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Sands & Skyscrapers: Your Ultimate Family Travel Guide to Dubai (2024)

Visiting Dubai with your kids can be a refreshing change from the usual family getaways. This remarkable city offers a perfect blend of excitement and elegance, ensuring everyone in your family has a wonderful time. From thrilling adventures at world-class theme parks to relaxing days at the beach and discovering unique attractions, Dubai caters to every family’s interests. There are plenty of comfortable accommodations, delectable dining options, and convenient transportation, making your family trip truly awesome and unforgettable.

If you’re planning your first trip to Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you plan your family’s visit from start to finish. This family travel guide will share the best places to go, where to stay, and tips for an amazing Dubai holiday.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Dubai is during the cooler months from November to March. The weather is pleasant, with clear skies and mild temperatures around 20-25°C. This makes it ideal for exploring the city and enjoying the many events happening during this season. Plus, there are cool events like the Dubai Shopping Festival and Food Festival, where you can find unique stuff to buy and delicious food to try. If you’re into sports, you’ll also love the Dubai World Cup, which adds to the excitement of the city during this time.

Visa and other travel requirements

When planning your trip to Dubai, it’s important to know the visa and travel requirements. Depending on where you’re from, you may need a visa before you go. Some countries allow you to visit without a visa or get one when you arrive. Just be sure to check what you need for your country well ahead of your trip. Also, ensure your passport will be valid for at least six months after your planned departure from Dubai.. It’s also a good idea to have proof of where you’re staying and how you’ll get there. Knowing basic health and safety tips, as well as understanding the local customs, will make your trip more enjoyable.

Budgeting and cost considerations

It’s always important to consider your budget wherever you visit. Dubai can be an expensive destination, so start by researching the typical costs of hotels, transportation, food, and activities. Look for family-friendly hotels that offer amenities like free breakfast or kitchens, allowing you to cook some meals. Instead of relying on taxis, opt for public buses or the subway to save on transportation costs. Dining at local eateries or street food stalls can also help you cut down on food expenses. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of attraction tickets and souvenirs, and set aside some extra money for emergencies. With careful planning, you can enjoy a wonderful family vacation in Dubai without going over your budget.

Accommodation options: Best Hotels in Dubai for your Family Trip

1. Experience true upscale living with premium service and location – Rixos Premium Dubai

Rixos Premium Dubai JBR - premium hospitality

Rixos Premium Dubai is the epitome of upscale living in the heart of one of the world’s most expensive cities. So, you can only imagine what your honeymoon here would be like! True 5-star luxury at its finest, especially if you stay at one of their hotel suites with floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the most stunning view. Breathtaking panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah, and Ain Dubai await! But honestly, though, when we arrived at our hotel suite, we did not notice the view at first, as the hotel’s kind and thoughtful staff surprised us with an amazing wedding anniversary surprise with hundreds of balloons and decor. Just absolutely stunning! Our heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional team at Rixos Premium Dubai for creating such a magical surprise. 

If you and your partner are excited to explore the vibrant city of Dubai, the hotel’s premium location, situated right in the heart of the city is something you will truly appreciate. Here, you can relish in the epitome of urban living, with iconic tourist attractions just minutes away, bustling shopping districts within reach, and the inviting beach just a stone’s throw away! With so much to explore and experience right at your doorstep, your honeymoon at Rixos Premium Dubai promises to be an unforgettable journey filled with romance and adventure.

Unwind and spoil yourselves with luxurious experiences

After all your adventure, treat yourselves to some well-deserved relaxation at Rixos Premium Dubai’s very own Naturelife Spa, where you can indulge in a traditional Turkish Hammam experience.  Unwind in the spa’s award-winning facilities, which include a steam room, sauna, ice fountain, and bespoke treatment rooms. Alternatively, you can explore one of the hotel’s award-winning restaurants and nightlife destinations, setting the stage for a memorable honeymoon filled with fun and relaxation. The Godiva Cafe is a must-visit! Especially with their delectable chocolate creations (their chocolate strawberries are top-tier!), soothing harpist, and overall romantic ambience. 

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Check out Rixos Premium Dubai >
📍 The Walk, JBR, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
📞 +971 4520 0000
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2. Indulge in Dubai’s only overwater villas at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort - Dubai sunsets from overwater villa

Nothing is more romantic than spending some sweet, quality time with your loved one while luxuriating in Dubai’s first and only overwater villas at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. Wake up to breathtaking sunrises and endless blue vistas overlooking Palm Jumeirah from your private terrace. Spend blissful days lounging in the sun, suspended over tranquil waters, and get to experience swimming in the Arabian waters anytime you wish. You can get to see the best sunsets in Dubai from here too! 

