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20 Best Standing Fans in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

Unlike an air-conditioner that lowers the temperature of the room, a fan works by circulating the air at a faster speed, allowing for sweat to evaporate more quickly off your skin, creating a cooling effect. Compared to an aircon, a fan is more energy-efficient and less costly to operate. While a ceiling fan can be very effective in cooling down an entire room and improving air circulation, it requires installation and might not be the right option for every room. If so, you can consider getting a standing fan.

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A standing fan is convenient as you can easily move it around, and is also easier to clean. When it comes to standing fans in Singapore, there is a multitude of options. You can choose from bladeless fans, tower fans, standing fans, and tabletop fans. If you are looking for the best standing fan in Singapore, you will not go wrong choosing a fan on this list of the 20 Best Standing Fans in Singapore. For the ultimate indoor air experience, check out our air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, diffuser, air cooler, ceiling fan, and standing fan recommendations as well.

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Best Standing Fans SingaporeĀ 

1. Blueair Blue Pure Fan

Blueair Blue Pure Fan
Blueair Blue Pure Fan – Best Standing Fans in Singapore

Best premium

If you’re seeking the ultimate in premium standing fans, look no further than the Blueair Blue Pure Fan. This fan goes beyond the traditional cooling experience by offering instant allergy relief, making it a game-changer for pollen sufferers. Moreover, with its patented air circulation technology, the Blue Pure Fan spreads cool and purified air in a 90-degree angle, ensuring maximum cooling and clean air delivery to every corner of your room.

What sets the Blue Pure Fan apart is its exceptional pollen removal rate, the highest among any fan in the market. Tested by third parties, it removes an impressive 180 cubic feet of pollen per minute, providing rapid relief for allergy sufferers. Additionally, it doesn’t stop thereā€”the fan’s combination of pre-filters and main filters also tackles dust and pet dander, two common allergens, offering instant relief and creating a healthier environment.

Not only does the Blue Pure Fan excel in performance, but it also boasts a range of design options to suit your style. With five unique pre-filter colors available, such as Diva Blue, Crystal Pink, Buff Yellow, Dark Shadow, and Lunar Rock, you can personalize the fan to seamlessly integrate into any room in your home. Its minimalist Scandinavian design, including an easy-to-carry handle, unique legs, and a convenient one-button control with a filter replacement indicator, adds a touch of elegance and functionality to your space.

Why buy this:
  • Instant allergy relief with patented air circulation technology
  • Highest pollen removal rate among fans on the market
  • Removes dust and pet dander for a healthier environment
Check price on Shopee >

2. SCT Tuya Bladeless Standing FanĀ 

bladeless standing fans Singapore
SCT Tuya Bladeless Standing Fan – Best Standing Fans Singapore

Best bladeless fan

For a futuristic and seamless cooling experience, the SCT Tuya Smart Wi-Fi Electric Bladeless Standing Fan is the top choice. With its innovative bladeless design, this fan not only offers a sleek and modern aesthetic but also ensures a noiseless operation, making it perfect for creating a tranquil environment.

Safety and convenience are paramount with this fan. The absence of exposed blades not only adds a touch of elegance to its design but also eliminates the risk of accidents and makes it easier to clean. Furthermore, versatility is another key feature, as the SCT Tuya Smart fan can be used as a table fan or easily mounted on a wall to suit your preference.

But what truly sets this fan apart from other standing fans Singapore is its smart capabilities. By connecting it to your home’s Wi-Fi, you can control it with ease using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Siri, seamlessly integrating it into your smart home ecosystem. Additionally, the fan comes with a handy remote control that offers various functionalities, including a timer (ranging from 1 to 8 hours), adjustable airspeed (1 to 9 settings), sleep mode, and a powerful mode for those extra hot days.

Why buy this:
  • Futuristic bladeless design with a noiseless operation
  • Can be used as a table fan or wall-mounted for versatility
  • Remote control with timer, adjustable airspeed, sleep mode, and powerful mode
Check price on Shopee >

3. Acerpure Cozy F1 Air Circulator

air circulator
Acerpure Cozy F1 Air Circulator – Best Standing Fan in Singapore

Powerful 3D airflow up to 15m

Enjoy the exceptional cooling performance and create a personalised and comfortable environment with the Acerpure Cozy F1 Air Circulator. The Acerpure Cozy F1 Air Circulator is a cutting-edge cooling solution designed for ultimate comfort and convenience. With powerful 3D airflow up to 15 meters, it efficiently cools the entire room. The standout feature that we love about this is its precise 12-fan speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow to your exact preferences.

