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10 Best Gyms in Singapore to get Fit and Healthy for 2023

Whether you are training for sports, aiming to sculpt your body, or you simply want to stay fit, active and healthy, exercising should be a non-negotiable part of your lifestyle. It’s important to find the best place where you can comfortably, efficiently and safely do the workout programs that are tailored for your needs and skill level, at the same time, they should involve the exercises you enjoy the most. That said, we take you to 10 of the most popular gyms in Singapore. From budget-friendly 24-hour gym pods to elite gyms with tons of specialised classes and personal training plans, you’ll surely find the most ideal option for you.

This article was last updated on 17 January 2023 .

Table of Contents:

  1. Active-SG Gym
  2. Anytime Fitness
  3. Dennis Gym
  4. EnergyOne at SAFRA
  5. GymmBoxx
  6. Pure Fitness
  7. Ritual Gym
  8. The Gym Pod
  9. Ultimate Performance Singapore
  10. Virgin Active

1. Active-SG Gym (from $25-30/month)

Active-SG Gym singapore
Source: ActiveSG

For a no-frills gym to do your basic workouts, Active-SG is a great spot with the cheapest gym membership rates in Singapore. Though be warned that it can get pretty crowded thanks to its cheap rates, so you may have to wait for machines. Starting at only $2.50 per entry (Adults/SG/PRs), you’ll have full access to a nice studio complete with high-quality gym equipment. This is great if you think you’ll not be frequenting a fitness studio on a weekly basis and would like to have more regular workout sessions from home. No commitment required; you can simply drop by any time for the machines you don’t have at home, or test out other gyms to find the best one you’re most comfortable in. Their huge discount at only $1.50 per entry for seniors and students encourage people from all age groups to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

But if you do find Active-SG Gym the best one for your workout needs, you can gain access to all their gyms by signing up for any of their membership plans. A month’s worth of membership plan costs $30. You can also choose between a 6-month membership plan for $160 and 12-month for $300. The prices mentioned are for peak hours. You can get it significantly cheaper if you are okay with off-peak hours (every day from opening till 4pm, excluding PH). Also, members of Active-SG get a free $100 Active-SG credit that you can use.

They have 25 gym locations islandwide (mostly in the heartlands) so you will definitely be able to find one that is near your place.

Aside from their gym, Active-SG has also a huge sports centre equipped with swimming pools, as well as courts, fields and other ideal facilities for various kinds of sports such as badminton, hockey, volleyball, tennis, soccer and swimming.

Check out Active-SG Gym > 
Address: 3 Stadium Drive,
Singapore 397630
Tel: 6345 7111
Contact form

2. Anytime Fitness (from $80 – 100/month)

Anytime Fitness gyms singapore
Source: Anytime Fitness

Like what its name suggests, Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym promising you the ultimate convenience and flexibility for your workout schedule. With 69 locations islandwide, it is one of the biggest gym chains in Singapore. They’ve also garnered a range of 4 to 4.5 star rating on Google for their various outlets.

Anytime Fitness has an extensive list of gym equipment and you can even get battle ropes, medicine balls, spin bikes and more. They offer a full range of services from personal training and coaching, fitness assessments, and wellness programs.

Membership plans start from $80 to $100 per month. You can get a free 1-day pass to try out their gym.

Read review by Vulcan Post to get a more detailed walkthrough about their programs and services. Anytime Fitness has been also listed on other publications such as Dollars & Sense.

Check out Anytime Fitness > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Contact form

3. Dennis Gym (24-hour gym, from $64- $120/month)

Dennis Gym singapore
Source: Dennis Gym

Former bodybuilder Mr. Dennis Tew started Dennis Gym in 1998 to provide quality fitness training services, led by his passion to empower every individual to live a fit, healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Dennis Gym has grown over the years to four 24-hour gyms located at Farrer Park, Tai Seng, Jurong and Tampines. If you are into powerlifting or bodybuilding, this gym offers the right trainers.

But even if not, working out with the right personal trainer comes with huge advantages, such as when you’re training for a sports event, not seeing results with your own workouts from home, or you have a specific injury or health issues that need to be considered when creating the most effective and safest workout program. If you prefer working out from home or anywhere you are with utmost convenience, they also offer online personal training services. Wherever you are, you’ll get access to their professional trainers to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your workouts.

