Best Bespoke Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore
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Best Bespoke Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore

Closely accompanying your gown, a bridal bouquet that matches well could even attract your eyes! A must-have for every fairytale wedding, the perfect bouquet can convey much – elegance, theme, colours and customs.

We’ve scoured every corner to bring you a list of the¬†Top 10 Bespoke Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore¬†so that you might be able to find that one bouquet to truly fall in love with. End your posy quest with these skilled florists today!

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Top 10 Bespoke Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore

10. One Olive

One Olive
One Olive – Best Wedding Bouquet Designer in Singapore

Looking for the best wedding bouquet designers in Singapore? Look no further than One Olive. What is special about One Olive is its exquisite floral arrangements, making it stand out as the epitome of elegance and sophistication. From bespoke petite bouquets to standard arrangements, each creation is meticulously crafted to reflect the essence of your special day. Aside from that, One Olive ensures that every bridal bouquet in Singapore is a masterpiece of artistry and emotion. Their curated collection of signature flowers also speaks volumes, offering a language of love and celebration that transcends words. Whether you’re gifting or indulging in a personal treat, One Olive’s naturalistic floral designs, adorned with unique seasonal blooms, capture the beauty and sentiment of the moment effortlessly. Visit their website to explore their enchanting creations and elevate your floral experience today.

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Address: 61 Seng Poh Lane 01-01 Singapore
Tel.: +65 6779 3543
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9. Elly Sera Florist

Elly Sera Florist
Elly Sera Florist – Best Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore

Discover timeless floral elegance with Elly Sera Florist, the premier wedding bouquet designer in Singapore. Trained at the prestigious Nobleman School of Floral Design, Elly Sera brings grace and sophistication to every arrangement. What you will also love about this is it boasts great bridal bouquets and event styling. This offers affordable options tailored to your wedding theme. With a focus on using the freshest blooms and meticulous attention to detail, each bouquet is a masterpiece reflecting your vision. Plus, Elly Sera’s expertise guarantees unforgettable floral experiences, from everyday occasions to your special day. Explore their enchanting creations on their website and elevate your wedding with their exquisite designs.

Address: WISMA ATRIA – 435 Orchard Road, #01-43 Singapore 238877 (Retail)
NORTHSTAR@AMK – 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Singapore 569880 (Workspace, No walk-ins)
Tel.: +65 8892 6625
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8. Fleur D’sign

Fleur D'sign
Fleur D’sign – Best Wedding Bouquet Designer Singapore

Step into the world of elegance and creativity with Fleur D’sign, renowned as one of the best wedding bouquet designers and bridal studios in Singapore. Its team of wedding dress designers, florists, makeup artists, photographers, and videographers is dedicated to making your day truly phenomenal. From stunning floral arrangements to magical venue decorations, it blends creativity with elegance to transform your space into a fairytale setting. Furthermore, it offers a range of exquisite flower bouquets and corsages, including Calla Lily, Hydrangea, Peony, and more, ensuring the bride shines among the blooms. Alleviate your wedding planning stress with its comprehensive services, including gown rental and decoration arrangements, so you can focus on cherishing every moment of your special day. Explore its bridal collections and turn your wedding dreams into reality at Fleur D’sign.

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Address: 371, Upper Paya Lebar Road #01-05 YiKai Court, Singapore, Singapore
Tel.: +65 9169 8088
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7.  Fern & Foli

Fern & Foli
Fern & Foli – Best Wedding Bouquet Designers Singapore

At Fern & Foli, they are not just floral designers, they are storytellers. Born from a marriage of two passions ‚Äď flowers and craft ‚Äď their creations brim with life and colour, each blooms a unique expression capturing the mood of life’s special moments. With a background in architecture and a love for the outdoors, its founder stumbled into the world of floristry over a decade ago, finding it a refreshing medium for expression. From loose, naturalistic designs to intricate arrangements, they also love experimenting with materials, colours, and textures to create pieces that captivate and delight. Whether it’s crafting the perfect bridal bouquet in Singapore or styling for any occasion, they pour their hearts into every detail, infusing each creation with imagination and love.

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Address: 102 FLORA ROAD Singapore 509744
Tel.: +65 9661-5077
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6. Floraison Studio

Floraison Studio
Floraison Studio – Best Wedding Bouquet Designer in Singapore

Embrace the ephemeral beauty of life with Floraison Studio, your destination for contemporary artisanal flowers in Singapore. Inspired by the fleeting nature of blossoms, they strive to amplify their short-lived splendour while leaving a lasting impression through their creative floral bouquets and arrangements. Each day, their studio unveils a unique design, ensuring that your daily flower bundle is truly one-of-a-kind. Order before 1 PM to enjoy free same-day delivery, bringing a touch of floral magic straight to your doorstep. Whether it’s a bridal bouquet in Singapore or a simple gesture of love, its blooms are also thoughtfully crafted to embody the essence of modern elegance at affordable prices. Come celebrate the beauty of life, one exquisite bloom at a time, with Floraison Studio.