Similary with other standing fans Singapore, this prioritizes energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and lowering electricity costs. The low noise level of about 25 dB ensures a peaceful environment without sacrificing powerful cooling capabilities. The included full-function magnetic remote controller adds convenience, allowing you to adjust settings from a distance. Additionally, the Acerpure Cozy F1 comes with a 1-year carry-in Singapore local warranty, providing peace of mind and protection against manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

Why buy this:
  • Precise 12 fan speed settings
  • High-efficiency energy saving
  • Low noise level of about 25 dB
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

4. Dyson Cool AM07 – Standing Fans Singapore

best standing fans SingaporeĀ 
Dyson Cool AM07 – Best Standing Fan Singapore

Good value bladeless fan

For a bladeless fan that offers excellent value for your money, the Dyson Cool AM07 is a top contender. Coming at a more affordable price compared to the previous SCT Tuya bladeless fan, this Dyson model doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. With its sleek design and innovative technology, it’s a smart investment for your cooling needs.

The AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan by Dyson is specifically engineered to provide powerful airflow while maintaining whisper-quiet operation. It draws in air from its surroundings and uses a bladeless design to create a smooth stream of air, all while consuming less energy. This means you can enjoy a refreshing breeze without worrying about a high electricity bill.

With an oscillating tower, the Dyson AM07 allows air to be distributed evenly throughout the room. You have the freedom to choose from 10 distinct airflow settings, ensuring you find the perfect level of comfort. The LED digital display, sleep timer with preset intervals, and magnetized remote control that conveniently stores on the fan make it easy to customize the environment to your liking.

Lastly, cleaning this fan is a breeze as well, as there’s no standard fan grille or spinning blades to worry about. This adds to the overall safety and convenience of the Dyson AM07. Plus, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a fan from a reputable brand like Dyson, known for their quality and innovative products.

Why buy standing fans Singapore:
  • Powerful airflow with energy-efficient operation
  • Oscillating tower for even air distribution
  • 10 distinct airflow settings for customized comfort
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

5. EuropAce 9ā€ DC Motor Jet Turbine Fan

EuropAce 9ā€ DC Motor Jet Turbine Fan
EuropAce 9ā€ DC Motor Jet Turbine Fan – Best Standing Fans in Singapore

Minimalist standing fan

If you’re a fan of minimalist design and exceptional performance, the EuropAce 9ā€ fan is a perfect choice. This standing fan combines advanced features with sleek aesthetics to provide effective and convenient cooling solutions.

Equipped with a powerful DC motor, the EuropAce 9ā€ fan delivers long-lasting performance and durability. It generates a refreshing breeze with an impressive airflow distance of up to 8 m/s, ensuring a cooling effect that reaches every corner of the room. The fan’s spiral grill design enables wide and even air circulation, enhancing the overall cooling experience.

One standout feature of the EuropAce fan is its auto 4-directional swing function. This eliminates the need for manual adjustment, since the fan automatically covers a wider area with its oscillation feature, ensuring optimal cooling without any hassle.

In addition to its performance, this standing fan in Singapore is eco-friendly with low power consumption. This not only helps reduce electricity costs but also minimizes its environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious individuals. The fan’s touchscreen control panel adds a touch of modernity and convenience, allowing effortless adjustment of fan speed, oscillation, and other settings.

Why buy this:
  • Powerful DC motor for long-lasting performance
  • Impressive airflow distance of up to 8 m/s
  • Eco-friendly with low power consumption
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

6. PowerPac PPFS300R Standing Fan

standing fans Singapore
PowerPac PPFS300R Standing Fan – Best Standing Fans Singapore

Best most affordable

When affordability is a priority, the PowerPac Stand Fan is the ideal choice. Offering a great combination of features and price, this fan provides reliable cooling performance without breaking the bank.

The PowerPac Stand Fan comes with a range of convenient features, including a remote control, three power blades, a timer, and wind type selection. With three speed settings and oscillation capabilities, you can easily adjust the airflow according to your preferences and enjoy the cool breeze from any corner of the room.

Safety is also a top priority with the PowerPac Stand Fan. It features built-in thermal protection against overheating, ensuring the fan operates safely even during extended periods of use. The adjustable louver allows for optimum wind circulation, while the adjustable height offers flexibility in positioning the fan to your desired height.

