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20 Best Standing Fans in Singapore | Best of Home 2022

Unlike an air-conditioner that lowers the temperature of the room, a fan works by circulating the air at a faster speed, allowing for sweat to evaporate more quickly off your skin, creating a cooling effect. Compared to an aircon, a fan is more energy-efficient and less costly to operate. While a ceiling fan can be very effective in cooling down an entire room and improving air circulation, it requires installation and might not be the right option for every room. If so, you can consider getting a standing fan.

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A standing fan is convenient as you can easily move it around, and is also easier to clean. When it comes to standing fans in Singapore, there is a multitude of options. You can choose from bladeless fans, tower fans, standing fans, and tabletop fans. If you are looking for the best standing fan in Singapore, you will not go wrong choosing a fan on this list of the 20 Best Standing Fans in Singapore. For the ultimate indoor air experience, check out our air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, diffuser, air cooler, ceiling fan, and standing fan recommendations as well.

This article was last updated on 4 January 2022.

Table of Contents:

  • 20 Best Standing Fans in Singapore to Buy
    1. Blueair Blue Pure Fan
    2. EuropAce Tower Fan ETF 1129
    3. Grunn Mist Fan GIMC 116
    4. Dyson AM07
    5. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying Tower Fan
    6. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bladeless Fan
    7. Xiaomi Smartmi Fan 2s
    8. Honeywell Tower Fan with Ionizer
    9. Cornell CTF-P53D
    10. Vornado 630 Air Circulator
    11. Mimica by Mistral 12 High-Velocity Stand Fan
    12. Mistral 16 Inch Stand Fan
    13. Novita GreenFan
    14. Mistral Remote Tower Fan
    15. Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan
    16. Sona SAF6080 Antique Stand Fan
    17. Dyson Cool AM06
    18. Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan 
    19. Cornell 12 Inch Table Fan
    20. PowerPac 9 Inches Mini Tower Fan
  • Where to buy a standing fan in Singapore?
Disclosure: Our aim is to help you buy the best standing fan in Singapore for your home. We have included affiliate links in this article for your convenience. They come at no extra cost to you, but if you purchase through our site, we get a small commission or bonus which keeps our site running and allow us to continue creating free content for you. That being said, we only recommend products that we trust to buy and use for ourselves. Thank you for your support! For more info on our disclosure policy, click here.

Best Standing Fans in Singapore 

1. Blueair Blue Pure Fan

Viso for Blueair Pure Fan

Best 2-in-1 fan with air purification for allergy relief

When it comes to top-tier air purification performance, Blueair is definitely our preferred brand of choice. Featuring patented fan technology for maximum cool and clean air circulation, Blueair’s compact yet powerful Blue Pure Fan is in a class of its own. With the highest pollen removal rate amongst all fans in the market, this fan is specially designed for instant allergy relief.

Removes over 99% of dust & pollen

With a special combination of pre-filters and main filters, the Blue Pure Fan removes over 99% of pollen in 20 minutes in a room size of 1,008 square feet. This is an incredible pollen removal rate of 180 cubic feet per minute, which quickly provides pollen relief to allergy sufferers. Furthermore, this fan is also effective in removing airborne particles such as dust and pet dander, the two most common allergens after pollen.

Patented air circulation technology

Utilising a patented air circulation technology, the Blue Pure Fan spreads cool, clean, and purified air gently across a 90-degree range to effectively cool the entire room without the need for any oscillation.

Thoughtful Scandinavian design for modern homes

What we especially love about the Blueair Blue Pure Fan is its gorgeous Scandinavian design. Marrying superior function and aesthetics, this will definitely be a great addition to any modern home. You can even customise your pre-filter colours to adapt it to your home interiors, simply choose from Diva Blue, Crystal Pink, Buff Yellow, Dark Shadow, or Lunar Rock.

An added bonus for people who are lazy to clean their appliances – the fan blades are actually dust-free! This is so as the Blue Pure Fan captures airborne dust and pollutants before it can stick to the fan blades. Noise levels are close to a whisper on the lowest speed at 31dB while its highest setting at 56dB provides a calming white noise to mask sleep-disrupting sounds.

