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Top 15 Things to Do on your Toronto Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon in a big place like Canada? Well, there are obviously plenty of choices you haven’t seen in Canada yet, but we recommend Toronto. If you are still undecided on where to go because Canada is so big, the TVW has gathered you the Top 15 Things to do on your Toronto Honeymoon. Take a look and you’ll find inspiration below.

Before we get started on the things to do, here are our recommendations on the best places to stay at in Toronto!

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Best Places to Stay in Toronto:

1. Stay in a Modern, Historic Hotel at the Fairmont Royal York

Photo via MagellanVacations
Photo via Wikiwand

Fairmont Royal York is one of the large hotels in Downtown Toronto. It is opened in 1929 and remains its original features like its hand-painted ceilings and travertine pillars. The elegant rooms offer free Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, minibars, tea and coffee makers and flat-screen TVs. The individually decorated suites have separate living area with full kitchen and dining room. Some rooms have city views.

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Top 15 Things to Do on your Toronto Honeymoon

1. Experience a Rapunzel Fairytale at Casa Loma Castle

Photo via Hlta
Photo via AnaTravels
Photo via Expedia

Casa Loma still has its majestic charm which excites all ages. It was proclaimed as the castle in the middle of the city. Casa Loma has its secret passageways, towers, staircase, an 800-foot tunnel, and the five-acre garden.

After you spend more time with its impressive exterior and lavish interior you can enjoy the tasty tour at the Kensington Market. The market has its unique charm and diversity through its mix of fine dining restaurants and cafes and vintage clothing stores.

2. Admire the Lake of Shining Waters at the Lake Ontario

Photo via TomDavidson
Photo via WorldforTravel

Watch the breathtaking view of the sunset and the refreshing beautiful scene of the Lake Ontario as it called the ‘lake of shining waters’. The lake receives its water from the Niagara River and empties into the St. Lawrence River. Lake Ontario was named from the Wendat language which means ‘large lake’ and it is the most easterly of the Great Lakes.

3. Experience Sakura Blossoms at High Park

Photo via HighParkToronto
Photo via theStar

The best season to visit here in High Park is in late April or early May. The beautiful cherry blossom attracts many visitors. Cherry blossoms last for about 10 days if the weather is nice, but if rains the flower petals fall quicker while they are in bloom. It needs to be warm days in a row for the cherry blossoms to come out beautifully.

4. Get Panoramic Views of the City at the 533-Meter Tall CN Tower

Photo via CNtower
TorontoHoneymoon-CNtower-Evolve Tours
Photo via Evolve Tours
Photo via Googglet

The CN tower is the world’s tallest building defining the Toronto skyline. It offers panoramic views from its free standing structure at over 553-meters. You can also enjoy shopping and dining featuring a glass floor & a revolving eatery with panoramic views. You can also try the Famous Edge Walk if you are not afraid of heights. It offers the most exciting extreme attraction¬†and perfect dining destination.

5. Enjoy an Authentic Outdoor Experience at Rouge Park

Photo via theReevesReport
Photo via Flickr

The Rouge Park has a free admission to visitors. It has 12 kilometers rustic hiking trails. It has forests, sand beaches, rolling hills where you can hike, swim, and fishing. There is another whole side of nature to see with guided walks in Rouge Park. It has an access to Waterfront Trail of Lake Ontario.

6. Smell the Roses at Toronto Botanical Gardens

Photo via GardenVisit

Toronto Botanical Garden is located in Toronto’s Edwards Gardens. It is a public park with a variety of beautiful estate gardens. You can enjoy their garden shop, farmers market, and seasonal cafe. They feature innovative indoor and outdoor learning experience with garden tours, nature camps, field trips and horticultural library.

7. Scream your Lungs out at Canada’s Wonderland

Photo via CityNews
TorontoHoneymoon-canadaswonderland-Disney Nouns
Photo via Disney Nouns
TorontoHoneymoon-canadaswonderland-CNW Group
Photo via CNW Group

Canada’s Wonderland features more than 200 attractions and 69 adventurous rides. It has the greatest variety of roller coasters. It also has a 20-acre water park where you can enjoy Splash Works.

