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10 Best Cruises in 2022 (Global)

Although we travel mainly by airplanes these days to see so much staggering beauty across the globe, there’s still a unique kind of thrill, excitement, and pleasure that’s unforgettable and never gets old about a cruise adventure. Cruising, especially for newlyweds is something that’s romantic, special and sophisticated. For the whole family, on the other hand, the bond that you get to enjoy during the entire trip will be treasured forever. That said, let’s sail away from continent to continent aboard one of these best cruises for 2022!

This article was last updated on 31 January 2022.

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1. Adventure Canada, for best adventure cruise line

Adventure Canada cruises
Source: Adventure Canada

This award-winning cruise takes us to once-in-a-lifetime expeditions across the Arctic region, and countries like Scotland, Greenland, Ireland, Faroe Islands and more. Get inspired by jaw-dropping sceneries you might have never seen before. To top it all, you’ll get to meet a fun and friendly team of expert guides comprised by scientists, artists, culturalists, naturalists and musicians who will truly give travellers the immersive experience that they deserve in every expedition.

Check out Adventure Canada > 
Address: 55 Woodlawn Avenue, Mississauga, ON, L5G 3K7, Canada
Tel: +1 800 363 7566
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2. Avalon Envision, for best river cruise ship

Avalon Envision
Source: Avalon Waterways

If you have deeper interest and curiosity about rivers than with oceans, then, there is no better cruise than Avalon Envision. Each of the Panorama Suites feature wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows—a thoughtful design that provides guests a generous, unobstructed view of the sceneries they’ll get to encounter. The beds are also carefully positioned to face the windows, so you get to wake up and watch the world from a huge, true-to-life screen. For honeymooners, it’s surely the most romantic thing!

But the dining options don’t require a suit-and-tie and formal dress kind of attire. No dress code required, you can come in your most comfortable wear, though business casual is the usual go-to outfit of the guests. If you consider yourselves as a casual type of traveller, not the glitz-and-glamour kind, Avalon Envision would win your heart among the options.

Activities are also flexible and versatile, as there’s something for the active individuals like canoe and hiking excursions, but there are also low-intensity tours for those who prefer a more laid-back trip.

Check out Avalon Envision > 
Tel: 877.797.8791
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3. Carnival Horizon, for best cruise ship for dining

Carnival Horizon cruises
Source: Carnival Cruise Line

For food enthusiasts who wish to indulge themselves not just with the feast of exotic destinations, unique and interesting cultures, and delightful activities onboard and on the shore, but also world-class cuisine, a cruise with a wealth of dining options is a must. And where else can you get all these in one combination? That’s Carnival Horizon.  Whether you can’t wait to sink your teeth into succulent, flavourful steaks and barbecues or you’re excited to sample Asian and Italian cuisines and fresh, savoury seafood, there are a variety of choices that will satisfy your cravings. From Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse, Seafood Shack and Bonsai Teppanyaki to Fahrenheit 555, there’s so much to try and experience during your entire trip.

In addition to a variety of dining options, there are also a generous number of entertainment options for the entire family. Age-specific youth spaces are available for the kids, while dad and mum can get to enjoy relaxation options exclusive for them.

Check out Carnival Horizon > 
Tel: (800) 764-7419
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4. Crystal Cruises, for ancient dynasties and world wonders

Crystal Cruises
Source: Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises offers travellers with what has been dubbed as a “journey of a lifetime”, giving them a rare chance to explore ancient cities and historical destinations. It’s not only a unique journey from sea to sea, it’s a journey back in time, as you get to meet world-renowned landmarks in Polynesian isles, Greek lands, Black Sea and Mediterranean. For travellers who have always find themselves fascinated by the old-world charm and those historical places they only get to see in National Geographic, this is the ultimate cruise that’s not to be missed.

Check out Crystal Cruises > 
Tel: 1-866-866-8025
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5. Disney Cruise Line, for Eastern Caribbean cruise

Disney Cruise Line
Source: Disney Cruise Line

If you have been planning the ultimate vacation for your family, why not hop on the Disney Fantasy cruise and explore family-friendly destinations and activities for three days? They offer something to enjoy for the entire family—from kids and teens to mum and dad. Everyone will be thrilled to experience swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery and do a variety of fun beachside activities at Disney Castaway Cay.

