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    9 Best Showerheads in Singapore for a Great Shower Experience | Best of Home 2020

    In this busy era, the moments when you can take time to relax are truly rare. Thankfully, shower time is one of the moments in a day where you can relax and refresh yourself. A good showerhead is key to ensure a soothing shower experience. Some of us might enjoy a rain shower experience, while others want a strong, massage jet to soothe your muscles or massage your scalp. With an extensive variety of shower heads available in the market, which shower head should we get then? In this Best of Home series, we introduce the 9 Best Showerheads in Singapore for a great shower experience. This article was last updated…

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    10 Best Hand Mixers in Singapore for Baking | Best of Home 2020

    Hand mixers are very useful for your common kitchen tasks like whipping, mixing, kneading, and is a must-have for every kitchen. Compared with stand mixers, they are compact, versatile and easy to use! You even have some hand mixers like the Kenwood Chefette Metal Bowl Hand Mixer HM680 that come with a stand, allowing you to operate it hands-free. If you are just starting out in your baking journey, I would suggest getting a hand mixer before fully investing in a stand mixer. Not only is it cheaper, but it also stores easily and takes up lesser space on the countertop. Most hand mixers are equipped with a variety of…

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    9 Best Bread Toasters in Singapore for Perfect Toast | Best of Home 2020

    Having a good breakfast is essential to starting your day right. However, with our fast-paced schedules, it is often impossible to have a great spread. A bread toaster can help you get your breakfast in a really quick and efficient way – just pop a couple of slices in, set the timer, and head off to wash up before you come back to it. You can also set the coffee machine going while you are at it. While toaster ovens can be more versatile, nothing gets your bread toasted as efficiently and perfectly as a bread toaster. In this issue of Best of Home 2020, we introduce the 9 Best Bread…

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    13 Best Kitchen Electric Stand Mixers in Singapore (2020)

    Electric stand mixers are one kitchen essential for making bread dough, cakes and mixtures as easy as possible. If you want the highest quality dough, an electric mixer is the appliance you need. With automatic rotating bowls, the dough will be mixed as efficiently and quickly as possible for the best dough to make the best bread. Effective mixing is guaranteed with original planetary action, which mixes the dough in a movement designed for the most thorough combining of ingredients. With a wide variety of electric stand mixers in Singapore, we understand that choosing the right product can be tricky. Hence, we have compiled a list of the 13 Best…

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    10 Best Bread Makers in Singapore | Best of Home 2020

    Many of us eat a slice of bread or toast every morning. It is a quick way to get a boost of energy in the morning. While it may seem easy to just pick a loaf of bread off your shelf, making your own bread can be a really fun experience. And with a bread maker, it can be a fuss-free experience. Not only do you get to have fresh bread every morning, but you can also make pizza dough, cakes, and even jam! What I like most about baking your own bread is that you can customise your own flavours, and you will also know exactly what goes into…

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    10 Best Freezers in Singapore | Best of Home 2020

    Most refrigerators come with a frozen compartment, but if you find yourself struggling with the freezer space in your fridge, it is time to get a dedicated freezer to store your frozen goods. Especially if you have a large family or always hosts guests at home, a freezer is a great solution to stock up, so you do not have to frequently hit the grocery stores. Or if you are a breastfeeding mum, it is likely you will need a dedicated freezer to store your breast milk. After hours of research, here are the 10 Best Freezers in Singapore. This article was last updated on 13 April 2020. Table of…