Their live entertainment is great too. You will enjoy their friendly shows and the animatronic dinosaur park. The amusement park has a goal to provide you the best day ever!

8. Have a Unique Wildlife Experience at the Toronto Zoo

Photo via Expedia
TorontoHoneymoon-torontozoo-Sign Media Canada
Photo via Sign Media Canada

Toronto Zoo was opened in 1974. The animals in tropical pavilions are displayed indoors. They feature Waterside theatre, Splash Island, and Kids Zoo. Currently, it has over 5,000 animals including fish and invertebrates which represent 450 species. The Toronto Zoo introduced to enhance the public’s viewing experience as well as animals’ comfort living by introducing some designs like the naturalized environments according to the animal’s zoogeographic region.

9. Admire the Beautiful Waterfront of Toronto Harbour

TorontoHoneymoon-torontoharbour-Mariposa Cruises
Photo via Mariposa Cruises

If you will tour in Toronto harbor you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Toronto skyline. It will also give you a chance to take a closer look at the Toronto islands and waterfront. They have an enormous lake here, you can sun tanning in summer and go skating in winter. You can also rent skates. They also feature awesome outdoor cultural festivals with lots of free fun music and activities.

10. Make your partner as you snow-riding buddy at Tobogganing

TorontoHoneymoon-toboggan-Jeff Cottrill
Photo via Jeff Cottrill
Photo via blogTO

There are dozens of terrific toboggan hills downtown Toronto and seven amazing hills just outside of Toronto for tubing. Enjoy the winter snow and find your snow-riding buddy and hike down to one of great tobogganing locations in Toronto. Just make sure you have a plenty of hot tea at home to warm yourself after you ride the hills with deep freeze temperatures. What are you waiting for?

11. Haggle for Best Buys at St. Lawrence Market on Weekends

Photo via FreeforTourists
TorontoHoneymoon-stlawrencemarket-the BREL team
Photo via the BREL team
Photo via Culinary Adventure Co

St. Lawrence Market was named as the world’s best food market in 2012 by National Geographic. It is a Toronto landmark and considered as the largest indoor market. It is located at the corner of Jarvis St., the main activity is in the center of the South Market which has food stores, restaurants, and groceries.

12. Discover Toronto’s marine life at Ripley‚Äôs Aquarium of Canada

Photo via Flickr
Photo via Torontoist
Photo via UrbanToronto

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is one of three aquariums owned by Ripley Entertainment and is located in Toronto, Ontario. It is a public aquarium that features aquatic exhibits and a walk through the tank. The aquarium shows freshwater and marine habitats from around the world. It holds exotic sea and of more than 450 species.

13. Head out for a Picnic at the Scarborough Bluffs Park

TorontoHoneymoon-Scarborough Bluffs-To Do Canada
Photo via To Do Canada

Scarborough Bluffs Park which is also known as ‘The Bluffs’ has nine parks along the bluffs. It features walking trails and recreational hiking. The park also has picnic tables, restaurants, fire pits, boating club, and places where you can pitch a tent. There are many sections of the bluffs outside the park which are private property.

14. Watch a Musical at the Royal Alexandra Theatre

Photo via Flickr

Royal Alexandra Theatre is a 1,497 seat with a proscenium stage theatre and a beaux-arts style. It has 2 balcony levels built in of 19th century British theatres. It is now renovated with a modern look. It features mural up above the stage, cantilevered balconies, and pipes from the old air-conditioning system.

15. Take a Day Trip out to Toronto Islands

Photo via blogTO
Photo via Wikimedia

You can try the ferry trip from Queen’s Quay Terminal to the Toronto islands and the water activities like rowing, swimming, and sailing.¬† There are numerous open-air events on the island every summer. You can also find the stunning view of the Toronto Skyline. Centreville Amusement Park is located on Centre Island. It features a variety of children rides. There is a ferry service from Queen’s Quay which travels to the main Toronto Island.

If Toronto, Canada is your dream honeymoon destination, TWV hopes that you enjoyed reading our Top 18 Things to Do on your Toronto Honeymoon. With breathtaking scenery and unforgettable adventures, Toronto creates your honeymoon memories last a lifetime.

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