Sleek design fits any modern kitchen
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada > | Amazon >

5. Philips Avance Collection 9L Food Steamer

food steamer Philips Avance Collection

To infuse aroma

Rated 8/10 by HerWorld, the Philips Avance Collection 9L three-tiered food steamer is a handy solution for steaming. Its unique circular shape allows you to fit in round plates without having to hunt for oval-shaped plates. Furthermore, it also has an aroma infuser that allows you to place herbs and spices inside to enrich the flavours of your food.

The refill indicator is a handy way to know when you need to top up the water, and the upward-facing spout at the side makes refilling easy. The Philips HD9150 food steamer only takes 3 minutes to steam up, allowing you to have your meal prepared in no time. The digital timer will let you know when your food is ready! Overall, this food steamer is easy to use and has a spacious 9-litre capacity which allows you to create a meal for an entire family. For a cheaper model, check out the Philips Daily Collection 9L Food Steamer HD9125/91.

Why buy this:
  • Comes with an aroma infuser at the base for you to enrich your food
  • Heating Turbo
  • Digital Timer
  • Water refill indicator
Check price on Philips > 
Check out Philip’s Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

6. Rommelsbacher 9L Food Steamer

Rommelsbacher DGS855

Digital steamer

The Rommelsbacher Food Steamer DGS855 cooks your food gently to preserve mineral nutrients, vitamins, and flavour. It uses turbo-steam generation to ensure that your meals are cooked evenly and efficiently without you having to stir it. Equipped with a huge 1-litre water tank, the Rommelsbacher food steamer can last up to an hour of operation without requiring you to refill the water. With 6 different programs, you can cook different types of food such as fish, chicken, meat, eggs, rice, or vegetables. Similar to the Philips Avance HD9150, the Rommelsbacher also has an aroma infuser. With 3 steaming trays and a huge 9-litre capacity, you can cater to cooking for the entire family with just this food steamer.

Why buy this:
  • A digital control & LCD display
  • Comes with 6 cooking programs
  • Keep warm function
  • Comes with a flavour distribution cap
  • 3-tier design
Check price on Lazada > 

7. Cuisinart CookFresh Digital Glass

Cuisinart CookFresh Digital Glass

Glass steamer

With the Cuisinart CookFresh Digital Glass Food Steamer, you can very quickly steam your way to good food. This is one of the top-of-the-line food steamers in Singapore that uses glass and stainless steel, which explains the higher price tag. The glass pot allows you to conveniently pop it into the oven after steaming to achieve a browning effect on your foods.

The 1-tiered spacious 5-litre design makes it very easy to cook a large fish or chicken for a whole family. The powerful steam system allows you to add frozen foods straight into the steamer and you can enjoy them piping hot and ready to serve in 15 minutes. Watch the demonstration video below to see it for yourself.

The Cuisineart CookFresh comes with 6 programmed settings, including one that keeps your food warm. You can also opt to use the manual function. It has a reheating function as well so you do not have to re-dish it for the microwave. The best part is you only have one dish to clean afterwards, and all parts are dishwasher safe. Overall, it is very easy to use and I can assure you that it will be a frequent use in your kitchen.

Why buy this: 
  • LCD control panel with 5 food settings
  • 5-litre spacious glass container and a stainless steel steaming tray
  • 1-litre water tank
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada > | Amazon >

8. Tefal Ultra Compact 9L Steamer

Tefal Ultra Compact best food steamer

Compact design

If you have limited space on your countertop or pantry, the Tefal Ultra Compact 9L Steamer VC1006 is the choice for you. Unlike other steamers that take up a bulk of space, the containers of this Tefal steamer nest together perfectly to become ultra-compact.

best food steamers singapore

If you have limited storage space in your kitchen, then you should buy this ultra-compact food steamer by Tefal. With its timer and automatic shut-off feature, it is easy and safe to use every day for making food for the entire family.

The Tefal VC1006 also allows you to remove the grids in between for higher-stacked foods. The 9-litre spacious capacity and 3-tiered design allow you to make a full 3-course meal. It even comes with a rice bowl that you can use to steam rice conveniently. Tefal has other models of food steamers that you can check out as well such as the Tefal TC1404 6L food steamer.

Why buy this: 
  • Easy to store compact design
  • 60-minute timer and automatic shutoff
  • Visible water indicator and easy spout for refilling
  • 6 different cooking programs
Check price on Tefal >
Check out Tefal Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

9. Tefal Convenient Series 6L Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Tefal Convenient Series

Stainless steel

If you prefer to use food steamers made of stainless steel rather than plastic, consider the Tefal 6L Stainless Steel Food Steamer VC1451. This model from their convenience series features 2 stackable and durable stainless steel bowls and a glass lid – all made to last the years. Similar to the Ultra Compact model above, you can store one of the bowls at the base for compact storage to save space. The external water spout makes refilling an easy task. Watch Sharifah Sofia demonstrate using the Tefal VC1451 to cook!

Why buy this:
  • 60-minute timer with automatic switch-off function
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • 6-litre capacity with an extra bowl for rice
  • Compact storage design
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada > | Amazon >
Check out Tefal Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

10. EuropAce 2-in-1 Food Steamer

europace singapore food steamer

For a complete meal

The EuropAce food steamer has a 3-tiered design that allows you to cook meat, vegetables, and a bowl of rice at the top – making for a complete meal. Despite being small in size, it packs a punch with its features. It has the standard 60-minute timer and bell ring alert. But what surprised me was that it has a flavour scenter for you to infuse herbs and spices too! The 3-layer compartments are collapsible, making them compact for you to store. At its price, it is a value-for-money purchase.