The epitome of Thai luxury in Dubai

Having been launched by Anantara, a renowned luxury Thai brand, you can expect that this resort combines the best of Thai and Arabian luxury. You should not miss out on trying exhilarating water activities, including jumping aboard Dubai’s very first Thai longtail boat. As you sail along the stunning Palm Jumeirah, soak in the mesmerising skyline views, basking in the wonder of the city’s architectural marvels. For a touch of relaxation, surrender to the tranquility of Turkish hammams at Anantara’s renowned spa, indulging in centuries-old pampering rituals.

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort - Anantara Spa

Thai and Arabian luxury also come alive in one of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort’s specialty restaurants, Mekong. The food here is seriously mouthwatering and delicious, comparable to all the authentic Asian dishes we love back home. From savoury satay to aromatic and spicy Thai soups and curries, each dish is a celebration of bold flavours and exquisite craftsmanship. Don’t forget to try their succulent roasted duck! For a dining experience with a view, head to The Beach House, where you can relish delectable fare against the backdrop of Palm Jumeirah’s shimmering shoreline. At Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, every moment is a feast for the senses, blending luxury, adventure, and culinary delights in a luxury beachfront paradise.

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Check out Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort >
📍 East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
📞 +971 4 567 8888
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3. Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites  

Rixos The Palm Luxury Suite Collection - Best Hotel Suites in Dubai

For an all-inclusive honeymoon, perfect for every type of couple

If you really want to make the best out of your Dubai honeymoon, we highly recommend that you stay at Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites for an all-inclusive holiday. This premium hotel is located just within the Jumeirah Beach Residence, so you can literally live the luxe beach life when you choose the hotel. Imagine strolling hand in hand with your partner along the hotel’s 1-kilometer private white sand beach (one of the longest beaches in the city!) surrounded by breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s glittering skyline. It is the dream. Aside from the beach, you can enjoy hanging out by the hotel’s plethora of swimming pools. We love how some of them are heated, which makes them ideal for swimming during Dubai’s wintertime! Their pools have swim-up bars too, so you can order cocktails and mocktails while lounging around the water. 

For further relaxation during your Dubai honeymoon, escape the pressures of everyday life and rejuvenate your senses with traditional therapies like the renowned Turkish Hamman at the Anjana Spa. Each treatment is meticulously crafted to elevate your well-being and restore harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. Even the variety of food choices available at Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites is an ultimate treat, as the hotel takes each of their guests on a global taste adventure. For sure, you will have a great time sampling food from all over the world with your partner! What we highly recommend, though, is their L’Olivo Ristorante. Their superb Italian cuisine, combined with the romantic ambience and live violin melodies, creates an unforgettable dining atmosphere. And if you are in the mood for dinner with live music, Bodrum is another perfect choice.

On top of all these, Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites offers a range of activities for adventurous and fun-loving couples. As this hotel is located on the beachside, it is the perfect setting for thrilling water sports such as jet skiing and parasailing, sure to get your adrenaline pumping. However, for the ultimate adventure, we highly recommend experiencing the mesmerising world beneath the waves with a scuba diving excursion in Palm Jumeirah. To know more about all the fun experiences you can try at Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites, click here.

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📍 East Crescent Plot 40 Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, 0002 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
📞 +971 4 457 5555
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4. Experience the equestrian lifestyle at Meliá Desert Palm Dubai

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - equestrian lifestyle

Couples looking for something unique for their honeymoon should go to Meliá Desert Palm Dubai and experience the equestrian lifestyle in the best and most luxurious way possible. This is perfect if you love horses! In here, you can watch a game of polo, a sport fit for kings, right in the comfort of your hotel suite. Polo matches often happen in the afternoon, just as the sun begins to cast its enchanting golden hues across the landscape, so expect to witness a truly gorgeous scene, and in a way, romantic too. For those who want something more, you can go and visit the stables to meet and greet the horses yourselves!