Dennis Gym offers various flexible membership plans whether for short-term or long-term membership. A month of membership costs $120, $230 for three months, $399 for six months, and $769 for one year. If you do find Dennis Gym satisfactory, you’ll get huge savings when you subscribe to a 12-month membership plan because it works out to be $64 per month. Personal training memberships are also available at $999 (3 months) and $2,500 (10 months). See their full gym price list here.

Listed on Best in Singapore, Asia One, and The Smart Local, Dennis Gym is one of the best places to go in Singapore if you’re looking to sculpt a magazine cover worthy body.

Check out Dennis Gym > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Tel: +65 85432903
Contact form

4. EnergyOne at SAFRA (from $80-97/month)

EnergyOne at SAFRA gyms singapore
Source: SAFRA EnergyOne

EnergyOne at SAFRA is more than just treadmills and kettle balls. From resistance training machines and cardio equipment to warm jacuzzi and swimming pool, the amenities in their six big and spacious gym outlets in Mount Faber, Jurong, Yishun, Toa Payoh, Tampines and Punggol are designed not just for a variety of physical exercises but for utmost wellness, relaxation and recovery as well. Check out their complete list of gym equipment and facilities.  Personal training is also available at $120 for three introductory sessions.

Please note that pay per entry is suspended until further notice. But just in case you’re wondering, members pay $8.55 per entry for off peak and $13.90 per entry for peak hours. Walk-in guests are welcome too, but they have to pay a higher price. For off peak, the rate costs $12.85 while for peak hours, the rate costs $21.40.

If you’re looking to get an all-gym, all-hour access, they have rates for a month’s worth of membership plan ($96.30), three months ($272.85), six months ($535) and one year ($963). Their 12-month plan works out to be $80 per month, so you’ll get a significant cutback as compared to a month’s worth of membership. Also, rates are cheaper for their Daylighter membership which are for off-peak hours.

They’re running some ideal promotions too. For example, NSFs can now grab their 24-month NSF ORD Membership for only $385.20, otherwise, the usual price would be $1,423.10.

With convenient opening hours from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm, you can hit the gym either early in the morning before heading for work or in the night when all your tasks for the day are done.

Check out EnergyOne at SAFRA > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Tel: See phone numbers here

5. GymmBoxx (from $60-85/month)

GymmBoxx singapore
Source: GymmBoxx

GymmBoxx is a private gym in Singapore that charges affordable gym rates. They offer personal training services in their 7 outlets in Singapore. I’ve personally visited their Bishan outlet several times. It’s right next to the MRT making it very convenient. Their gyms are spacious, and the equipment is new and up to date.

Many find their pay-per-entry model ideal since no long membership commitment is imposed. However, it is currently suspended until further notice. The last time I went, the pay-per-entry price was $5 per entry for off-peak and $7 for peak hours (5pm onwards).

Meanwhile, they do have a 1-month ($85), 3-month ($225), 6-month ($420) and 12-month ($720) membership plans. You can always pick the best option that can work for your long-term fitness goals. Note that their 12-month plan works out to be $60 per month, which provides huge savings in the long run. Students and seniors get special discounted rates too.

Check out GymmBoxx > 
Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road,
Paya Lebar Square#06-20, S (409051)
Contact form

6. Pure Fitness ($150-$200/month)

Pure Fitness
Source: Pure Fitness

Also another popular gym chain, Pure Fitness is one of the more expensive gyms with tons of classes that you can join from Bodypump to TRX to Pilates. The choice would really depend on your needs and which exercises you enjoy the most. You can join a dance class, Zumba, cycling class and more. Why not try one for a day? Just visit any of their four outlets at Ngee Ann City, Asia Square, Ocean Financial Centre and Suntec City. See full addresses at Pure Fitness’ website. Membership fees start from $150 to $200 per month. They have very good facilities and amenities as well which explains the higher fees.

Check out Pure Fitness > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Contact form

7. Ritual Gym (from $200/month)

Ritual Gym
Source: Ritual Gym

If you are starved for time, and want to get a quick and efficient workout, Ritual Gym is your holy grail. Known as the 30-minute gym, they specialise in providing 20 to 30 minutes high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) workouts that are optimised, efficient and user-friendly. Their goal, (other than to bust your lungs) is to build your strength and cardio, to burn fat and build muscle – this addictive formula will keep you coming back for more. They focus on small class sizes so you get dedicated attention, and they have different levels that you can sign up for.