Why buy this:
  • Best 2-in-1 fan with air purification for allergy relief and those with trouble sleeping
  • Highest pollen removal rate amongst all fans in the market
  • Patented air circulation technology for effective cooling
  • Beautiful Scandinavian design for modern homes
  • Very quiet operation, and calming white noise on the highest setting
  • 1-year warranty
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2. EuropAce Tower Fan ETF 1129

EuropAce Tower Fan singapore ETF 1129

Bladeless tower fan

This elegant and slim model will blend seamlessly with any modern home’s aesthetic and is easy both to assemble and take apart. The ionizer function cleans the air in your home and displays the temperature of your room on its digital monitor. With 3 wind speeds available, there are also 3 wind modes: natural, normal, and sleep. This standing fan has strong airflow with oscillation, meaning you’ll have more circulation and fresher air in the room. 

The bladeless design makes it safe for children so you don’t need to worry about any dangerous blades or grilles. Mechanical and remote controls make it easy to adjust the fan wherever you are and is clearly laid out for anyone to use. 

Why buy this fan:
  • Bladeless design, safe for children
  • Ionizer function cleans and freshens the air in your home
  • 3 wind speeds, 3 wind modes
  • Easy to use mechanical and remote controls

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3. Grunn Mist Fan GIMC 116

Grunn Mist standing fan

Not like your ordinary fan, The Grunn Mist Fan is a must-have to any place with its cutting-edge modern vase design and high-quality performance. What we like about the Grunn Mist Fan can cover a wide area with its 16” powerful blade area and has 3-speed settings for you to choose from. Not to mention, it also has negative ions to purify the air at your home and it comes with a 3L water tank for its humidifier function. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can take this fan anywhere around your place easily with its caster wheels. Moreover, it is also suitable for essential oil for aromatherapy inside your house.

Why buy this fan:
  • Negative ions to purify the air
  • Comes with a 3L water tank for humidifier function
  • 3-speed settings and 6 hours timer
  • Auto swing function

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Use coupon code TWV10 to get 10% off storewide (minimum spend of $100)
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4. Dyson Cool AM07 

Dyson Cool AM07 bladeless standing fans singapore

The Dyson AM07 standing fan is the number 1 bladeless fan in the market today. It uses air multiplier technology to ensure powerful, smooth and uninterrupted airflow without the use of blades. With no spinning blades or sharp edges, it is safe for babies and young children and is also extremely easy to clean. The latest models have improved energy efficiency and consume 10% less power than older models.

This standing fan also comes with a mixed flow impeller that has a sealed filter and activated carbon and glass HEPA layer to clean the air as it blows. It is remote-controlled with ten airflow speeds. The remote control is stylistically curved and magnetised to be stored neatly and securely on the machine. 

Why buy this:
  • Air Multiplier technology and one-touch oscillation to evenly distribute airflow
  • Improved energy efficiency, uses 10% less power than earlier models
  • Remote controlled with ten airflow settings
  • Easy to clean and no spinning blades 
  • Sleep timer
  • Smooth  oscillation to direct airflow around the room
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5. Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan singapore TP04

If you are planning to buy the Dyson fan, I suggest topping up a bit more to get the Dyson Pure Cool TP04This standing fan has all the stellar qualities of the Dyson Cool Fan AM07, with the addition of an air purifier. I personally use this at home in my living room, and thanks to this 2-in-1 appliance, I do not need to have an extra bulky appliance to purify the air at home, saving on space.  

The Dyson TP04 automatically detects and captures pollutants effectively with 360° Sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters. You can use the Dyson link app to check out the air quality readings to ensure that it is working effectively. It emits powerful airflow like the Dyson AM07 but its additional air purifier function cleans out the air, making it more beneficial to your home and living space. Filters are quick and easy to change. 

Why buy this:
  • Catches pollutants with 360° Sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters
  • View all recorded information on Dyson Link app
  • Quick, easy filter changing
  • Nighttime mode to monitor and purify while using quietest settings and dimmed display
  • Oscillates up to 350-degrees
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6. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bladeless Fan 

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bladeless Fan standing fans singapore

This lightweight Xiaomi bladeless standing fan is an affordable alternative to Dyson. The bladeless feature makes it safe for young children, and the slim, stylish design makes it a great fit for any modern home.  

