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    Your Ultimate Palawan Itinerary: Puerto Princesa and El Nido

    Known for its biodiversity as well as its natural landscapes and seascapes, Palawan is undoubtedly a favourite tropical destination among tourists. The “last frontier” of the Philippines is located on the southwest side of the country, offering spectacular sceneries of white sand beaches, azure waters and golden sunsets. With so many things you will enjoy in Palawan, between Puerto Princesa’s famous underground rivers and El Nidos enchanting lagoons, your 7-10 days of vacation will definitely be an unforgettable one. In this guide, we will take you through an adventure from Puerto Princesa to El Nido so you wouldn’t miss a visit to some of the iconic sites that make Palawan…

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    The Ultimate Spa Honeymoon Experience Awaits at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

    Winning the World Luxury Spa Awards from 2016 to 2018 speaks volumes. We went forth with high expectations of The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives, and what transpired exceeded expectations beyond the rejuvenating spa sessions, as we indulged in contemporary luxury amidst the warm, welcoming Maldivian culture.  Renowned as a honeymoon paradise with a treasure trove of world-class resorts scattered across the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a dream destination for many. Famous for their continuous white sand beach surrounding the entire island, The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives goes the extra mile to differentiate itself with its world-class spa treatments, exceptional family-friendly activities, warm hospitality, and so much more.…

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    30 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World for 2020

    Starting a new chapter of life as lifelong partners, a honeymoon getaway is the perfect celebration of your budding love and new life journey. With countless beautiful places in the world, which honeymoon destinations should you decide on for that epic once-in-a-lifetime trip? Be it a luxury Maldives honeymoon, adventuring in the desert, or enjoying margaritas in tropical Thailand, we are pretty sure you want something special for your loved on. In this issue, we specially curate this list of 30 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World for 2020 – a list of magical honeymoon destinations for that exceptional trip of yours. This article was last updated on 28 January…

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    Top 10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations in the Philippines

    After the wedding usually comes a blissful and stress-free honeymoon. If you still haven’t found that honeymoon spot yet, look no further. With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines is definitely the place of romance, happiness, and spontaneous adventure. The Philippines is an archipelago in South East Asia with diversity pouring out its streets and landmarks. Spend time in the cities and see the life of the locals, immerse yourself in the secret islands and bask in the majesty of the sun, sand, and dreamy waters. The Philippines has so much to offer that we rounded up the Top 10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations in the Philippines, from Luzon, Visayas,…

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    The Ultimate Singapore Honeymoon Guide 2020 & Top Things to Do in Singapore

    Brimming with thrilling experiences, magnificent sights, and an extensive variety of mouth-watering food, Singapore is a beautiful garden city boasting one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. From the iconic Gardens by the Bay to numerous world-class attractions in Sentosa, there is so much that Singapore has to offer for an unforgettable honeymoon. In this issue of The Ultimate Singapore Honeymoon Guide 2020, we shortlist the most romantic hotels and the top things to do in Singapore for a memorable Singapore honeymoon. The Ultimate Singapore Honeymoon Guide 2020 & Top Things to Do in Singapore Table Of Contents Best Time to Visit Singapore 10 Most Romantic Hotels for your…

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    The Ultimate Switzerland Honeymoon Guide 2019

    Switzerland is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Romantic old towns, snow-capped ski slopes, scenic train and bus journeys, chocolates and cheese, hiking in picturesque mountains, anywhere you go or look you’ll see something to fall in love with. A wonderful cultural honeymoon getaway for couples looking to do a little bit of everything in just one country. We’ve rounded up The Ultimate Switzerland Honeymoon Guide 2019 for you and we hope you find the perfect snow-capped or the fairytale romance you are looking for! Table Of Contents: Best time to visit Switzerland 7 best places for your Switzerland honeymoon with hotel recommendations Frequently asked questions about…

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    Top 10 Most Romantic Kuala Lumpur Hotels for your Honeymoon

    The place where ancient meets contemporary, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect destination to experience Malaysia’s culture and modern allure. This wonderful mix of both worlds offer historical mosques and temples as well as skyscrapers covered with modern-day glitz and glamour. Its natural beauty, futuristic towers, and bustling nightlife make it a great setting for your honeymoon. In this issue, we want to share with you our updated list of the Top 10 Most Romantic Kuala Lumpur Hotels where you can stay and be pampered with luxury as you explore and let Malaysia’s capital city enchant you. [This article was first published on 8 Jun 2017 and last updated on 8…

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    9 Best Things to Do for a Scenic and Laidback Honeymoon in Uluwatu Bali

    Uluwatu Bali is a breathtaking gem on Bali’s Bukit peninsula. It boasts of the arresting silhouette of the clifftop temple against the background of the fiery sunset sky. The 5-star luxury of the scenic villas overlooking the majestic waves of the Indian Ocean make up for a laidback honeymoon stay. It is not to say, however, that you can’t get some adrenaline rush here. The limestone region features a cliff-fringed coastline and hidden beaches where you can experience a traditional fire performance called the Kecak Dance as well as world-class surf breaks for adrenaline junkies and adventurous couples. In this issue, we list down 9 of the things you can…