Why buy this:
  • Value for money
  • BPA-Free containers are collapsible for easy storage
  • 60-minute timer and bell ringer
  • Dry boil and overheat protection
  • Flavor scenter
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada >
Check out EuropAce Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

11. PowerPac 2-Tier Food Steamer

PowerPac PPS706

For small meals

If you often cook small meals for 1-2 persons, you will want to reduce the washing you need to do. The solution for you is PowerPac food steamer PPS706. Designed for small meals in mind, the Powerpac food steamer is good for eggs, vegetables, and dumplings. After your meal is cooked, you can dine using these containers, and wash them quickly afterward. The unit is small enough to be left on your countertop for boiled eggs every morning. For a bigger capacity, Powerpac has a 6-litre model you can check out here.

Why buy this:
  • Stainless steel flat heating plate
  • Automatic power turn off for safety
Check price on Lazada > 

12. Toyomi Stainless Steel Hotpot and Steamer

Toyomi hot spot and steamer

A hotpot and steamer in 1

If you would like to enjoy a bowl of soup with your meal, the Toyomi 2-in-1 Hotpot & Steamer is a handy appliance for you. Made of stainless steel, you can easily detach the inner pots for cleaning. The Toyomi features an anti-dry safety design with automatic power off so you do not need to worry about it burning. Another similar model of a different brand is the Iona Dual-Use Steamer And Hot Pot GLST032.

Why buy this:
  • A 2-in-1 device
  • Stainless steel pot
  • Safety automatic power off and anti-dry design
  • 2-minute quick steam generation

Toyomi promo code:

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Check price on Shopee > | Lazada >

13. Tecno 2-tier 12L Electric Food Steamer TES1200

electric food steamer

Upsized containers

The Tecno 2-tier 12L Electric Food Steamer TES1200 is perfect for cooking larger dishes. It features 2 6-litre containers, each spacious enough to fit a large fish or chicken. This steamer also comes with a 1.8-litre water tank capacity to power your steaming. The transparent containers make it easy to monitor your food, and the automatic timer and power off make it easy to manage cooking.

Why buy this:
  • 2 upsized containers of 6-litres each
  • Glass lid
  • 60-minute timer and automatic power off
  • Transparent containers make it easy to monitor your cooking process
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty when you buy from Lazada
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada >

14. Cornell 25L Food Steamer

Cornell 25L food steamer

Large capacity

If you are cooking for a big family, or if you often have guests over, you will need a steamer that can host larger groups. This Cornell 25-litre food steamer is a mammoth compared to other models. It’s wide and spacious compartments allow much versatility in deciding what dishes to cook, and quantities are no longer limited. It comes with an additional rice bowl and measuring cup, so you can easily measure your portions before adding them to the steamer. The dual, energy-efficient heaters in this food steamer make your cooking efficient and quick.

Why buy this food steamer in Singapore:
  • 25 litre XL capacity
  • Dual-energy efficient heaters
  • Side spout makes it easy to refill the water
  • Includes a rice bowl and measuring cup
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada > | Amazon >
Check out Cornell Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

15. Aerogaz 3L Food Steamer

Aerogaz AZ-367ST

Budget pick

If you’re looking for budget-friendly food steamers in Singapore, the Aerogaz food steamer is a value buy. It has the power to steam healthy food for your meals at an affordable price tag. It features a 3-tier design, with 3 1-litre compartments that can fit a standard-sized fish. You can easily remove a layer according to your needs. The clear view trays allow you to easily monitor your food, and the 60-minute timer and auto shut-off make cooking a breeze.

Why buy this food steamer in Singapore:

  • 3-litre capacity
  • 3 clear view trays with cover
  • 60-minute timer with auto shut off
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning and storage
Check price on Shopee >

16. Philips Avent 4 in 1 Healthy Baby Food Makersteamer baby food maker

The Philips Avent 4-in-1 baby food maker is a must-have appliance for all mums. Designed to steam, blend, defrost and reheat,  you can make baby food conveniently all in one jar. Avoid spending money on food pouches that you have no idea what is inside. The Philips Avent 1-litre jar allows you to cook sufficient food for 4 meals at a time, simply store it in the freezer for later.

Why buy this food steamer in Singapore:
  • 4-in-1 device: Steam, blend, defrost, and reheat in one
  • Beep alert notifications
  • Includes tasty recipes
  • Dishwasher safe jar
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty when you buy on Lazada
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada > | Amazon >
Check out Philip’s Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

Food Steamer Recipes

Excited to buy food steamers for your home? These steamed recipes will get you started!

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  3. Cantonese Steamed Chicken
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  6. Steamed Wontons in Chili Broth
  7. Steamed Dumplings Recipe
  8. Chinese Steamed Chicken Recipe
  9. Steamed Fruits
  10. Steamed Prawn Wontons

Where to buy food steamers in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy a food steamer in Singapore from stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to for shopping electronics and appliances. It is also a great place to compare the prices of food steamers in Singapore.

Financing your home purchases

If you would like to take up a loan for your home purchases, consider a personal loan, as renovation loans do not give you the cash upfront. You can find the best personal loan suitable for you on Singsaver.


That’s our guide on the best food steamers in Singapore for you to buy! I hope that our guide has helped you to find the best food steamer in Singapore for your home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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