It features adjustable 11-level wind speed and uses turbocharged air, along with a DC Frequency Motor to provide more efficient and stable wind. Weighing only 2.4kg, it is portable to move around the house and does not take up much space. It is also energy-saving, with a timing mode included for automatic shutoffs. You can easily operate and control the wind speeds using the remote or your smartphone Mi Home app. Designed to be durable, this Xiaomi standing fan is made of an ABS exterior material with anti-scratch properties. The detachable fan makes for easy cleaning too. 

Why buy this standing fan:
  • Lightweight, more affordable option to Dyson
  • Adjustable 11-level wind speed 
  • Infrared remote controller, buttons, and app to control it 
  • DC variable frequency motor, precise control and saves energy 
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7. Xiaomi Smartmi Wireless Fan 2s 

standing fans singapore Xiaomi Smartmi 2s

A wireless fan was something I never knew could be so useful until I owned one. I use this Xiaomi standing fan at home and can easily move it into the kitchen or living area where I need more air circulation. Its rechargeable battery can last for up to 20 hours on one charge! Best of all it generates a consistent, powerful airflow with its new 7 blade technology. It works silently so you won’t be disrupted by noise interference. The Mi Home app can be used to adapt the fan to create the environment you desire. It is more energy-efficient than its market competitors, able to last for nearly a full day of use while using less energy than other products.  

The recessed screws and discreet buttons make this fan able to fit in with any modern, stylish apartment. The rotational angle operates on 4 different levels, so it cleans all the nooks and crannies in every room, regardless of shape or size. 


Why buy this fan:
  • New 7 blade technology generates consistent powerful airflow, more energy-efficient than its market competitors  
  • A rechargeable battery can last up to 20 hours on one charge 
  • Mi Home app used to create an ideal environment
  • Rotational angle cools all areas of the room 
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8. Honeywell Tower Fan with Ionizer HFY045

Honeywell Tower standing Fans singapore with Ionizer HFY045

This fan is designed for convenience: a flexible height adjustment, a handle for easy transportation, remote control and no tools assembly required, so you have the quickest route to setting up your new fan with its programmable thermostat. There is even an integrated remote control built into the standing fan with its own flashlight and has 3 speeds to choose from. The oscillation will circulate the air and combined with the ionizer, freshens and purifies the air from allergens and pollutants.  

The ionizer freshens and cleans the air for a higher quality of air within your home, and there are a multitude of breeze modes for you to choose from. Ionizers work by releasing positive ions, that bond with negative ions (dirt, allergens) to make them heavier and fall to the ground. This makes it less likely you will inhale these allergens. 

Why buy this fan:
  • Height adjustment
  • Integrated remote control with built-in flashlight
  • 3 speeds to choose from
  • Ionizer freshens and cleans the air 
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9. Cornell Tower Fan CTF-P53D

Cornell Tower standing Fans singapore CTF-P53D

With 360° oscillation, 8 speeds, and a 12-hour timer, this standing fan will keep you cool in hot weather. It has an electronic thermometer that displays the room temperature too. It also features a thermostat with anti-freeze, so regardless of temperature the device will regulate temperature. Moreover, the Cornell Tower Fan has an ioniser to ensure fresh and clean air in your home. 

Why buy this fan:
  • 360° oscillation
  • 12-hour timer 
  • Included remote control 
  • Electronic thermometer and colour display
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10. Vornado 630B Air Circulator

Vornado 630B Air Circulator

This is not one of your traditional standing fans in Singapore – it is an air circulator, backed by a 5-year satisfaction guarantee. Voted on Wirecutter as the best fan, it has multidirectional airflow at 3 different speeds. It is easy to clean and makes very little noise, despite the fact it can move air up to 70 feet! Vornado also uses signature energy efficient Vortex Technology to fully circulate air, eradicating hot and cold spots.  

In essence, this fan is ideal for small to medium rooms, such as your bedroom, kitchen, or office. This fan can sit on the floor or tabletop, depending on your own preference. The air flows cool, quickly, and consistently so you will never feel too hot in your home again.

