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Top 10 Most Romantic Vietnam Honeymoon Destinations (2022 Guide)

When thinking of a Southeast Asia honeymoon, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines often come to mind. But in fact, there is so much staggering natural beauty to see on a Vietnam honeymoon. It’s mountainous landscape, winding rivers and hill tribe villages make Vietnam a serene, idyllic destination. Halong Bay and Sapa Valley are some of the most tranquil, must-visit places in Vietnam. Conversely, Vietnam’s bustling cities are on the opposite spectrum and delivers sensory overload. In Hanoi and Ho Chin Minh, you will find a multitude of cars and motorbikes traversing across each other in chaos, yet somehow everyone seems to be in control. You will find that Vietnamese culture is complex, diverse, reflective of their ancient temples and state buildings from the French colonial period. And lastly, we have to shine the spotlight on Vietnamese cuisine, for their herbs and spices mix up to some of the most delicious dishes you will taste. There are plenty of off-the-beaten-path experiences you can enjoy in Vietnam, and in this article, we will share with you the most romantic Vietnam honeymoon destinations to visit.

This article is last updated on 2 February 2022.

Table of Contents

Where to Stay in Vietnam
  1. Hanoi, for the city charm
  2. Halong Bay, for the ethereal beauty of its islands
  3. Phu Quoc Island, for a beach escape
  4. Con Dao Islands, for its striking tropical appeal
  5. Mui Ne, for Sahara by the beach
  6. Da Nang, for an evolving city
  7. Hoi An, for its quaint old town charm and flavorsome cuisine
  8. Sapa, for its spectacular scenery and famous trekking spots
  9. Da Lat, for a French vibe in Vietnam
  10. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, for cave exploring

Top 10 Most Romantic Vietnam Honeymoon Destinations

1. Hanoi, for the city charm

Who would have thought that the now-bustling city of Hanoi was once a war-torn piece of Vietnam? Today, its thoroughfares filled with scooters and echoing noises of all sorts are just some of the proofs that Hanoi has woken up from the nightmare of its past. It’s now a fast-progressing city where every corner reveals the resilience of its locals.

The interesting rich history of the city would make every couple fall in love once more, not just with each other but with the already well-loved capital of Vietnam.

Top Things to do in Hanoi

  • Book a 7-hour day tour of the city to see its interesting natural landscapes, museums and more. Plus, watch a traditional water puppet show
  • Summon your cooking prowess as you learn about Vietnam’s unique culinary practices by booking the Rose Kitchen Cooking Class with Local Market Tour
  • Give your photography skills some tweak by capturing Hanoi’s local culture and off-the-beaten-track spots as you join a film photography tour
  • Observe Hanoi’s panoramic views from the 65th floor of the Lotte Centre
  • Go cafĂ© and restaurant hopping in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Recommended Place to Stay in Hanoi:

Peridot Grand Hotel and Spa by AIRA, for a luxurious stay

Every corner of this five-star hotel reveals timeless luxurious elegance, offering the best to all honeymooners who want to enjoy the most of Hanoi. What’s remarkable is that the food and beverage options right in the hotel are a feast for the tummy with its two on-site restaurants and three bars.

Check rates for Peridot Grand Hotel >

2. Halong Bay, for the ethereal beauty of its islands

Home to some 1,600 limestone islands, lush jungle vegetation, stunning caves, and powdery sand beaches, the Halong Bay known for its sparkling emerald and turquoise waters is no wonder tagged as northern Vietnam’s number one tourism hub.

An influx of tourists, some of whom are honeymooners, come each year for the signature cruise adventure traversing an island after another. And oh, how they loved watching the jaw-dropping sunsets on board!

Top Things to Do in Halong Bay:

  • Book the 3D2N Halong Bay Cruise and Caves Visit by Sunlight Cruise, and enjoy fun activities together such as kayaking, squid fishing, karaoke, and a sunset party
  • You can also choose a shorter version of the Halong Bay adventure by booking a half-day tour. You’ll get a glimpse of the Stone Dog, Incense Burner Island, and the Fighting Cock Rock
  • Go diving or snorkeling
  • Take a seaplane and marvel at the astounding views of the limestone islands and emerald waters
  • Sample local produce in Halong Bay at the Bai Chay Market, and oh, indulge yourselves in a feast of seafood barbecue, too

Recommended Place to Stay in Halong Bay:

Vinpearl Resort and Spa Ha Long, for a beautiful ocean view

The Vinpearl Resort and Spa Ha Long is the first and largest five-star resort located in North Vietnam. Set on the private Reu Island, it provides a romantic, serene and relaxing honeymoon escape to every couple who love anything about scenic beaches.

