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10 Best Fruit Baskets in Singapore

If a friend or a loved one feels a bit under the weather, what better way is there to cheer them up and to let them know you hope for them to feel better soon than to send a captivating hamper full of fruits with a loving and thoughtful note? To make things easier, rather than arranging your own gift basket, you can simply order one from the most recommended stores where you can buy the best fruit baskets in Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for fruits-only hamper, one mixed with other delightful goodies and flowers or something that’s picture-perfect for the IG feed, you can pick one from any of these stores that you think will best appeal to your loved one.

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1. Rainbowly, for modern, Instagram-worthy fruit baskets and bouquets

Rainbowly fruit baskets
Source: Rainbowly

You can imagine classic fruit baskets full of assorted fruits that are yet to be peeled and prepared. But here at Rainbowly, they do their hampers differently. Fruits have already been peeled, sliced and arranged into one colourful, creative and attractive hamper, box or bouquet.

The star of their collection is a bunch of strawberries with various cute designs. Some of these chocolate-dipped strawberries have been further elevated into artistic themed designs such as Three Little Pigs, Hello Kitty, Kung Fu Panda and more! A box of these luscious desserts will be a perfect surprise to your girlfriend or wife.

Their fruit basket comes with a complimentary gift card, and you simply need to type in your message on the given field when you’re placing your order on their website. Customisation is available but do note that you have to make an order at least three working days in advance.

Check out Rainbowly > 
Address: 11 Sin Ming Road,
Thomson V Two, 575629
Tel: 69002188
Contact form

2., for round-the-clock delivery fruit baskets

If your significant other or someone from your family or friends has told you she doesn’t feel well tonight, why wait the next day to do something special for her? offers round-the-clock delivery of fruit hampers and one of the best features of their service is that they even offer 50% money-back guarantee if they’ve failed to deliver on time.

While their delivery service is quick, they don’t run short of beautiful options. In fact, you’ll be delighted to pick one among their well-curated themed baskets. Do you wish for your loved one’s speedy recovery? Help her boost her immune system with the Immunity Booster fruit hamper which includes strawberries, green grapes, dragon fruit, mango, kiwis, apples, oranges, white pears and brown Asian pear. Or perhaps, this Refreshing Renewal basket will spark joy at the sight of its dragon fruit, apples, orange, brown pear, grapefruit, grapes, pink lilies, red roses and sweet Williams.

To personalise your gift, also provides various add-ons such as gift cards, balloons, ice cream and thoughtful tokens.

Check out > 
Address: 160 Paya Lebar Road, #03-03/04,Orion@Paya Lebar Singapore 409022
Tel: +65 6280 1007  
Contact form

3. Noelgifts, for chic and stylish hampers

Noelgifts fruit baskets
Source: Noelgifts

This award-winning brand is one of the go-to choices when it comes to an extensive selection of lovely yet affordable hampers and gifts. The fruit baskets in their collection come in a variety of chic and tasteful designs and include other items such as an eye-catching floral arrangement, fresh vegetables, organic treats, and more.

For a generous amount of health-boosting nutrients, why not combine what fruits and vegetables can offer? That said, your best pick from the shop is their Fresh Harvest basket.

Meanwhile, for that special someone who loves everything organic, this Organic Harvest crate will surely bring delight. Ordering for the first time? Why not try this Fruity Goodness set first? Even us can’t take our eyes off this bright, cheerful arrangement of fruits and flowers!

Check out Noelgifts > 
Address: 21 Ubi Road 1 #03-01 Singapore 408724
Tel: (65) 6299 1155
Contact form

4. Gift Hampers Singapore, for baskets with rustic appeal

Gift Hampers Singapore fruit baskets
Source: Gift Hampers Singapore

Their signature woven baskets that exude rustic appeal remind us of beautiful summer days when any day could be a lovely picnic day at the park, on a hill or along the beach. Why not remind your loved one of the joy of picnics so she’ll be excited to recover faster? The perfect gift to send her would be this Deluxe Fruit Hamper with Gourmet Treats or this Fruit Treats Hamper. Either of these will surely cheer her up. And when she’s fully recovered, why not go on an actual picnic date? Surprise her with this Deluxe Fruit Hamper with Champagne and watch as her face lights up at the sight of this delightful basket.

Gift Hampers Singapore offers free islandwide delivery, so you can send your chosen hamper anywhere in Singapore’s metropolitan area.

Check out Gift Hampers Singapore > 
Address: 21 Ubi Road 1 #03-01, Singapore 408724
Tel: 6280 2212
Contact form

5. Simply Hamper, for beautiful combinations of fruits and other products

Simply Hamper fruit basket
Source: Simply Hamper

Speaking of free islandwide delivery, another excellent option is Simply Hamper. Their selection is a variety of fruit baskets that are thoughtfully curated—the options allow you to pair the fruits with other desirable items such as chocolates, cookies, flowers, wine and more. Thus, you’ll be able to chooe one that contains the best products that your family or friend would love.