And speaking of hassle-free workouts, they even provide you with clothes, towels and toiletries so you literally can just walk in, get your workout and leave without a bunch of laundry to do. Simply drop by any of their four locations at Raffles Place, Holland Village, Orchard Road and Robinson Road. As if that convenience isn’t enough yet, you can also download the Ritual Fit app that’s available on the iOS App Store and Google Play if utmost flexibility of your workout’s time and place is what you’re after. Yup, with just a few swipes on the app, you can have your workouts done at the comfort of your home or elsewhere.

To get a first-hand experience, trial sessions are available at $60 for 14 days unlimited. You will start your trial with a one-on-one coaching session. After which, monthly membership starts from $200 (off-peak) to $370 per month.

Check out Ritual Gym > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Contact form

8. The Gym Pod (24-hour gym, from $9.90/month)

The Gym Pod singapore
Source: The Gym Pod

Say goodbye to pricey membership fees. The Gym Pod is Singapore’s first 24-hour automated container gym. If you are tired of having to wait for machines to be available (especially during peak hours), or if you are shy about working out among other sweaty individuals, The Gym Pod is a great option for you. Each time simply book your slot through the app up to 14 days in advance. Listed on The Smart Local, Time Out and featured in Tech in Asia, Business Times and other online publications, working out privately in a repurposed shipping container is a cool concept growing in popularity. As of writing, they already have 8 gym pods located islandwide.

Fitness enthusiasts will love their unique offering which is the Spin Pod, where you can take part in a virtual Spinning class at just $15 to $25 per class! You can even choose to book the entire pod at $50 to $80 per class, and have your friends join you for a great time.

Please note that their pay-per-use has been suspended during this period. You can opt for a single-entry pass though, which costs $5.50 to $7.50 per session. Meanwhile, they do offer monthly plans at $9.90 per month. So, if you think you’re up to commit to your fitness journey for the long haul, then, this would be a super affordable option.

Check out The Gym Pod > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Contact form

9. Ultimate Performance ($800 for 20 semi-private sessions)

Ultimate Performance gyms Singapore
Source: Ultimate Performance Singapore

If you are looking for a body transformation guided by personal training, Ultimate Performance is a great gym you should check out. Whether it’s fat loss, muscle building, or challenge training, Ultimate Performance has well-trained and highly qualified coaches that can help you to achieve your goal. Their trainers are required to have a minimum of 5,000 hours of hands on, practical experience and hold at least one certification from a leading training organisation such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association of America, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine in USA. Their staff are proudly world-class professional sportspeople, coaches and models. You can check out their clients’ impressive body transformation photos on their Instagram account.

Relatively more affordable than the usual one-on-one personal training sessions, their semi-private small group sessions for six to eight people cost $800 for 20 sessions, a total of six-week period.

They have a 5-star rating on Google from over 731 reviews and has been featured on several publications such as  Honeycombers, and Expat Living. Read Buro247 review, too, to learn more what it’s like working out with Ultimate Performance Singapore.

Check out Ultimate Performance Singapore > 
Address: #01-01 Manulife Tower
8 Cross Street, Singapore,
Singapore 048424
Tel: +65 6536 8649
Email add:

10. Virgin Active (from $200 – $300/month)

Virgin Active
Source: Virgin Active

Listed on Best in Singapore, Time Out, and other publications, Virgin Active offers tons of classes from Zumba to grid training to Pilates workouts and more! Check out Virgin Active classes here. And if you want to burn those calories away from the usual gym floor without even breaking a sweat, go for the Aqua class. This low impact workout is gentle on the joints but burns up to 400 kilocalories per hour. No skill level required, even newbies in the fitness world are welcome. In fact, it’s ideal for everyone since exercising in the water reduces the risk of injury and relieves stress and tension. Learn more about Virgin Active’s Aqua class here.

In addition to group classes, they do have personal trainers for one-on-one sessions. Rates start from $85 to $100 per session. Membership plans are available for one month ($300), one year ($300) and two years ($4,704). Their 12-month plan works out to be $196 per month, so you’ll get huge savings when you opt for it.

While they have convenient gym locations at Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Holland Village, Marine One, Guo Galleria and Paya Lebar, you can also signup for their online workout classes so you can do your desired fitness program wherever, whenever.

Check out Virgin Active > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Contact form

I hope that our article on the most popular gyms in Singapore has inspired you to get fit and healthy and helped you to find the best place to do the workouts you enjoy the most. Please share it with your family and friends!

Featured image credit: Pure Fitness

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