On the other hand, energy efficiency is another key aspect of the PowerPac Stand Fan. With a power consumption of only 60W, this fan helps you save on your utility bills without compromising on cooling performance. Additionally, the enhance double ring safety guard provides added protection for you and your loved ones.

Why buy this:
  • Timer and wind type selection for customization
  • Built-in thermal protection for safety
  • Adjustable louver and height for optimal positioning
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

7.Ā Muji Electric Standing Fan

Muji Electric Standing Fan
Muji Electric Standing Fan – Best Standing Fan in Singapore

Most affordable fan that has a remote control

If you’re looking for an affordable standing fan that offers the convenience of a remote control, the MUJI Electric Standing Fan is the perfect choice. This fan comes with a remote control that has a range of up to 3 metres, allowing you to adjust the settings from the comfort of your couch or bed.

In comparison to other standing fans Singapore, the MUJI Electric Standing Fan provides a gentle and comfortable breeze that delicately circulates throughout the room. With its low-noise level of 30dB and low-power DC motor, you can enjoy a quiet and soothing cooling experience. The fan offers flexibility with eight levels of wind volume, allowing you to find the perfect balance between airflow and comfort.

Why buy this:
  • Remote control with a range of up to 3 metres
  • Low-noise level of 30dB for a quiet operation
  • Eight levels of wind volume for customization
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

8. Xiaomi Mi Smart Wired Standing Fan

standing fans in Singapore
Xiaomi Mi Smart Wired Standing Fan 2 – Best Standing Fan Singapore

One of the best value for money

If you’re seeking a fan that combines sleek design with smart functionality, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Wired Standing Fan is an excellent choice. With its minimalist design and advanced features, this fan offers great value for your money.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C is designed to make your life more comfortable at home. With three speeds and a maximum power of 45W, this fan provides powerful airflow while maintaining a noise level of just 37.2 dB, ensuring a peaceful environment. The fan can be easily controlled through the Mi Home app, allowing you to adjust settings and customize your cooling experience. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, enabling voice control for added convenience.

With its adaptable size, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Wired Standing Fan can be adjusted to suit your preferences and cooling needs. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a stronger airflow, this fan has you covered. Plus, it’s available in a wireless model, providing flexibility and choice.

Why buy this:
  • Three speeds with a maximum power of 45W
  • Low noise level of 37.2 dB
  • Can be controlled through the Mi Home app
Check price on Shopee >

9. Novita GreenFan F-3 – Standing Fans Singapore

Novita GreenFan F-3
Novita GreenFan F-3 – Best Standing Fans in Singapore

Best portable standing an

For those who prioritise both functionality and environmental consciousness, the novita GreenFan F-3 is the perfect choice. This cutting-edge eco-friendly fan combines innovative technology with a sustainable design.

The novita GreenFan features a unique bladeless design and air multiplier technology, providing a powerful and consistent airflow while reducing your carbon footprint. Made from high-quality recycled materials, this fan has a minimal impact on the environment during production, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Moreover, one standout feature of the GreenFan F-3 is its smart sensor system, which detects room temperature and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This optimization of energy usage not only reduces wastage but also helps lower your electricity costs. Indeed, the fan’s contemporary aesthetics add a touch of style to any space.

Why buy this:
  • Bladeless design and air multiplier technology for powerful airflow
  • Made from high-quality recycled materials
  • Smart sensor system adjusts fan speed based on room temperature
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

10. KDK SC30H Standing Box Fan

standing fans
KDK SC30H Standing Box Fan – Best Standing Fans Singapore

Best vintage design

If you appreciate a vintage aesthetic, the KDK SC30H Standing Box Fan is a perfect choice. With its charming vintage box fan design, it adds a touch of nostalgia to any space. Ideal for medium-sized rooms, this fan offers both style and functionality.

Compared to other standing fans Singapore, the SC30H features the 1/f Yuragi function, which recreates the natural breeze experience for a comfortable cooling sensation. With three-speed settings and an electronic ON/OFF switch, you can easily adjust the fan’s intensity to your liking. The ultra-thin wireless remote controller provides convenience and allows you to control the fan from a distance. The revolving front louvre ensures that the airflow is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Additionally, the KDK SC30H Standing Box Fan comes with an 8-hour electronic timer, allowing you to set a specific duration for the fan to operate. This feature is particularly useful if you want the fan to automatically turn off after a certain period of time.