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai - Lovely experience with Fabiana
MJ meets Fabiana, one of the majestic horses at Meliá Desert Palm Dubai

Meliá Desert Palm Dubai is actually set amidst 160-acre polo estate, so other than polo, there is so much for you to see and discover across the estate.  If you are staying for quite some time and want to truly immerse yourself in the equestrian lifestyle, you can learn horseback riding and polo through the Meliá Desert Palm Meliá Collection Riding School. Here, you will receive expert instruction in both horseback riding and polo from seasoned professionals who will guide you through exploring the estate’s picturesque landscapes. You may also go on an artful tour around the estate, and immerse in the owner’s private art collection on display throughout the resort. The resort is really gorgeous and for sure, you will have the time of your life trying to capture everything in frame.

Romantic journeys after sunset 

After exploring the massive resort (hope you will get to meet the lovely peacocks too!), indulge in a romantic dinner at Epicure, which is undeniably lovely after sunset. You can have a great time together and enjoy their impressive steak menu and wine pairings. Even beyond their loved steaks, you can also go for delectable grilled fresh seafood to make the experience even more special and indulgent. Alternatively, unwind with a refreshing drink at one of the resort bars, offering a delightful ambience, especially as the sun dips below the horizon.

For those seeking ultimate relaxation, Meliá Desert Palm Dubai has the perfect remedy: Samana Spa. This sanctuary offers a holistic water circuit, boasting rejuvenating amenities such as a steam room, sauna, ice room, cold pool, and sensations shower. Guests can surrender to serenity in the spa’s tranquil relaxation room or recline on heated stone beds, melting away tension and restoring balance to both body and mind. There is also a Thai massage suite that is perfect for couples!

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📍 Al Awir Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
📞 +971 4 323 8888
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Top Destinations & Attractions

1. Experience the best waterslides in the world at Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Aquaventure - Dubai Honeymoon Travel Guide

Experience the epitome of aquatic adventure at Aquaventure Waterpark, boasting the world’s most exhilarating waterslides featuring epic heights, twists, and high-speed drops. With over 105 slides, attractions, and experiences, there is something for every thrill-seeker, making it an ideal Dubai honeymoon destination for couples seeking excitement at varying levels. Yes, hundreds of attractions await, so we highly recommend that you get the AquaXpress fast pass. With this, you can make the most of your visit to the world’s biggest waterpark (with the most waterslides in a waterpark according to Guinness World Records™!) as you can skip all the queues and dive straight into the excitement of all the rides.

Moreover, we commend Aquaventure Waterpark for achieving the milestone of becoming the first waterpark in the Middle East to be designated as an IBCCES Certified Autism Center™. Every team member is extensively trained and equipped to provide support to guests with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ensuring an enjoyable experience for all waterpark visitors.

Atlantis Aquaventure - AquaXpress
This AquaXpress fast pass is definitely a must!

For our top waterslide recommendations: brave the towering Odyssey of Terror, the world’s tallest waterslide, or feel the adrenaline rush on Shockwave, Leap of Faith, and Poseidon’s Revenge. These heart-pounding slides are undeniably thrilling but absolutely worth it! If you want something more laid-back yet equally exhilarating adventure, Raging Rapids offers a refreshing twist on traditional river rapids with its roaring water elements. On top of all that, Atlantis Aquaventure is an aquatic playground where you can experience surfing as if you were on a beach. You can also test your limits with Dubai’s first gravity-defying cliff jumps at the Immortal Falls! 

Grab some lunch and added fun at Wavehouse

Going on waterslides could be really tiring too, which is why an epic lunch at Wavehouse might be something you need also. But it is more than just a food hub too – it is a haven for entertainment seekers as well. Where else can you find a restaurant where you can test your luck at a bowling alley, set high scores in a huge arcade (with a free kids play area and all!), and ride the waves on the Surf’s Up wave rider? As for the food, our recommendations include the succulent full rack of ribs with grilled pineapple and the tender, juicy beef cooked to a perfect medium rare. A special shout-out to Keagan, one of the service staff at Wavehouse, whose hospitality made our lunch experience truly exceptional.

Atlantis Aquaventure - Baby Ally at Wavehouse

Lovely experience for everyone at Wavehouse

Check out Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark >

2. Marvel at the breathtaking Dubai skyline at The View at The Palm

The View at the Palm - Dubai Honeymoon Travel Guide

Picture this: you and your beloved, basking in the golden glow of a sunset, surrounded by panoramic views that will leave you breathless. At The View At The Palm, indulge in a 360-degree visual feast of the world-famous Palm Jumeirah and the Arabic Gulf that defies imagination. Perched 240 meters above ground on Level 52 of the iconic Palm Tower, you will feel like you are on top of the world as you spot Dubai’s most iconic landmarks from the twinkling skyline of Dubai Marina to the majestic silhouette of the Burj Al Arab. Plus, with the observatory’s expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you are guaranteed to capture the perfect snapshots of your Dubai honeymoon memories!

