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6 Rug Ideas to Transform your Home into a Stylish Abode

Rugs are generally understated in the home decor stages; some might even say that they are optional. Yet, a beautiful piece of rug has the ability to transform and complete any room aesthetically.

Recently voted the Best Carpet and Rug Store in Singapore in Expat Living’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2019, The Cinnamon Room produces unique contemporary rugs of the highest quality. Founded by Visha Nelson, much emphasis is placed on both style factor and ease of maintenance of the rugs.

In this issue, we explore The Cinnamon Room’s fully customizable hide rugs, on how the varying rug designs complement different interior design themes, to the benefits of owning a rug for your dream home.

1. Metallic hide rugs for a contemporary living room

the cinnamon room metallic hide rugs and carpets

Usually interchangeable with modern interior design, there’s something to be said about the dynamism of the contemporary style. The look incorporates elements from different styles that are current or “of the moment” while maintaining an air of minimalism. Neutrals, textures/fabrics, open spaces, and clean lines are big components of the contemporary style.

For those who want a taste of contemporary interior, the metallic hide rugs from The Cinnamon Room provides a warm earthy, metallic base of colours to complement. Also, what’s best about the metallic hide rugs is that they are low pile rugs. Hence, they absorb less dust and are better for people suffering from allergies.

Our tip: When choosing the size of your rug for your living room, consider the placement of the rug relative to your sofa. There are different types of rug placements to achieve different kinds of look – all legs on the rug, front legs on the rug etc. Look up Pinterest for some inspiration, or simply leave it to the expertise of Visha! The Cinnamon Room offers full customization service too, which may help if the standard rug sizes do not match your sofa size.

2. Go Bohemian with laser etched rugs

the cinnamon room laser etched rugs and carpets singapore

Characterised by a splash of bright colours, a mix and match of patterns, and a display of exotic trinkets or art, the Bohemian design is easily the most carefree decorating style. It reflects both the comfort of home and the feel of freedom and individuality. While there aren’t any strict rules applying to Bohemian decorating, warm earthy colours, metallics and jewel tones are common as the base colours. A pop of colours such as electric blue or texture of yellows completes the look.

The Cinnamon Room’s laser etched rugs provide the perfect accessory to accentuate your design set-up. Each unique style adds chic Bohemian flair to your living spaces.

Designs of the rugs are outstanding, but what we feel surpasses all that is actually the easy maintenance. Apparently, you can spill coffee, or even red wine onto the hides and they will not stain! The liquids do not seep in and they wipe off easily, hence the rugs are child-friendly, pet-friendly, and I dare say, party-friendly as well.

3. Achieve the minimalist style with neutrals rugs

the cinnamon room neutrals rugs

A home grounded with neutrals makes it easier to create a well-edited, minimalist design. Note the neutral rug in the picture above blending in well with the complementary hues of the living room, allowing for a smooth consistency.

Our tip: Add subtle visual plays and added warmth via an array of tonal textiles through hide rugs and carpets, throws or other textured textiles. Remember to keep the look light though!

4. Highlight the hallways and entryways with vibrant hues

the cinnamon room vibrant hues rugs and carpets singapore

Hallways can be tricky to decorate. The long, empty spaces require a touch of class, yet too much might result in a cluttered hallway. Keep things classy with a hallway rug, coupled with painting and art piece, and you’re probably good to go.

The vibrant hues from The Cinnamon Room breathe life into the hallway with its geometrical shapes and splash of colour. The variety of hues is huge, check them out here to find one suitable for your interior design.

5. Infuse monochrome rugs with British Colonial decor

the cinnamon room monochrome rugs

The British Colonial style combines neutrals with dark furnishing. Light and airy atmospheres are filled with elegantly carved wood furniture, creating a sophisticated yet comfortable living space. Natural textures such as rattan and canning add an alluring contrast against the darker furniture, while a splash of greenery adds a breath of life.

Add a monochrome rug to the equation, and immediately your home exudes a touch of colonial elegance. If you’re not one who loves vibrant colours, perhaps black and white is the way to go!

6. Brighten up your kids’ room with splashes of colours

the cinnamon room colorful rugs singapore

Have a bright, cheerful little one and looking for the perfect accessory for his or her room? The vibrant hues rugs of The Cinnamon Room are the ideal choice with all sorts of colours, patterns, geometric shapes available.

With all these vivid colours, you’ll never have a dull moment at home. We wish you all the best.

From vibrant hues, metallic hides with a shimmer, monochrome bold statements or stunning laser etched designs, The Cinnamon Room has that something special to suit every home. We especially love how the ox and cow hides are ethically sourced from South America and India from working farm animals.

At The Cinnamon Room, Visha is emphatic that it isn’t just about selling a product, but more about building relationships with her clients to help create beautiful spaces with them. We recommend to experience the materials of the rugs and carpets for yourself and have a lovely chat with Visha at her showroom here.

Click here to check out the signature hide rugs >>

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