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Website: Wedding Flowers | Floraison Studio
Address: 2 Connectt@TS 2 Pereira Road, #02-01A S (368024)
Tel.: +65 91189202
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5. SkinnyBlooms

SkinnyBlooms – Best Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore

Enter into love and beauty with SkinnyBlooms, where every floral creation exudes love and elegance. With a belief in making love visible through flowers, this showcases a stunning array of freshly sourced and preserved florals, ensuring that each piece beautifies any room it graces. Whether you need a bridal bouquet in Singapore, centrepieces, or event floristry, SkinnyBlooms also works closely with you to bring your vision to life. What is also unique about this is it is led by a team of dedicated Bloomies that specialises in bespoke creations. Additionally, they capture the essence of your style and personality. From meaningful gift sets to decorative floral items, SkinnyBlooms is also committed to spreading love and joy with every bloom. Contact us to start planning your #SkinnyBloomsWedding and let the floral magic begin.

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Website: SkinnyBlooms
Address: 65 CLOVER AVENUE Singapore 579347
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4. 5am Flowers

5am Flowers
5am Flowers – Best Wedding Bouquet Designer Singapore

Indulge in the enchanting world of floral storytelling with 5am Flowers, where each bloom holds a unique tale waiting to be told. Its founder is a former aspiring journalist with an advertising degree, but found her true calling in weaving narratives with her hands. From the couple’s first bouquet to the casual “just because” bunch, every arrangement carries sentimental significance. With a passion for learning and exploring, she draws inspiration from global experiences, enriching her craft with each new adventure. Working in wedding bouquets and installations, 5am Flowers celebrates the joy of love and commitment, whether it’s a simple ROM bouquet or an elaborate sunset backdrop. Create timeless memories through the language of flowers. Explore its wedding portfolio and embark on your floral adventure with 5am Flowers today.

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Website: 5AM Flowers
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3. Dakota Studios

Dakota Studios
Dakota Studios – Best Wedding Bouquet Designers Singapore

Meanwhile, Dakota Studios shines as a beacon of creativity and dedication among the best wedding bouquet designers in Singapore, passionately crafting floral arrangements that inspire and delight. Its commitment to personalised experiences ensures that every bouquet tells a unique story, commemorating life’s special moments with beauty and grace. Aside from that, they take pride in their constant exploration of new designs and seasonal flowers, guaranteeing that each creation is fresh and vibrant. What you will also like about Dakota Studios is its skilled florists are there to bring your vision to life. Let Dakota Studios be your partner in celebrating love and joy, as they create timeless floral masterpieces that capture the essence of your most cherished memories. Visit its website to discover more about its wedding services.

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Website: Dakota Studios
Address: 533 Dunman Rd, Singapore, Singapore
Tel.: +65 8816 2810
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2. Mente Floreale

Mente Floreale
Mente Floreale – Best Wedding Bouquet Designer in Singapore

For Mente Floreale, it isn’t just about floral arrangements; it’s about crafting love with flowers. Stemming from a personal journey of battling anxiety and depression, its founder discovered solace in the beauty of blooms, turning flower arrangement into a therapeutic passion. From retail floristry to professional training in Korea, its expertise encompasses a diverse range of styles, with a penchant for dreamy, enchanted garden aesthetics. Additionally, its creations, lovingly designed with great attention to detail, speak volumes when words fall short. With an amorphous, natural, and precise approach, each arrangement also dances freely like a garden in your hands, evoking emotions and memories in every petal. Bring your floral dreams to life, one enchanting arrangement at a time.

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Website: Mente Floreale
Address: Hougang Street 91, Singapore, Singapore
Tel.: +65 9327 6552
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1. Petite Petale

Petite Petale
Petite Petale – Best Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore

Gardens and flowers hold a magical power to unite souls, as beautifully articulated by Clare Ansberry. What began as a personal interest for one woman has blossomed into a shared passion for three at Petite Petale. Cheryl’s innate talent for handicrafts, Geraldine’s eye for beauty and balance, and Wei Si’s boundless creativity converge to create bespoke floral memories for your special occasions. What is exceptional about Petite Petale is they make sure each memory remains uniquely cherished. As one of the best wedding bouquet designers in Singapore, Petite Petale prides itself on delivering original, creative, and uncompromising quality flowers. From exploring the flower market daily to handpicking the freshest blooms, we strive to present flowers in innovative and naturalistic ways. Transform your events with its exquisite floral decorations.

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Website: Petite Petale
Address: Bouquets, Floral Services 5 Stadium Walk #B1-09 Leisure Park Kallang Singapore 397693
Tel.:+65 6348 9877
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We started with a thought: what if everyday blooms could be made a little extra special with a dash of quirkiness here and a touch of whimsy there? We hope our article featuring the Top 10 Bespoke Wedding Bouquet Designers in Singapore helped you with your planning!

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