Why buy this:
  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms
  • 1/f Yuragi function recreates natural breeze experience
  • Three-speed settings with an electronic ON/OFF switch
  • 8-hour electronic timer for automatic shut-off
Check price on Shopee >

11. Mistral Mimica High-Velocity Stand FanĀ 

high velocity standing fans
Mistral Mimica High-Velocity Stand FanĀ  – Best Standing Fan in Singapore

Up to 6-speed selection

When it comes to powerful airflow and customizable cooling, the Mimica by Mistral 12 High-Velocity Stand Fan is a top performer. With its up to 6-speed selection, this fan ensures that your room will never be too hot again.

The Mimica fan creates winds with speeds up to 892 RPM, offering a strong and refreshing breeze to cool you down quickly. The 3D oscillation feature keeps your room constantly cool and fully circulated, thanks to the 9 plus 5 fan blades. This ensures that every corner of the room receives optimal airflow.

This standing fan in Singapore is equipped with a DC motor that has low power demand, helping you save on your electric consumption without compromising on performance. The sensor touch, LED display, and remote control make programming and adjusting the standing fan as easy as possible. You can conveniently set the timer for up to 12 hours, allowing you to customize the fan’s operation according to your needs.

Lastly, one standout feature of the Mimica fan is its ability to tilt directly upwards. This ensures that the airflow is directed where it’s needed most, providing targeted cooling and comfort.

Why buy this:
  • Creates winds with speeds up to 892RPM for powerful cooling
  • DC motor with low power demand for energy efficiency
  • Timer function for up to 12 hours of operation
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon >

12. Midea 2-in-1 MS1618W – Standing Fans Singapore

table fans Singapore
Midea 2-in-1 Standing Table Fan – Best Standing Fan Singapore

Best under $100

If you’re looking for a versatile and budget-friendly option, the Midea 2-in-1 Standing Table Fan is the perfect choice. This fan offers a powerful cooling experience with its height-changing design.

The Midea 2-in-1 fan provides three-speed levels to suit your preference, ensuring you can enjoy the ideal airflow for your comfort. The oscillation function allows for wider coverage, ensuring that cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room. Even with its powerful performance, this fan operates silently, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful environment.

Furthermore, one of the standout features of this standing fan Singapore is its dual functionality. It can be used as both a standing fan and a table fan, giving you the flexibility to adapt it to your specific needs. This versatility makes it a great choice for various spaces and situations.

Why buy this:
  • Oscillation function for wider coverage
  • Silent operation for a peaceful environment
  • 2-in-1 function as a standing fan and table fan for versatility
Check price on Shopee >

13. Novita GreenFan F-2

best standing fans
Novita GreenFan F-2 – Best Standing Fans in Singapore

An older Novita model with a great price

If you’re looking for an affordable option from Novita, the Novita GreenFanĀ® F-2 is an excellent choice. While it may be an older model, it still offers impressive features and functionality at a more budget-friendly price point compared to its successor, the F-3.

The GreenFanĀ® F-2 provides 3D circulation coverage and seamless oscillation of up to 100 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically. This ensures that the fan delivers a wide and consistent airflow, effectively cooling your living space and maintaining a comfortable temperature. Whether you need a standing fan or a compact desktop fan, the F-2 is adjustable to suit your needs.

Equipped with a long-lasting DC Brushless Motor system, the F-2 is energy-efficient, requiring just 2 watts of power. Not only does this save on energy consumption, but it also helps reduce your electricity costs. The improved fan blade design, patented and pending, minimises air turbulence and wind resistance, allowing for a greater airflow output of up to 8 metres through a streamlined airflow path.

Additionally, the F-2 offers versatility with an optional rechargeable battery pack, not just your normal standing fans Singapore. With a single charge, you can enjoy up to 16 hours of continuous usage, making it perfect for outdoor settings. With 26 comprehensive speed settings and Natural Wind mode, the Novita GreenFanĀ® F-2 keeps you cool wherever you are, thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

Why buy this:
  • 3D circulation coverage and seamless oscillation
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack for outdoor use
  • 26-speed settings and Natural Wind mode for customised cooling
Check price on Lazada >

14. Cornell Tower Fan CTFS50WH

tower fan
Cornell Tower Fan CTFS50WH – Best Standing Fans Singapore

Best tower fan

For a minimalist and safe cooling option, the Cornell Tower Fan 30″ with Handle CTFS50WH is the ideal choice. With its sleek tower design, this fan not only provides a cooling breeze but also adds a touch of modernity to your home decor.