Check here for Vinpearl Resort and Spa Ha Long >

3. Phu Quoc Island, for a beach escape

Phu Quoc was once a sleepy tranquil island with undeveloped white sand beaches and dense tropical jungle. Fast forward many years later, beachfront resorts started rising and lining up next to each other. Tourists, mostly, westerners flock here year by year. No wonder, the once island backwater was just waiting for awakening and discovery.

Worry not, though, honeymooners can still find some less crowded to no crowd spots at all for themselves. There are a plethora of activities to try that allow couples to commune with nature and each other. Go diving, trekking, camping, or all of the above!

Top Things to Do in Phu Quoc Island:

  • Watch the breathtaking sunset while enjoying a delicious meal with your significant other as you go on a Phu Quoc Island cruise. You can also swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the surrounding beaches you’ll stop by.
  • Go island-hopping for a day, then, experience hopping on the longest cable car ride in the world.
  • Discover the hidden gems of nature in Phu Quoc Island by trekking through the National Park which is home to some 100-year-old trees! Go visit some local farms, too.
  • Book an exotic camping tour around Fingernail Island, Dam Ngang Island, and May Rut Island. One of the highlights of the camping tour? A fun barbecue party by the beach!
  • Go on a safari adventure in Vietnam’s first and only open zoo.

Recommended Place to Stay in Phu Quoc:

Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island, for tranquility and privacy

Bask in the sun all day. Walk hand in hand on the long stretch of cream powdery sand. Have a romantic dinner by the beach. Plunge in the lap pool overlooking the sea. Have a soothing spa treatment at the end of the day. The honeymoon bucket list in Salinda Resort goes on. We suggest the Pearl Suite Villa for your stay.

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4. Con Dao Islands, for its striking tropical appeal

Con Dao Islands’ intriguing historical past as former confinement for prisoners mixed with its striking tropical appeal characterized by a huge chain of lovely beaches, unspoiled coral reefs and lush forests, never fails to draw attention from couples seeking an ultimate island getaway. The choices are endless for hiking, diving, and even wildlife-watching opportunities.

Top Things to Do in Con Dao Islands:

  • Take a boat trip and go snorkeling
  • Explore the Con Dao National Park
  • Visit the Con Dao Museum
  • Get a glimpse of the past by visiting the historical Con Dao Prisons
  • Try out snail dishes such as clams, mussels, sea urchins and more at Quan Oc Mai Thy Restaurant

Recommended Place to Stay in Con Dao Islands:

Six Senses Con Dao, for beachfront living with unobstructed sea views

Its uniquely designed 50 villas exude the character of a traditional fishing village. Honeymooners can lounge all day by their very own private infinity pool that features unobstructed sea views. What you’ll love about the resort is that their restaurants use veggies freshly harvested from their organic garden. Indulge yourselves in authentic Vietnamese dishes or contemporary international cuisine after an exhausting fun-filled day engaging in water and beach sports.

Check rates for Six Senses Con Dao >

5. Mui Ne, for Sahara by the beach

Perhaps, you’ve seen movies set in a vast desert. And it was clear enough how the characters struggled to look for an oasis, which is, of course, a rare sight in such a huge barren land. But what if you can have a mix of both worlds, right next to each other? Look no further, it’s right here in Mui Ne where you can find a little Sahara by the beach.

The spectacular sand dunes are a sight to behold. Honeymooners could go quad biking to explore all these! But wait, be sure to try out kitesurfing somewhere between late October and April, too.

Top Things to Do in Mui Ne:

  • Experience thrill and excitement as you learn to kitesurf
  • Book a Mui Ne Full day tour to discover as much as you can about what the picturesque town has to offer
  • Visit the famous Fairy Stream
  • Quad bike across the stunning sand dunes
  • Rent a motorcycle and drive around with your sweetheart to get a glimpse of the fishing villages, small markets, cafes, beachside good eats, and empty beach strips

Recommended Place to Stay in Mui Ne:

Sailing Club Resort Mui Ne, for an airy tropical beachfront accommodation

A glimpse of the Sailing Club Resort Mui Ne reminds us of romantic windy summer nights by the beach. The resort is surrounded by scenic views of the sea and lush greens, offering honeymooners an ultimate break from the daily grind.

Check rates for Sailing Club Resort Mui Ne >

6. Da Nang, for an evolving city

It seems that the once-sleepy countryside of Da Nang has morphed into a growing city in just a flick of a finger. Go for a stroll on the city’s major streets and you’ll see newly built modern hotels, apartments, and restaurants. Head south to the Da Nang Beach strip and you’ll find emerging hotel and resort developments. Some of which would spoil honeymooners with luxurious amenities and world-class service.

The city after-dark is a must-see with its bemusing shimmering neon lights. While you go for a stroll, be sure to try the city’s tasty street food.

