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Top 10 Singapore Wedding Websites You Must Know

Where should my wedding venue be? Where can I get the perfect wedding gown? What should my wedding theme be? What flowers should I get? What flavor should the cake be? The list of questions goes on and on. Planning your dream wedding can be a¬†tricky affair, and it’s often couples have no clue where to start! But we assure you that the stresses and anxiety will soon subside when you have the right resources to help you. So we compiled our list of the Top 10 Singapore Wedding Websites¬†to help you tide through the planning phases of your wedding, making it nothing short of exciting and fun. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Wedding Websites in Singapore

10. Extraordinary Weddings

extraordinary weddings sc With Extraordinary Wedding’s suite of articles, ¬†you can be sure to be in survival mode for your planning. Their inspirations gallery which you can sort¬†by colour, theme or keywords is like a fairy Godmother’s touch! Grab fine inspiration from their¬†real weddings¬†and styled shoots¬†and from their e-magazine¬†with 2 issues to date! Over at Extraordinary Weddings, it’s “where exquisite weddings become reality.”

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9. Perfect Weddings, for practical tools

perfect weddings sc
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Perfect Weddings also comes with a spanking e-magazine (3 issues to date) that makes for a great read! Packed with many great tools like an iPhone Wedding App that helps you manage your checklist, guestlist and many more on the go, you can also create your own wedding website within Perfect Weddings. Also, be sure to check out their wedding forum, vendor directory as well as promotions!
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8. One Three One Four, making destination photoshoots a breeze


It’s evident how small Singapore is when you see many wedding photos having the same backdrop. This is why¬†many couples now flock to neighbouring countries like Korea, Taiwan, Boracay for their wedding shoots! But we are all too familiar with¬†cases where bridal studios suddenly close down, or expectations not being met when you fly to the country for your shoot.

Well, OneThreeOneFour takes all that pain of leaving your fate to the bridal studio. You can now directly link up with photographers, see package details and read reviews of their work! Gone are the days where you have to desperately find reviews on forums to avoid getting cheated. What are you waiting for, get started by checking out Korean studios here!

7. Kiasu Bride, the ones who tell it like it is

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The time, money and energy you spend on your wedding should be worth it, so why beat around the bush?¬†With¬†‚Äúunbiased reviews‚ÄĚ and¬†‚Äúuntold stories‚ÄĚ,¬†Kiasu Bride tells it like it is. At Kiasu Bride, you can download hotel banquet packages here¬†without having to inquire with each hotel directly. Like Singapore Brides, they too have a price list¬†on how much the tables cost, with a pretty cool sorting function¬†that allows you to arrange from low to high.

6. Blissful Brides, for expert tips

blissful brides sc Coupled with a print and e-magazine¬†(with 22 issues to date) filled with wedding wonder, Blissful Brides is managed by one of Singapore’s premiere independent publishing houses. Featuring brilliant wedding ideas and stunning imagery, Blissful Brides is a¬†must-have resource for you if you are seeking a wedding beyond ordinary.¬†For fancy ideas, events¬†and a comprehensive list of vendors, Blissful Brides has you covered. The best part? Get expert advice and tips from Blissful Bride’s expert panel here, as they answer all your burning questions on beauty regimes, floral arrangements and even finance.¬† 
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5. The Wedding Look, to stay updated on events

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A no-frills wedding website that provides you with helpful practical information without any sugarcoating. In here, information on wedding events and wedding vendors is just a click away. Extremely organized, making it easy to find.
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4. Honey Brides, the newest kid on the block

honeybrides screenshot

Though a new kid on the block in the wedding sector, Honey Brides is a branch from the well-known Honeycombers family, where they run an entire suite of websites for lifestyle, travel, kids… and now weddings! Hurray! Managed by 6 lovely ladies with amazing tastes and styles, check out their¬†inspirational ideas that will bound to add wonder to your wedding day. Be sure to swoon over their¬†real weddings, and sift through their practical tips on how to better manage your wedding. If you’re looking for¬†girly stuff¬†and great ideas,¬†Honey Brides should definitely be on the list of sites to check out!

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3. The Wedding Scoop, for daily inspiration

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The Wedding Scoop is our go-to site for when gathering inspiration for our own big day! This Founded in 2013, The Wedding Scoop has tons to offer you on your wedding planning journey Рyou can be assured to get loads of inspiration from their beautiful photos and writing. Look forward to real wedding features, styled shoots and plenty of wedding tips from gown and hair styles to decorative tips. The team behind the site aims to generate new ideas, inspirations and recognize the talents behind the beautiful wedding creations in Singapore. The best part? You can look forward to new articles every week! Furthermore check out their directory for a comprehensive list of wedding vendors right here.

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2. Singapore Brides, to chat with fellow brides to be!

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Coupled with the go-to wedding forum for all brides, you are in safe hands here. Share your woes or tips with other brides, and learn from their experiences too! We all know first hand reviews are the best ones, so feel free to ask if you have any doubts or concerns regarding any vendors. Singapore Brides also features a wedding to-do checklist which you can customize for your own needs! They also have other fancy tools like a wedding guide, wedding directory and a huge archive of articles that dates all the way back to 2000. Also, to help  you be sure to check out their useful hotel banquet list to find out the cost of tables in Singapore hotels and restaurants.

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1. The Wedding Notebook, an online magazine

the wedding notebook screenshot

One of our¬†personal favourites when I was doing my own planning! The Wedding Notebook features a digital magazine¬†(11 issues to date) for you to flip through at your own leisure. Be wowed by their compilation of gorgeous shots¬†topped with nice calligraphy! Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I love that The Wedding Notebook features weddings not just¬†in Singapore but also other countries like Malaysia & Indonesia. If you’re considering a destination wedding or shoot, you should definitely check out¬†their destination archives! Additionally,¬†TWN features the latest trends through their¬†fashion lookbooks, the storiess of true love in their¬†real love stories¬†(all neatly categorized by themes too) and¬†helpful advice through their¬†tips¬†for your very own big day.¬†Everything featured in the website ‚ÄĒ from bridal gowns to flower arrangements, are all trendy and hip, making it the perfect destination for any fashion-savvy bride.

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Bonus Features:

Hitcheed, your one-stop vendor app


For our wedding, it was a real headache. There were so many vendors out there and we did not know which were good and value for money. I so wished there was just one place I could go for all this information. Well, fast forward a year and now there is! Hitcheed, newly launched in 2016, encompasses an entire directory of vendors in one app. Each vendor’s portfolio,¬†services, pricing information and most importantly, REVIEWS are all in the palm of your hand. Oh, and did I mention¬†how beautiful the interface is? Download it for yourself here to check it out!

Bridestory, pin everything you love and like


This Pinterest styled app is filled with the most beautiful things in the world.¬†The photos in here are incredibly gorgeous¬†(Warning: addictive material) and it’s so easy to pin what you like to your own collection. However, unlike Pinterest, you know who’s the creator of that work, and you can easily contact the vendor with a touch of a button! Through the app, you can keep contact with vendors simultaneously as you find the one for your wedding day. The best part about using Bridestory is that you’re not only limited to Singapore vendors but overseas ones as well, so destination weddings are easily within reach.¬†Download it here and start pinning now!¬†

We hope that our list of Top 10 Wedding Websites in Singapore will help your wedding take flight! With so much help, planning does not have to be a stressful affair. These websites and apps will help make your search for inspiration and vendors a breeze.

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