For an even better view, we highly recommend that you avail of the Fast Track + Next Level package. This offer allows you to access Level 54, the highest observation deck on the Palm Jumeirah. There are far few people here as well, so you will feel like VIPs as you marvel through the breathtaking Dubai skyline. Also, with the Fast Track access, you can skip the long elevator queues (it gets quite long during sunset!) Similarly, you can avail the VIP + Next Level package where you can enjoy both levels with fast track access and enjoy a refreshing glass of beverage with strawberries served at Madeleine et Marcel located at Level 52. We recommend heading up at around 4:30 pm; that will be more than enough time to enjoy the wonderful sunset view around 6 pm. 

The View at the Palm - Dubai Marina skyline
Dubai Marina skyline at The View at The Palm
Check out The View at The Palm >
📍Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
📞 +971 4 427 8484
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3. Explore the wonders of the underwater world at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Atlantis Dubai

The Lost Chambers Aquarium - Dubai Honeymoon Travel Guide

For millennia, humanity has long searched for the lost city of Atlantis. At The Lost Chambers Aquarium, nestled within Atlantis Dubai, that age-old curiosity finds its sanctuary. Here, the enigmatic allure of the lost city is unveiled as you delve into a realm teeming with marine marvels. With 21 immersive exhibits to explore, marvel at the spectacle of 65,000 marine creatures gracefully navigating their underwater kingdom. Encounter the majesty of sharks, the grace of rays, and the kaleidoscope of colours presented by thousands of vibrant fish. Adventurous couples can even go snorkel, dive, or even walk underwater while being surrounded by marine animals! 

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

If you are looking for an even more unique experience for your Dubai honeymoon, you can join an underwater wellness session at The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Experience the transformative benefits of hatha yoga amidst the mesmerising backdrop of 65,000 marine animals, enhancing your strength, flexibility, and balance. Or perhaps, immerse yourself in a rejuvenating sound healing session, where the serene atmosphere fosters deep introspection and resilience. Allow the therapeutic ambience of The Lost Chambers Aquarium to guide you towards profound healing, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release, ensuring your honeymoon is not just memorable, but also profoundly rejuvenating.

Check out The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis Dubai >

4. Meet and greet over 3000 animals at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park - Dubai Honeymoon Travel Guide

No one’s too old to experience the magic of visiting a safari park. If you and your partner share a passion for the wonders of wildlife, a visit to Dubai Safari Park promises to be an exceptional addition to your Dubai honeymoon itinerary. Home to around 3,000 animals representing 78 species of mammals, including 10 diverse carnivores and 17 captivating primates, alongside 50 types of reptiles, 111 varieties of birds, plus amphibians and invertebrates, this sprawling 119-hectare sanctuary is a testament to biodiversity. While there are many villages to visit, the main highlight would be the Safari Journey at Explorer Village, where guests embark on an immersive expedition through Africa and Asia aboard comfortable buses. This is highly popular so be sure to head there as soon as you arrive. Trust us, the queue is worth it! 

Watching the live presentations is also a great experience, but be sure to arrive early to avoid missing out, as latecomers are not allowed to ensure uninterrupted performances by the animal stars. From the captivating Bird Kingdom to the exploration of Amazing Creatures of the World and the awe-inspiring Birds of Prey showcase, these shows promise to leave you spellbound. Oh, and if you want a more intimate encounter with the park’s residents, don’t miss the opportunity to join their feeding sessions, where you can get up close and personal with the safari animals. 

Dubai Safari Park - Be up close with fascinating creatures
Be up close with fascinating creatures at Dubai Safari Park
Check out Dubai Safari Park >
📍 5CCW+H5 – Al Warqa 5 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
📞 +971 800 900
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5. Dubai Parks and Resorts

legoland dubai parks and resorts family travel guide
Legoland Dubai – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Klook)

As you walk into this fun place, you’ll see lots of cool stuff to do. There’s Motiongate Dubai, Riverland Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai and more, all with rides and things to do for everyone. Whether you’re into exciting rides, cultural experiences, or just having fun, there’s something here for everyone in your group. So, get ready to have a blast as you check out these awesome theme parks!