From this shop, our favourite picks include the Nature Fruity Blossom Crate, Sweet Harvests, Fruity Floral Flush, and Garden of Fruits with Flowers.

Check out Simply Hamper > 
Address: 63 Ubi Ave 1, #05-02, Singapore 408937
Tel: (65) 6443 3011
Contact form

6. Little Flower Hut, for 24/7 personalised delivery options

Little Flower Hut fruit basket
Source: Little Flower Hut

Whether you want your hamper to be delivered as soon as possible, within the day, late night or anytime on a public holiday, rest assured, your loved one will receive your thoughtful gift right on time, with Little Flower Hut’s 24/7 personalised delivery options.

Another thing that’s noteworthy about this shop is that they allow you to customise the basic fruit basket  giving you the option to add more items such as chocolates, balloons, plush bear, chicken essence and more.

This makes their fruit baskets a perfect gift, not just for a friend or family who’s sick but also on special occasions such as baby showers.

Check out Little Flower Hut > 
Address: 25 Jln Chegar, Singapore 578483
Tel: +65 6503 9750
Contact form

7. Humming Flowers & Gifts, for international deliveries

Humming Flowers & Gifts fruit basket
Source: Humming Flowers & Gifts

Distance shouldn’t be a hindrance to let someone know how much you care for them. At Humming Flowers & Gifts, international deliveries are not just possible—they truly make it happen. Whether your loved one is from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, or Australia, you can send them a beautiful basket full of fruits and other goodies that will bring smile on their face.

While options available for international delivery are limited depending on the country to where the package will be sent, they do have nice fruit hampers that are not only pretty but contain fresh, juicy fruits as well.

Meanwhile, there’s a generous variety of options available for Singapore deliveries. Would you like to remind your loved one of a vibrant summer day, then pick this Sunny Island Fruit Basket. The sunflowers make the hamper much more attractive. Is violet your wife’s favourite colour? Surprise her with the Sweet Harvest Fruit Basket. She’ll love the charming hamper filled with roses that perfectly complement the grapes, dragon fruit, apple and more!

Add-ons are also available. You can opt to include items like bear, balloon, and red wine.

Check out Humming Flowers & Gifts > 
Address: #03-01, 21 Ubi Rd 1
Singapore,  408724
Tel: (65) 6844 2222
Contact form

8. FarEastFlora, for minimalistic yet well-curated baskets

Far East Flora
Source: Far East Flora

FarEastFlora’s fruit baskets lean toward simple and minimalist design, but that’s okay. After all, the real stars are the fresh fruits and the flowers that beautifully complement them.Is your loved one a sucker for berries? Then she’ll definitely love FarEastFlora’s Berrylicous basket that consists of blueberries, grapes, strawberries and cherry.

Meanwhile, for those who wish to boost their healthy digestion, they have a hamper for that too! The Fiber Activated basket, as the name implies, is filled with fibre-rich fruits including papaya, avocado, bananas and more! Add-ons like Belgian Heart Chocolates come in handy for a package full of gifts.

Check out FarEastFlora > 
Address: 565 Thomson Road 298184 Singapore (located within Goodwood Florist)
Tel: 6251 2323
Contact form

9. MomoBud, for premium seasonal fruits from overseas

Source: MomoBud

Isnt’ it nice to also let our tastebuds dance with new fruit flavours from time to time? Absolutely! We all love some sort of novelty. If your family is in the mood for seasonal fruits from overseas, then, surprise them with a personalised crate from MomoBud. MomoBud imports seasonal fruits from Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

What’s remarkable about them is that they’re able to preserve the freshness of all their fruits, so they’re delicious and juicy once you take a bite. We also love that you can fully customise your crate as based on the recipient’s preference and needs. Each set consists of premium-quality fruits, personalised message card and a unique rustic crate or basket with ribbon. They will then style your gift the way you wanted it to look like, so if you want a truly personalised basket, you’ll have the full freedom here.

Check out MomoBud > 
Address: 138 Robinson Rd, #02-32 Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906
Tel: +65 9834 8923
Contact form

10. A Better Florist, for classic, beautiful baskets

A Better Florist
Source: A Better Florist

Perhaps, there isn’t enough variety in their baskets, but we love how they show off that classic farmhouse charm. On the other hand, they do provide nice variations in terms of the basket’s contents. For example, if you wish your basket to only contain citrus fruits, then opt for The Citrus Summer basket. You also get to choose whether you’d go for a fruits-only basket or one that’s combined with gorgeous flowers.

Our favourite picks include The Lux Fruit Delight and the Fruity Supreme.

Check out A Better Florist > 
Address: 12 Dunlop St, Singapore 209342
Tel: +65 3163 1525 
Contact form

I hope that this article has helped you to find the right store where you can buy the best fruit basket for your loved ones. Please also share this with your family and friends!

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