Why buy this fan:
  • Air circulator, multidirectional airflow
  • Very quiet 
  • Energy-saving Vortex technology
  • Moves air up to 70ft, keeping the room fresh and cool 
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standing fans singapore Europace 9 dual turbo oscillating fan

Another brand to consider is the EuropAce 9 Dual Turbo Oscillating Fan EQQ 7921s. It has a detachable fan blade for easy maintenance, and its strong wind power generates wind speed up to 7m/s. The sensor touch panel and compact base give these standing fans a modern and space-saving design. 

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standing fans singapore EuropAce 9 Jet Turbine Fan with Remote Control- EJF 198C.

Or, check out the EuropAce 9 Jet Turbine Fan with Remote Control- EJF 198C that uses jet turbine technology, the fan creates an even temperature and circulation through the whole room. Drives strong wind up to a distance of 7m and the spiral grille increases and offsets the direction of air and improves air circulation in the room. 

  • Jet turbine technology to create consistent temperature and circulation
  • Strong wind-generated up to 7m
  • Full function in remote control
  • Auto 4 directional swing
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11. Mimica by Mistral 12 High-Velocity Stand Fan 

Mimica by Mistral 12 High-Velocity Standing Fans singaporeThe 6-speed selection means your room will never be too hot again, creating winds up to 892RPM. 3D oscillation keeps your room constantly cool and fully circulated with the 9 plus 5 fan blades. The DC motor has a low power demand and will save your electric consumption. The sensor touch, LED display, and remote control makes programming your standing fan as easy as possible and you can set the timer for up to 12 hours. What I like about this standing fan is that it is able to tilt directly upwards. 

Mimica by Mistral 12 High-Velocity Standing Fan singapore

Why buy this fan:
  • 6-speed selection, up to 892RPM
  • 3D oscillation
  • 9 + 5 blades
  • Low energy consumption
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12. Mistral 16 Inch Stand Fan MTALL40


Mistral 16 Inch Standing Fan singapore MTALL40

Stylish, high quality, and reliable: the 3 words that spring to mind when you assess the Mistral 16 Inch Fan. The high-quality metal housing of the fan displays the standard of which it was made. Height adjustable, 3 stylish colours, and 3 speeds available to fit your home. 

Why buy this fan:
  • High-quality metal housing
  • Metal protection guard
  • 3 stylish colours
  • A rotary switch on the motor housing
Check Price on Shopee >
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13. Novita GreenFan® F-2

Novita GreenFan® F-2

The refined, matte finish on this GreenFan makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home furnishings. A screwdriver is included with the fan to make the installation as simple as possible and is 60% quieter than regular standing fans in Singapore. The rechargeable battery is easily accessed and can be used for portable use for up to 16 hours. 

3D circulation coverage means the standing fan is equipped with a total horizontal oscillation coverage of up to 160˚ and vertical oscillation coverage up to 215˚: meaning you have 25% more coverage throughout your living space. 26-speed control settings with precise control mean you have full control over the power of air circulation.


Why buy this:
  • 60% quieter than normal standing fans in Singapore
  • 3D circulation for 25% more coverage
  • 16 hours of portability and rechargeable battery
  • 26 comprehensive speed setting and precise speed control 
  • Check out the Novita GreenFan® F-2 Twin Pack that comes with a desk fan
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14. Mistral Remote Tower Fan MFD400R

Mistral Remote Tower Fan MFD400R

This sleek style will fit a contemporary home, and its 3 wind speed settings can be either natural, normal, or sleep. The 7-hour timer can be controlled to have the house cooled down before you get home, and the smart memory’s auto-save means you don’t have to set the timer up every use. The LED display adds to the modern design, along with operating quietly and the handle at the back of the tower fan makes it easy to transport. 

Why buy this fan:
  • 3-speed settings and 3 wind modes: natural, normal, and sleep
  • 7 hour on/off timer 
  • LED display 
  • Smart memory auto-save for regular use
Check Price on Shopee >
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15. Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan – MLF14MB

Mistral 14 Metal Slide Fan - MLF14MB


This fan would be a great outdoor standing fan as it is sturdy and reliable. It has 3 speeds to choose from and 85° oscillation through 4 fan blades. Its adjustable height would make it ideal for eating outdoors in the hot summer weather to keep you cool. 