Check price on Klook

6. IMG Worlds of Adventure

img worlds of adventure dubai family travel
IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Klook)

If you’re looking for an exciting day out, be sure to visit one of the biggest indoor theme parks around. Step into a universe filled with thrills, with sections inspired by popular Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network, and other beloved franchises. This is also the ideal spot for you and your loved ones to enjoy thrilling adventures together. Don’t miss the chance to explore this massive park and have a day of unforgettable fun!

Check price on Klook

7. Jumeirah Beach

jumeirah beach dubai family travel guide
Jumeirah Beach – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Visit Dubai)

Imagine your family standing on a stunning beach with gentle sand and clear waters – a perfect spot for a fun-filled day together. You can even spot the renowned Burj Al Arab in the distance, adding to the special atmosphere of your family vacation. This idyllic setting offers excellent opportunities for swimming and enjoying various water activities that everyone can partake in.

8. Dubai Museum

dubai museum family travel guide
Dubai Museum Al Fahidi Fort – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Visit Dubai)

If you’re planning a family trip, consider visiting the museum at Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai. It’s a great chance for the whole family to learn about the city’s history and culture. Inside, you’ll find interesting artifacts and exhibits that showcase Dubai’s past. It’s an educational and enjoyable experience for everyone.

9. Global Village

global village dubai family travel guide
Global Village Dubai – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Klook)

For a terrific adventure with your loved ones, think about visiting this captivating cultural and entertainment hub. With pavilions showcasing different nations, there’s plenty to enjoy–from trying delicious new foods to browsing for keepsakes. Plus, you can catch live shows that will entertain both youngsters and grown-ups. It’s a fantastic way to bond as a family while discovering and experiencing diverse cultures all in one spot.

Check price on Klook >

10. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

dubai aquarium and underwater zoo family travel guide
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Klook)

As you plan your visit to Dubai Mall, be sure not to miss this captivating attraction. Inside, you’ll find a mesmerising underwater tunnel where you can get an up-close look at a variety of marine life. It’s a thrilling experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.

Check price on Klook

11. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

dubai desert and conservation reserve
Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Klook)

If you’re seeking an exciting adventure for your family, a desert safari could be the perfect choice. You’ll have the chance to experience thrilling activities like dune bashing, camel rides, and even witness falconry demonstrations. It’s an incredible opportunity to explore the desert’s wildlife and landscapes while creating cherished memories with your loved ones.

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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

dubai burj al arab
Burj Al Arab, Dubai – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Unsplash)

As you arrive in Dubai, we suggest settling into your hotel and taking some time to relax after your journey. You can chill by the pool or go for a walk nearby to start your adventure gently. In the evening, consider having a relaxed dinner at a local restaurant to try out Dubai’s different foods. It’s a nice way to get into the vibe of the city and begin your family’s exciting time in Dubai.

Day 2: Dubai City Tour

dubai city
Dubai – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Unsplash)

After our family trip to Dubai, we strongly recommend starting your day 2 with a city tour. You’ll get to see famous places like the towering Burj Khalifa, the massive Dubai Mall, and the stunning Dubai Fountain–all must-see attractions. Then, head to the Dubai Marina for a leisurely stroll and take in the beautiful city skyline. In the evening, treat yourselves to a dinner cruise on a traditional boat along Dubai Creek. It’s a unique experience where you can enjoy a meal, relax, and marvel at the pretty city lights reflected on the water.

Day 3: Dubai Safari Park Adventure

dubai safari park facebook
Dubai Safari Park – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Dubai Safari Park Facebook Page)

For your Day 3 itinerary, we highly recommend including a visit to Dubai Safari Park for an unforgettable adventure. Our family had a wonderful time here, especially during the Safari Journey at the Explorer Village. Although we had to wait in line for a while, the 35-minute safari was definitely worth it! We saw lions, tigers, hippos, cheetahs, and many different birds – the kids were thrilled. We also enjoyed the live shows where we learned interesting facts about the animals and how to care for them. Just keep in mind that the park operates on a strict schedule, so be sure to arrive on time. We recommend getting the Safari Journey ticket to see everything, and if you want a special experience, consider the Safari Journey+ with reserved seats for the shows.

