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7 Best Glass Doors in Singapore

Glass doors never go out of trend. Aside from the fact that it’s a sustainable, recyclable material, it also never fails to add a unique charm and sophistication to any space. It instantly transforms a spot into an Instagrammable location that you can use as backdrop to pose for your outfit of the day. Glass doors let through a generous amount of sunshine into your space, which is ideal if you wish for more natural light to illuminate your interiors during the day, plus you get unobstructed views of the outdoors which is fantastic if you have a vibrant, thriving garden.

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The versatility of glass doors is also evident in its wide range of applications. You can install one as shower screen, a sliding door that leads to the veranda, or a kitchen entrance that separates the self-proclaimed home chef’s territory from the living space. So, whether for your home, office, or commercial space, glass doors would be a nice investment. To make it easier for you, we came up with a list of the top recommended suppliers and installers of the best glass doors in Singapore. Check them out below!

Table of contents

  • Best Glass Doors in Singapore
  1. Deluxe Fold Door Private Limited
  2. Fire Rated Door
  3. Glass Point Construction
  4. Grilles & Glass
  5. Midas Glass
  6. Sapphire Windows
  7. Yong Fang Doors

Best Glass Doors in Singapore

1. Deluxe Fold Door Private Limited

Deluxe Fold Door Private Limited glass doors
Source: Deluxe Fold Door Private Limited

Boasting over 30 years of industry experience under their belt, Deluxe Fold Door Private Limited provides you with a range of classic and durable glass doors to choose from—ranging from sliding and swing doors to glass shower screen. Their high-end products have been sourced from other countries such as Belgium, France and Italy.

Dubbed as bi-fold master, the company specialises in this aesthetically appealing design. Theirs has passed the PSB Durability Test which ensures the reliability of the material and design in terms of withstanding harsh weather elements, daily wear and tear and impact. If this is the design you want to go for, you should definitely work with Deluxe Fold Door Private Limited to have it installed in your property.

They do offer customised services, so you or your interior design team can work closely with them to produce the kind of glass door that you want for your space.

Check out Deluxe Fold Door Private Limited > 
Address: 3018 Bedok North Street 5, #03-43 Eastlink Light Industrial Building, Singapore 486132
Tel: +65 6260 2608
Contact form

2. Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated Door glass doors
Source: Fire Rated Door

As what their business name implies, Fire Rated Door specialises in creating and manufacturing exclusive designs of fire rated doors and gates in Singapore. They’re one of the go-to suppliers in the island for HDB renovations. Aside from their extensive collection of gates and doors, their product catalogue also includes high-quality digital locks from reputable brands.

Their Double Leaf Glass Door exudes an aesthetic appeal that would fit any office or commercial space. It’s also suitable for the kitchen entrance if you want your kitchen to be fully separated from your living area.

If you want your master bedroom’s toilet and bath to radiate that modern luxurious hotel vibe, go for this Frosted Glass Swing Door. Meanwhile, if your personal taste leans toward the more conventional designs, the Black Sliding Glass Shower Screen or the L Shape Glass Shower Screen might be appealing for you.

Check out Fire Rated Door > 
Address: See multiple outlets here
Tel: (+65) 96177025
Contact form

3. Glass Point Construction

Glass Point Construction glass doors
Source: Glass Point Construction

Glass Point Construction is one of the leading providers of glass and mirror products in Singapore. If you’re seeking a glass supplier and installer with decades of industry experience and expertise, you’ll find it here. Since 1989, they’ve been serving clients both for residential and commercial projects. The quality of their products as well as their installation services are both stellar. In fact, they’re the first glazier in the island to receive an ISO 9001 certification for the excellence of their glass and mirror products and installation services.

If you wish to install glass doors that are up to five times more robust than standard glass to withstand scorching hot temperatures, you’ll love Glass Point Construction’s tempered glass doors. The material is ideal for high-rise condo units, commercial properties, offices, schools, hotels and other tall buildings, as it provides improved safety in the event of fire. It’s also best installed in high-traffic areas like stores or restaurants as tempered glass is scratch-resistant. Thus, you’ll be able to preserve its beauty as time goes.

Do you seek more specialised glass doors? Perhaps, you’d like to feel safer behind that bullet-proof glass door. Or perhaps, you’d like to create a family entertainment space at home, and what’s the most suitable door for that? A glass door with sound reduction properties, of course! Glass Point Construction provides both these, and more, so if you need more specialised glass doors, they’re the ideal glazier to work with.