The Cornell Tower Fan is incredibly easy to use. Simply turn it on, and within 3 seconds, you’ll feel the instant coolness as it starts cooling down the temperature in the room. It offers three-speed settings, allowing you to choose the desired level of airflow and cooling intensity.

This tower floor fan operates at very low noise levels, ensuring a peaceful environment while it oscillates to cool a wide area. Its contemporary design makes it a stylish decoration that seamlessly blends into your modern home without taking up much space.

Morevoer, safety is a top priority with the Cornell Tower Fan. It is ideal for families with children and pets, thanks to its narrow fence that prevents little fingers or paws from accessing the fan blades. This provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the cooling comfort without worry.

Why buy this:
  • Easy to use and provides instant coolness
  • Smooth oscillation to cool a wide area
  • Safe for children and pets with a narrow fence
Check price on Shopee >

15. Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan

Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan MLF14MB
Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan MLF14MB – Best Standing Fan in Singapore

Best metal materialĀ 

If durability is a priority, the Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan is the perfect choice. Made with high-quality metal materials, this standing fan is sturdy and reliable, making it an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor use.

With its three speeds to choose from and 85Ā° oscillation through its four fan blades, the Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan provides powerful and consistent airflow. This ensures efficient cooling and helps create a comfortable environment, even during hot summer weather. The adjustable height feature adds further convenience, allowing you to customise the fan’s positioning for optimal cooling.

The metal construction of the Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan not only enhances its durability but also adds a touch of robustness and style. On the other hand, its sleek design makes it a great addition to any space, whether it’s your living room, patio, or backyard.

Why buy standing fans Singapore:
  • Made with high-quality metal materials for durability
  • Powerful airflow with three speeds and 85Ā° oscillation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

16. Sona Antique Stand Fan

antique standing fans Singapore
Sona SAF6080 Antique Stand Fan – Best Standing Fan Singapore

Standing fan with a vintage finish

The Sona SAF6080 Antique Stand Fan 16 combines functionality with a touch of vintage elegance. With its sturdy exterior and vintage finish, this fan not only adds a stylish accent to your space but also offers reliable cooling performance.

Featuring three-speed settings, the Sona SAF6080 provides a strong and refreshing airflow, keeping you fresh and cool even in the hot summer weather. The adjustable tilt and height options allow you to customise the fan’s positioning; hence, it ensures the perfect amount of cooling air reaches you.

Furthermore, the fan blades of the Sona SAF6080 are made of lightweight and hard-wearing aluminium material, ensuring durability and efficient airflow. Also, the motor of this standing fan comes with a 3-year warranty, providing peace of mind and coverage for any potential mechanical faults.

Why buy this:
  • Sturdy exterior suitable for outdoor use
  • Adjustable tilt and height options for personalised cooling
  • Lightweight and durable aluminium blades
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and Amazon >

17. Mistral MHV800R – Standing Fans Singapore

best standing fan
Mistral MHV800R – Best Standing Fans in Singapore

Best table fan

For a powerful cooling solution in a compact size, the Mistral 8″ High Velocity Fan with Remote Control is a perfect choice. This table fan packs a punch with its turbo and durable motor, providing efficient airflow and reliable cooling.

Despite its small size, the Mistral 8″ High-Velocity Fan offers impressive cooling performance. With its high-velocity motor, it delivers a strong breeze that keeps you comfortable even during hot days. The included remote control adds convenience, allowing you to adjust the fan settings from a distance.

All in all, whether you need it on your desk, bedside table, or any other surface, this fan’s compact design ensures it fits perfectly. It is ideal for personal use in small spaces where a larger standing fan may not be suitable.

Why buy this:
  • Powerful high-velocity motor for efficient cooling
  • Compact size perfect for table or desk use
  • Turbo and durable motor for long-lasting performance
Check price on Shopee >

18. Gadget Mix Diginut CL-28

Gadget Mix Diginut CL-28 – Best Standing Fans Singapore

Affordable wireless fan

For a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on performance, the Gadget MIX DIGINUT CL-28 is an excellent choice. This wireless fan offers convenience and versatility at an affordable price point.