Day 4: Family Fun at Atlantis The Palm

atlantis aquaventure
Aquaventure Waterpark – Family Travel Guide Dubai (Image Source: Atlantis Aquaventure)

On your fourth day in Dubai, spend the day at Atlantis The Palm resort, where the whole family can have fun doing lots of different things. Our family had an awesome day at Atlantis The Palm resort, where there was something for everyone to enjoy. We started off by having a blast at the Aquaventure Waterpark, especially with the AquaXpress fast pass. It let us skip the long lines and try out all the fun rides in just a few hours. From the big drop of the Odyssey of Terror to the super long Shockwave ride, each one gave us a big thrill. The Leap of Faith slide was really cool, dropping down from way up high through a tank full of sharks. The splashers kids’ play area was a hit with the little ones, though they had to sit next to us instead of on our laps, which was a bit different.

After the excitement at the waterpark, we visited The Lost Chambers Aquarium to see the fish and sea creatures up close. The kids were amazed by the huge tanks full of fish. We also got to see the interesting buildings of Atlantis The Palm and Atlantis The Royal, and took lots of pictures. We ended the day with a tasty lunch at Wavehouse, where Keagan provided excellent service. The ribs with grilled pineapple were delicious, and the beef was cooked perfectly. Playing bowling and arcade games was a fun way to cap off our day of family fun at Atlantis The Palm.

Day 5: Cultural Exploration

al fahidi historical neighborhood
Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Visit Dubai)

For a day of exploring Dubai’s culture, we recommend starting at Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and Dubai Museum to learn about the city’s history. Then, take a walk through the lively markets of Old Dubai, like the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, to experience the vibrant atmosphere and do some shopping. Finally, enjoy a traditional Emirati meal at a local restaurant to taste authentic Dubai cuisine. It’s also fun and educational way to spend your day in the city!

Day 6: Family Day Out at IMG Worlds of Adventure

img dubai family travel guide
IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: IMG)

On Day 6 of your Dubai trip, head to IMG Worlds of Adventure for an unforgettable day of family fun! It’s the world’s largest indoor theme park, so you’re in for a treat. Explore different zones like Marvel, Cartoon Network, and Lost Valley, where you’ll find thrilling rides, cool attractions, and entertaining shows that everyone in the family will enjoy. It’s the perfect place to create amazing memories together and experience the excitement of Dubai’s theme park scene!

Day 7: Leisure and Shopping

dubai mall
Dubai Mall – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Unsplash)

No trip is truly complete without some shopping! If you’re in Dubai, be sure to explore the city’s famous shopping malls, like the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. There, you can also find all sorts of souvenirs and enjoy a relaxing retail therapy session. In the evenings, head over to Global Village–a vibrant, multicultural park where you can also shop, dine, and be entertained by performers from around the world. It’s the perfect way to unwind and soak in the diverse culture and excitement that Dubai has to offer.

Day 8: Departure

travel guide dubai
Emirates, Dubai Airport – Family Travel Guide (Image Source: Unsplash)

On your final day in Dubai, relax and enjoy the remaining time in the city. If your flight schedule allows, consider doing some last-minute shopping or simply unwind at your hotel. As you depart for the airport to head home, say farewell to Dubai, carrying with you the wonderful memories of your family vacation in this vibrant city.

Since this trip is only for 8 days, we couldn’t include every popular attraction, even if we wanted to. And since you’ll be traveling with your family, it’s best not to rush things or make the itinerary too packed. That said, if you really want to visit the top destinations we’ve listed, we suggest extending your stay! Add an extra day to spend at Jumeirah Beach or another one to explore more of Dubai’s museums. Whatever you decide, you won’t regret spending some extra time in Dubai.


As we wrap up your family adventure in Dubai, let’s go over the main points of your journey. You’ve seen renowned landmarks, participated in enjoyable activities, and gained insights into the city’s culture – each day has been filled with wonderful experiences.

Here are some final tips for a fun family trip in Dubai:

  1. Take it easy: Since there’s so much to do, remember to take breaks and relax!
  2. Enjoy the local culture: Explore markets, try local food, and learn about Dubai’s past.
  3. Drink lots of water: It can get hot in Dubai, so make sure to stay hydrated!
  4. Plan ahead: To save time, consider booking tickets in advance for popular attractions.
  5. Capture memories: Don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos to remember your trip.

As you say goodbye to Dubai, take with you the memories you’ve made. Have a safe journey home, and may your family trip be full of fun and happy moments.