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5 Furniture Stores in Singapore for Popular Home Reno Styles

In this issue, based on the home renovation style you’ve picked, we show you our favourite stores to head to!

Whilst there are a lot of things to prepare for your new home, shopping for your furniture is one of the most fun things to do. In this issue, we take to our favorite furniture stores based on the renovation style you’ve picked out for your new home. It’s time to move aside, IKEA!

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Table of Contents:

5 Furniture Shops in Singapore for Popular Home Reno Styles

1. Scandinavian (simple and minimalist)

furniture shops in singapore scandinavian style

Characterised by clean, minimalist aesthetics and hallmarked by the beauty of simplicity, Scandinavian remains one of the popular home renovation styles among couples. This Nordic concept is anything but boring, and in fact, maximises small spaces well. It’s pale, muted tones exude a fresh ambience for your home, and the furniture pieces focus on functionality.

Recommended Store: Castlery

Castlery is one of our top spots to find Scandinavian furniture. Here you will find a wide selection of furniture with neutral and muted tones, a trademark of Scandinavian design. Their collection features light-wood dining sets and light-toned fabric sofas, pieces that will surely make your Scandinavian theme come to life. Castlery prides themselves on cutting out the middlemen and retail markups, bringing you quality furniture at affordable rates. After comparison with similar stores, we’d say their designs vs quality vs prices are worth it. Visit their studios at Jit Poh or Turf City, or surf their online site.

Click here to shop at Castlery >
19 Keppel Road, #02-06 Jit Poh Building 089058
200 Turf Club Road, #03-07 The Grandstand Singapore 287994
+65 6744 5333 (Jit Poh)
+65 6239 0111 (Grandstand)
Contact Form

2. Manhattan Luxury (posh, upscale and polished)

furniture shops in singapore manhattan luxury

Want your home to resemble an upscale boutique hotel or showroom? What comes to mind is upscale Manhattan, iconic of polished interiors and an elegant ambience. Quality, polished furniture pieces are key to creating a modern and luxe abode. Fitting choices include marble countertops, upholstered pieces, gold, brass or silver accent pieces. Velvet, leather, and fur are textures that you will want to include in this style.

Recommended Store: Finn Avenue

Luxury pieces usually come with a shocking price tag. But what we love most about Finn Avenue is that you can get ‘luxury at a steal’. Their collection features classy designer pieces that exude modern elegance. Their charming leather and fabric sofas, including the modernised Chesterfield sofa will make a great statement piece in your living room. Finn Avenue is even able to customise the piece according to your preferred colour or fabric. Their mirrored furnishings and marble tables add a touch of glitz and glamour to your home. Further, spruce up your luxury theme with their table lamps and designer rugs.

Click here to shop at Finn Avenue >

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Finn Avenue
#04-18, Apex@Henderson
201 Henderson Road Singapore 159545
+65 6753 3466 (Showroom)
+ 65 8699 3466 (Whatsapp) 

3. Contemporary (sleek and trendy)

furniture shops in singapore contemporary style

Featuring clean lines, stark minimalism, and a monochromatic palette, the contemporary design constantly evolve to reflect the popular styles of present-day design, also bordering on a futuristic aesthetic. While frequently confused with the modern style, modern in fact refers to the specific timeframe from the early to the mid 20th century, whereas contemporary refers to current trending designs. Contemporary borrows qualities from current trending styles such as minimalism, modernism, art deco, and organic, natural features.

Recommended Shop: Cellini

Cellini will be the store to frequent for contemporary furnishings. Their classy Italian designs will add a sophisticated charm to your home. Their sleek, quality, leather sofas also feature mechanics that allow you to recline at just the touch of a bottom. Their beds also combine style and comfort, featuring functional storage for you to keep extra pillows and bedding. Be sure to check out their home packages for a great deal!

Click here to shop at Cellini >
Home Gallery @ 26 Changi North Crescent Diethelm Keller Building Level 3 Singapore 499637
Click here for their 6 other showrooms
+65 6545 8182
Contact Page

4. Industrial (raw and unfinished)

furniture shops in singapore industrial style

It comes as no surprise that the industrial home style has become increasingly popular, especially when many cafes are donning this look for their interiors. This look is all about mixing the old with the new. The industrial palette comprises of neutral shades that include brown and tan. Wood, metal, cement, brick are elements that frequent an industrial look. Use black metal lighting fixtures or plumbing, and accessories like vintage photographs to enhance the look. To create a warm, inviting feel, simply add in touches of greenery around the space.

Recommended Shop: Commune

For the industrial home style, we turn to Commune, for their iconic dark-wood furniture is a perfect fit with the industrial aesthetic. Their furniture designs feature an ingenious combination of the raw and refined, such as wood meets metal, uncanny of the industrial look. What I love most about Commune is they support our local community. Their designs are all original and manufactured in-house, in Asia, made by skilled craftsmen who specialise in authentic woodcraft.

Click here to shop at Commune >
Flagship store @ 9 Raffles Boulevard #02-52
Singapore 039596
Click here for their other showroom locations
+65 6338 3823

5. Looking at a hybrid-style?

furniture shops in singapore hybrid style

Interior design is all about showcasing your own personal style in your personal space. Sometimes, it is not as straightforward as picking out a ‘template’ style. A multitude of new-age styles has popped up, many combining two distinct styles or multiple elements together to create a new one – a hybrid style.

For example, combining industrial and Scandinavian gives you Scan-dustrial. Scandinavian itself can lean towards modern-Scandinavian or Japanese zen (this is a new trend called Japandi). If you are going toward this route, often a one-stop furniture shop selling stylish furniture is what you need.

Recommended Shop: HipVan

Listed in our noteworthy series, HipVan is by far our favourite furniture store in Singapore. After visiting many furniture stores for our own home, we ended up with many pieces from HipVan. Their wide range (over 3,000 pieces!) of stylish, designer furniture make it easy to make any renovation style come to life.

HipVan retails several solid wood collections that easily fit into any Scandinavian or Industrial theme. Their sofa range includes fabric sofas (great for Scandinavian), sleek leather sofas (for a contemporary look), distressed/waxed leather (fitting of an industrial theme), and velvet sofas (if you are going for the ornate, European style). Their premium Barcelona sofa is an ideal fit for a contemporary look. Their storage beds are both functional yet stylish. HipVan also makes it easy for you to shop. Their e-commerce site features their entire selection. You can easily come up with a mood board, and check dimensions before ordering online.

HipVan promo code:
Use coupon code TWV50 on HipVan’s website to get $50 off min spend of $500 storewide
Click here to shop at HipVan >
Suntec City Tower 3/4 #02-728/729/730 (Opens in July 2021)
+65 6291 1725 (Calls only)
+65 9712 0765 (Whatsapp only)

How to finance your purchases?

Depending on the brands you purchase from, the average cost of furnishing your home is about $10,000 – $15,000. If you need to take up a loan to finance your purchase, renovation loans often do not give you the cash upfront, hence you are not able to use it for furniture shopping. You might wish to consider a personal loan instead. Do note that personal loans have slightly higher interest rates than renovation loans, but you get the cash flexibility.

Our friends at Singsaver have compiled the best renovation loans and personal loans for you to check out. When shopping for your home, do keep in mind to prioritize and focus on the essentials first. Leave the ‘nice-to-haves’ for later, for it’s best to not spend beyond your means. When buying your furniture, we also suggest using credit cards that give you rebates, so you get extra savings. Every little bit of savings can go a long way!

We hope this furniture store by styles guide has helped you in your preparation for your new home. Do share it with your friends who need it to! Stay tuned for more guides, and in the meantime, do check out our other guides below.

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