Why buy this fan:
  • 14-inch metal slide fan
  • 3 speeds
  • 4 metal fan blades
  • Adjustable height
Check Price on Shopee >
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16. Sona SAF6080 Antique Stand Fan 16

Sona SAF6080 Antique Stand Fan 16

Another similar vintage design would be the Sona SAF6080 Antique Stand Fan 16. It features a sturdy exterior could make it a useful outdoor fan. The 3-speed settings provide a strong airflow and would keep you fresh and cool in the hot summer weather. The tilt and height are both adjustable in this standing fan, so you would be able to have the perfect amount of cooling air. The 4 aluminium blades are light and hard-wearing, and the 3-year warranty on the motor means you are covered for any mechanical fault.

Why buy this fan:
  • 3-speed settings
  • Tilt and height adjustable
  • 4 aluminium blades
  • 3 years warranty on the motor
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17. Dyson Cool AM06 White Silver Desk Fan

Dyson Cool AM06 White Silver Desk Fan

The perfect desk companion, the Dyson Cool will provide you with a powerful flow of cool air by multiplying airflow by as much as 15 times yet using 40% less energy than its predecessor. It is also 75% quieter due to the more efficient streamlined air channels. The sleep timer can be set up so the fan will turn off at preset intervals, from 15 minutes to 9 hours. 

As with Dyson’s AM07, there are no dangerous spinning blades so it is both child-safe and practical to clean. The remote control manages ten airflow settings to ensure optimum room conditions, and is magnetised to be stored on the fan when not in use. Also available in Iron Blue.


Why buy this desk fan:
  • Multiplies airflow by as much as 15 times
  • Uses 40% less energy than previous models
  • 75% quieter
  • No blades or hazardous features – child-safe, easy to clean
Check Price on Shopee >
Check price on Lazada >

18. Dyson Pure Cool Me™ Personal Purifying Fan 

Dyson Pure Cool Me™ Personal Purifying Fan singapore

Did you know homes can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside? If you want to change your homes’ air quality, you may want to think about investing in Dyson’s Personal Purifier. Everyday items in our home release harmful microbes that you ingest. This fan contains sealed filters that remove them from the air surrounding you. These could be pollen and allergens, bacteria and mould spores, VOCs and ultrafine particles. The filters are quick and easy to clean to keep the fan working at its best.

Adjust the tilt of the fan to direct the airflow how you desire, which is channelled through narrow apertures. The air then travels across the convex dome surface to move into the air surrounding you.  


Why buy this fan:
  • Program it to move side to side and provide airflow through 70°
  • Quick and easy filter cleaning 
  • Dyson Core Flow technology projecting precise air jets
  • Adjust the tilt of dome to angle higher or lower
  • Also available in black
Check Price on Shopee >
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View price on Amazon >

19. Cornell 12-Inch Table Fan CFNT122GY

Cornell 12-Inch Table fan singapore CFNT122GY

This small, affordable table fan has 3 speeds to choose from to keep you cool as you work from your desk, or relax in your bedroom. It doesn’t have any technologically advanced capabilities, but it will keep you feeling fresh and cool. 

Why buy this fan:
  • Cheapest desk fan available
  • 12-inch desk fan
  • Copper motor
  • 3-speed settings
Check price on Lazada > 
Check price on Amazon >

20. PowerPac Mini Tower Fan with Oscillation PPTF10

PowerPac Mini Tower Fan with Oscillation PPTF10

For another mini table fan, have a look at the PowerPac Mini Tower Fan with Oscillation PPTF10. This 9-inch mini fan has 3-speed settings with oscillation, along with built-in thermal protection for overheating. If you have young children, it is cautioned not to leave them alone with the fan as they may trap their hands within the grille. PowerPac is the brand I go to when I want an appliance for cheap, and this model is suitable for the office and to stand on your work table.

Why buy this fan:
  • Cheap affordable model
  • 3-speed settings with oscillation
  • Suitable for office use
  • Thermal protection against overheating
Check price on Lazada > 
Check price on Amazon >

Where to buy standing fans in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy standing fans in Singapore from stores, but now you can purchase standing fans online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to for shopping electronics and appliances. It is also a great place to compare prices. 


That’s our guide on the 19 Best Standing Fans in Singapore for you to buy! I hope that our guide has helped you to find the best standing fan in Singapore for your home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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