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    The Ultimate Maldives Honeymoon Guide 2020

    When the word honeymoon comes to mind, there is one place perfect to spend your first days as lifelong partners – Maldives. With its overwater bungalows, blooming marine life, and pristine clear waters, a Maldives honeymoon is true paradise. Having been to the Maldives for our own honeymoon, and returning a couple of times after, we have learnt a fair bit about creating your very own Maldives honeymoon based on different budgets and styles. From luxurious private resort islands to hotels on the local island, Maafushi, our Maldives honeymoon experiences were simply unforgettable. Here’s us sharing our Ultimate Maldives Honeymoon Guide, and we hope all this research will help with…

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    7 Best Things to Do for Light and Carefree Honeymoon in Canggu Bali

    Canggu Bali lies behind the busy cities of Kuta and Seminyak; the hipster haven that ignites creative expression and carefree demeanour. This quaint little town is a former fishing village that is now popular among surfers, young travellers, and digital nomads. It also offers picturesque views and invigorating ambience perfect for light and rejuvenating yoga sessions or just a laid-back honeymoon stay. Canggu is buzzing with Balinese culture and art that will enchant you all throughout your venture. In this issue, we present to you the 7 best things to do in Canggu Bali that will keep your heart and soul flutter with love and curiosity. Where to Stay in…

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    The Ultimate New Zealand South Island Itinerary: Epic 2-Week Road Trip

    Boasting majestic snowcapped mountains, spectacular fjords, and killer views on some of the world’s best hikes, the South Island of New Zealand is a paradise for travellers. Couple that with adrenaline-pumping activities in Queenstown, the world-renowned Milford Sound, and probably the most scenic of road trips, there is simply too much to do in New Zealand! We just had to do up a New Zealand South Island itinerary on our website after our epic 2-week trip, after getting loads of messages from our friends asking for our itinerary. Considering the amount of research done on our end, I hope this takes a load off for your travel planning to the…

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    13 Breathtaking Things to Do on Your Magical Laos Honeymoon

    There is simply something magical about a Laos honeymoon. Mostly untouched and unspoilt, this tropical haven is one of the few exotic destinations remaining in the world. In fact, the entire town of Luang Prabang has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, boasting a fusion of Lao traditional urban and colonial architecture. With a refreshing, laidback atmosphere, breathtaking sceneries and diverse terrains, the enthralling country of Laos offers a perfect honeymoon getaway for newlyweds. In this issue, we specially curated 13 ways to enjoy your Laos honeymoon.  This article was first published on 7 Jul 2019, and last updated on 27 Dec 2019. 13 Breathtaking Things to Do…

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    Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Honeymoon Review: A 7 Day Luxurious & Romantic Escape Newlyweds Must Know (Complete Itinerary included!)

    Thailand is one of the popular honeymoon destinations in SouthEast Asia for newlyweds around the world. The charm of the country lies in its exquisite exotic beauty, beautiful landscapes, and its rich culture. Chiang Mai, a land of misty mountains, lush padi fields, grand temples and colourful hill tribes, makes it one of the must-visit destinations in Thailand. Check it out for yourself with the things to do in Chiang Mai for your honeymoon. In this issue, we seek out one of the best places to stay in Chiang Mai, especially if you are in search of a romantic and luxurious honeymoon experience. Perched on the terraced rice fields of the…

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    Top 10 Most Romantic Bali Hotels for your Honeymoon

    In this issue, we introduce you to our top picks for the Most Romantic hotels in Bali. This tropical paradise is home to many gorgeous resorts that will have you endlessly pampered during your honeymoon. Bali, a tropical paradise filled with astounding beaches, lush rice terraces, and stunning sunsets has led it to be one of the most popular beach destinations for a honeymoon. This island is one of our favourite destinations. It is full of surprise and filled with many things to do, like exciting nightlife, relaxing spas and romantic experiences. Its culture, landscape and beauty never fail to captivate travellers around the world. For your honeymoon, reside in one of…

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    8 Best Things to Do in Seminyak Bali for The Ultimate Honeymoon Escapade

    Located along the coastline of Kuta Beach, Seminyak Bali is the ultimate escape from the crowds of its neighbouring town. It is the most sophisticated beach resort area with a collection of restaurants, beach clubs, posh galleries, and boutiques. It is also filled with cafes and bars for gastronomic adventures. In this idle town, you can take your time as you sip your cocktail; your feet on the sand and the panoramic sunset view before your eyes. In this issue, we have rounded up the 8 best things to do for the ultimate honeymoon escapade in Seminyak Bali. Where to Stay in Seminyak Bali Katamama Suites at Desa Potato Head…

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    Johor Bahru Travel Guide 2020 & Top Things to Do in JB

    Looking for a stress-free weekend but don’t wish to travel miles just to get to your destination? Johor Bahru is a quick weekend getaway solution for most Singaporeans! Simply cross the causeway and you will find there are plenty of things you can do. Over our many trips to Johor Bahru (more than 10), we have compiled this JB travel guide that shows you the top things to do in JB in each area, plus hotel recommendations. Check it out now!  This article was updated on 3 December 2019. Table of contents:  JB Area / Things to Do Distance from JB customs What’s there to do?  1 City Square Mall…