Check out Glass Point Construction > 
Address: 167 Ubi Avenue 4
Pan Malayan Warehouse, Singapore 408787
Tel: +65 6286 1386
Contact form

4. Grilles & Glass

Grilles & Glass glass doors
Source: Grilles & Glass

Grilles & Glass is an HDB-licensed contractor in Singapore with over 15 years of industry experience. They provide high-quality grilles and glass products including windows and doors for both residential and commercial properties. The company also supplies and installs tempered glass, which is one of their premier products. If you own a physical shop, office or any type of commercial space, a tempered glass door would be an excellent choice. But it is great for residential properties too. As mentioned, it provides remarkable protection for high-rise apartments.

Their swing glass doors are modern and classy—one would make your kitchen area shine. Also, if you wish for a more luxe feel in your bathroom, their glass shower screens can do an effortless job.

Check out Grilles & Glass > 
Address: Woodlands Industrial Xchange, 71 Woodlands Avenue 10, #07-14,
Singapore 737743
Tel: +65 9100 8767
Contact form

5. Midas Glass

Midas Glass glass door
Source: Midas Glass

Humid temperatures aren’t new in sunny Singapore. And so, one of the most excellent materials for glass doors in the island would be frosted glass. Frosted glass blocks out heat from entering the room, so you can enjoy significant energy savings without sweating a bucket, instead, you get to stay in a cooler, more comfortable environment in your interior space. Even so, it preserves warmth and cosiness during colder months, so you can say, it’s remarkable in terms of insulation. In addition, frosted glass provides better privacy as you can’t really peek through it. This is why, it’s perfect for those boardrooms where closed-door meetings for confidential matters are frequent, and of course, that enclosed shower area that obviously calls for extra privacy.

Midas Glass specialises in the installation of frosted glass doors. So, if you need something like that in your property, you can fire up some enquiry to their friendly customer service team, get a free quote, and expect the installation team to come up to your door on-time wherever you are in Singapore.

Aside from frosted glass, they also have tempered glass doors, which we cannot reiterate enough how we love the resilience and durability of this material. Whether you need robust glass doors for your bathroom, kitchen, balcony or commercial property, Midas Glass has some of the best materials and installation services to offer.

Check out Midas Glass > 
Address: 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07K, Singapore 169201
Tel: +65 6653 2666
Contact form

6. Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows
Source: Sapphire Windows

These days when many of us embrace the work-from-home era, it’s no doubt that loud noises that disrupt our important Zoom meetings are probably our ultimate pet peeve. Sure thing, headphones with noise-cancelling capability can help, but what if you can actually work peacefully in a home office with great sound insulation? Although most of their products and services delve on windows, Sapphire Windows feature that kind of glass door—certainly something that would be of great value to our home office.

We’re talking about the company’s Lift and Slide Doors. Aside from being highly secure, robust and durable, this specialised door is equipped with remarkable heat and sound insulation. So, you can work all day long in a quiet, peaceful and comfortable environment.

The product page where you can find the Lift and Slide Doors on Sapphire Windows’ website has also a cool feature that allows you to customise your door to your liking. You can choose among the various frame and glass options available to be able to come up with something that would best fit your personal taste and overall design aesthetics.

Check out Sapphire Windows > 
Address: 2 Loyang Drive, Singapore 508935
Tel: +65 6542 6616
Contact form

7. Yong Fang Doors

Yong Fang Doors
Source: Yong Fang Doors

Founded in 1986, Yong Fang Doors is a popular name in the door installation industry in Singapore. They specialise in manufacturing doors that are made of the finest kiln-dried timber including Ash, Oak, Teak, Pine, Cherry, Beech, Maple, Nyatoh, Chengai and more. High-quality timber frames and sturdy glass panels are a classic yet stunning combination that can instantly elevate the look and feel of your space. For example, Yong Fang Doors’ 6-Piece Sliding door with full glass insert is an elegant piece that’s a must-have in a Balinese-inspired home. It provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors and lets an abundant amount of sunshine to stream through the indoor space.

Meanwhile, their sophisticated doors with decorative tempered stained glass evoke a certain antique yet classy feel that would perfectly fit Victorian-themed homes. If you’re sticking to that central interior design theme, why not have this installed as your main door? You’ll certainly nail your design theme!

Check out Yong Fang Doors > 
Address: 48 Toh Guan Road East
#02-114 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586
Tel: (+65) 6904 8184
Contact form

I hope that this article has helped you to find the right glass door for your home, office or commercial property. Please also share this with your family and friends who are planning to renovate soon.

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