Top Things to Do in Da Nang:

Recommended Place to Stay in Da Nang:

Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, for a luxurious retreat set in a private beach

For honeymooners, your best bet is a beachfront villa nestled within boulders at the foot of the mountain where you can lounge in the afternoon by your very own private pool and sundeck. Some room options also offer a spa bath and a private dining pavilion offering splendid ocean views. The luxury resort also features several fine dining options like La Maison 1888 for a perfect beachfront date with your partner.

Check rates for Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort >

7. Hoi An, for its quaint old town charm and flavorsome cuisine

For couples who have lived their entire lives in a congested urban jungle with all sorts of chaos and pollution, the quaint old town charm of Hoi An is definitely a different world to experience. Traipsing around downtown, one would feel like he’s having a trip back in time when cars weren’t invented yet—back in time when every corner of the street reflects the comfort and friendliness of a close-knit community.

To those who hate pollution, Hoi An would be your favorite place in the world. In fact, the best way to explore its villages is by riding a bicycle. Because pollution is almost entirely absent, here is the best place to sample delicious street foods such as the Pho and Vietnamese spring rolls.

Top Things to Do in Hoi An:

Recommended Place to Stay in Hoi An:

Anio Boutique Hotel Hoian, for a home-away-from-home

The Anio Boutique Hotel Hoian takes romance seriously, providing newlywed couples with an ideal honeymoon package for a truly unforgettable stay. The package includes daily romantic breakfast for two, private romantic candle-light dinner served at Anio Restaurant, complimentary bottle of house wine, one complimentary traditional massage at Anio Spa, and more.

Check rates for Anio Boutique Hotel Hoian >

8. Sapa, for its spectacular scenery and famous trekking spots

The plunging valley and the cloud-blanketed mountains kissing the skies create a dramatic scenery surrounding the alpine town of Sapa. But it’s not the old-fashioned, quiet countryside mountainous town you’re expecting anymore. Tourism developments continue rising from everywhere around Sapa.

But the real adventure is not downtown. For hikers, it’s just the starting point. And once you’ve set foot at this base, you can’t wait to hit the ground running to explore the cascading rice terraces and hill-tribe villages. Sapa is an attractive, romantic honeymoon spot for couples who love the cool climate and dramatic scenery on top of the mountains.

Top Things to Do in Sapa:

Recommended Place to Stay in Sapa:

Sapa Horizon Hotel, for a honeymoon room facing picturesque mountain views

Wake up to the misty mountain views right in front of you in Sapa Horizon Hotel. The picturesque scenery right outside your windows provides a tranquil, relaxing vibe that every couple needs after months of exhausting wedding preparations. Guests particularly love the location of the hotel as it’s just 500 meters away from the Sapa Lake and 1.9 kilometers away from the Fansipan Legend Cable Car Station.

Check rates for Sapa Horizon Hotel >

9. Da Lat, for a French vibe in Vietnam

The European city of Paris is definitely the quintessential destination for honeymooners, claiming the title as the city of love and romance and owning it ever since. But Da Lat is quite remarkable for mimicking the signature Paris romantic vibe. It’s no surprise, however.

For long, the French have lived here, and their influence is evident wherever you go—from the elegant French-colonial villas to even an Eiffel Tower-shaped radio tower! No wonder, it’s been tagged as Vietnam’s honeymoon capital.

Top Things to Do in Da Lat:

Recommended Place to Stay in Da Lat

Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel, for a royal honeymoon treat

All the open-air rooms of the Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel are elegantly furnished with its interior design theme that reflects the 1920s French colonial era. It’s not just the place that would make a couple feel as if they’re king and queen, but the excellent service as well. Also, you get a taste of everything French, including a wide selection of French cuisine and wine.

Check rates for Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel >

10. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, for cave exploring

The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is the sanctuary of the oldest karst mountains in Asia that was formed some 400 million years ago. No doubt, that mind-blowing fact made the national park a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.

For every couple who are constantly fascinated by the idea of rugged outdoor adventures, this is definitely your dream destination with endless spelunking activities and forest trekking. While exploring the caves, a number of underground rivers are a delightful surprise along the way.

Top Things to Do in Phong Nha:

Recommended Place to Stay in Phong Nha:

Victory Road Villas, for a secluded honeymoon retreat

Overlooking the peaceful “Song Son” river and surrounded by the oldest karst mountains in Asia, the Victory Road Villas provide a relaxing, secluded retreat for honeymooners in the rural part of Vietnam. But don’t let the old-fashioned countryside vibe fool you—the bedrooms in the villas are generously spacious and elegantly furnished, complete with ideal amenities for the guests’ utmost comfort. The dining options in its in-house restaurant are excellent as well. Plus, you can relax all day by the outdoor pool tucked in its midst.

Check rates for Victory Road Villas >

What did you think of our Top Most Romantic Vietnam Honeymoon Destinations? Comment below on which place you’d like to visit! If you enjoyed the article, please do share it with your family and friends. Also do not miss out on our other destination guides below!

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