Additionally, its minimalist white-coloured design adds a touch of elegance to any space. It is powered by a 4000mAh high-capacity battery, providing long-lasting use without the need for constant charging. The Type-C charging ensures quick charging for minimal downtime.

With the intension to choose the desired airflow intensity, this wireless fan features three-speed settings. It offers a balance between cooling performance and energy efficiency. Whether you need a gentle breeze or a stronger airflow like the other standing fans Singapore, the Gadget MIX DIGINUT CL-28 has you covered.

Why buy this:
  • 4000mAh high-capacity battery for long-lasting use
  • Type-C charging for quick charging
  • Three-speed settings for customized airflow
Check price on Shopee >

19. Cornell CFNT122GY – Standing Fans Singapore

best standing fan in Singapore
Cornell CFNT122GY – Best Standing Fan in Singapore

Budget table fan

If you’re looking for a small and affordable table fan, the Cornell 12-Inch Table Fan CFNT122GY is a great option. While it may not have advanced technological capabilities, it offers reliable cooling performance to keep you feeling fresh and cool in various settings.

With three-speed settings to choose from, you can customise the airflow according to your preference. Whether you’re working from your desk or relaxing in your bedroom, this table fan provides a gentle breeze that helps create a comfortable environment.

To conclude, while it may be a budget-friendly option, the Cornell 12-Inch Table Fan CFNT122GY delivers reliable cooling without breaking the bank.

Why buy this:
  • Three-speed settings for customised airflow
  • Provides a fresh and cool breeze
  • Suitable for desks, bedrooms, and other small spaces
Check price on Amazon and Lazada >

20. Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan EU

tower fans
Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan EU – Best Standing Fan Singapore

Minimalist tower fan

For those who appreciate both style and functionality, the Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan EU is worth considering. With its minimalist look and sleek design, this tower fan adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Safety is a top priority with this fan, as it is designed with child safety features in mind. Additionally, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing for smart voice control and hands-free operation.

In conclusion, the variable frequency DC fan of the Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan ensures a gentle and comfortable breeze that keeps you cool and refreshed. It also prioritises energy-saving, consuming only 3.48 kWh for a cool summer, helping you save on electricity costs. With its 150Ā° adjustable ultra-wide angle, this tower fan provides a cool breeze to the whole room, ensuring efficient airflow circulation.

Why buy this:
  • Designed for child safety
  • Energy-saving with low power consumption
  • 150Ā° adjustable ultra-wide angle for efficient airflow circulation
Check price on Shopee >


What factors should I consider when choosing standing fans Singapore?

Consider factors such as fan size, oscillation and tilt features, noise level, airflow options, energy efficiency, build quality, and customer reviews to find a standing fan that suits your cooling needs.

What is the ideal fan size for a standing fan?

The ideal fan size depends on the size of the room or area you want to cool. For smaller spaces, a standing fan with a blade size of around 12 to 16 inches is usually sufficient. Larger rooms may require fans with blades measuring 18 inches or more.

Can I adjust the height and tilt of a standing fan?

Yes, most standing fans come with adjustable height and tilt features. Thus, this allows you to customize the fan’s direction and airflow to suit your preferences.

Are there standing fans with remote controls?

Yes, many standing fans are equipped with remote controls for convenient operation. The remote control allows you to adjust settings such as fan speed, oscillation, and timer without having to manually reach for the fan.

Can I use a standing fan outdoors or on a patio?

Yes, some standing fans are designed for outdoor use and come with weather-resistant features. Look for fans with durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials if you intend to use them outdoors.

Do standing fans Singapore have different speed settings?

Yes, standing fans usually offer multiple speed settings to adjust the airflow according to your comfort level. Common options specifically include low, medium, and high speeds, allowing you to choose the desired breeze intensity.

Can I find standing fans with energy-saving features?

Yes, many standing fans are designed with energy-saving features such as timer settings and adjustable thermostat control. These features help conserve energy by allowing you to set specific operating times or desired room temperatures.

Are there standing fans in Singapore with quiet operation?

Yes, there are standing fans specifically designed to operate quietly. Look for fans with noise reduction technology or models that advertise quiet operation to ensure a peaceful and undisturbed environment.

What is the average price range for standing fans?

Standing fan prices can vary depending on the brand, features, and build quality. Generally, you can find standing fans ranging from around $30 to $200 or more, depending on your desired specifications and budget.

We hope that our guide on the 20 Best Standing Fans in Singapore has helped you to buy the best one that fits your home needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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