Check out Disney Cruise Line > 
Tel: (800) 951-3532
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6. Holland America Line, for 14-day Great Alaskan Explorer

Holland America Line cruise
Source: Holland America Line

Striking arctic-blue glaciers, jaw-dropping snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful wildlife that you’ve never seen, then add to it the surreal experience of watching the Northern Lights, not in films and photographs, but first-hand—is this a dream? Not when you book a cruise with Holland America Line. For many years, Alaska has been a crowd favourite among the trips they offer, and they keep coming back to take guests into a dreamlike escapade, cruising and stopping by postcard-perfect Alaskan destinations you might only get to see once.

This cruise is for the romantic and adventurous at the same time. The heart-stopping destinations would surely make any newlyweds’ honeymoon a perfect one. Thrill-seeking travellers, on the other hand, will be delighted to meet Alaskan sled dogs, go kayaking and take exciting helicopter tours over glaciers.

Check out Holland America Line > 
Tel: +1 206–286–3900
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7. Island Princess, for best in service mid-sized cruise ship

Island Princess cruise
Source: Island Princess

Perhaps, most cruises would give you a royal treat, but when it comes to best service that’s fit for a king and queen, Island Princess bags the award. Let’s start with their new luxurious beds that were scientifically engineered to give every guest the most restful sleep they can experience in the middle of the sea. It’s definitely one you’ll love coming to after a day full of exciting activities. But hey, this cruise isn’t about that. After all, who goes aboard a cruise ship just to get the perfect slumber?

Island Princess is about unforgettable activities on board and a feast of dining options. From gourmet pizzas to perfectly grilled succulent steaks to luscious desserts you won’t forget, satisfy your cravings from day to night. Whether you love music and dancing or theatre, there’s an activity you’d enjoy with your significant other and loved ones you’re travelling with. Plus, they offer 24-hour room service for a truly royal treat.

Check out Island Princess > 
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8. MSC Meraviglia, for best large cruise ship

MSC Meraviglia
Source: MSC Cruises

This huge cruise ship that can load up to 4,500 passengers is your luxurious mansion in the middle of the ocean. MSC Meraviglia’s family staterooms have been described as family-friendly, and there are tons of on-board entertainment suitable for every age group. There are also a dozen dining options for a unique, gastronomically addicting experience.

From summer 2021 to spring in 2022, you can book any of their cruise packages, exploring the Caribbean and Bahamas. There are various travel durations to choose from for the voyage. If you want a quick trip, hop on a three or four-night cruise. But if longer expedition is your choice, which is best for honeymooners, opt for the 15-night voyage.

Check out MSC Meraviglia > 
Address: 6750 N. Andrews Avenue
Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Tel: 833-589-2301
Contact form

9. Regent Seven Seas, for world’s most luxurious fleet

Regent Seven Seas
Source: Regent Seven Seas

All the cruise ships comprising Regent Seven Seas’ fleet, boast luxury from corner to corner. The suites are equipped with luxurious amenities exuding elegance and glamour. If you’re the couple who love dressing up for wine and dine nights and five-star hotels and restaurants are your go-to for most of your dates, a cruise adventure aboard one of the ships of Regent Seven Seas is surely your dream honeymoon.

Whether you wish to discover Europe’s charming destinations or the staggering natural beauty of Alaska, Regent Seven Seas will take you to your dream escape.

Check out Regent Seven Seas > 
Tel: +852 2165 6020
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10. Windstar Cruises, for best boutique cruise line

Windstar Cruises
Source: Windstar Cruises

Accommodating fewer than 350 guests, Windstar Cruises is probably not your typical idea of cruise ship. But do not underestimate what this boutique cruise line has to offer. For couples and families who wish for a more intimate cruise adventure, this is probably the choice that’s hard to miss. A smaller cruise ship with fewer passengers means no long waiting lines to fully enjoy the activities and dining options available.

On top of that, a smaller ship can also dock at smaller ports, which gives travellers unique opportunities to get more in-depth travel experiences in smaller towns apart from their main destinations. Think about immersing yourselves fully into the local culture and sample their mouth-watering cuisines!

Check out Windstar Cruises > 
Address: Windstar Cruises
2101 4th Avenue Suite 210, Seattle,
WA 98121
Tel: 866-851-4042
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I hope that this article has helped you to choose the best cruise adventure for you, whether for your upcoming honeymoon or your grandest family vacation. Please also share this with your family and friends who wish to sail the world!

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