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11 Best Steam Irons in Singapore for Quick, Creaseless Ironing | Best of Home 2021

Gone are the days of old-fashioned basic irons that require much time and effort from setting up the device to smoothening creases. Similar to the technological advancements in vacuum cleaners, the past few years have seen an influx in more advanced irons like steam irons and steam iron generators, providing better value for money. Whichever of the two you decide to go for, you are guaranteed superior ironing capabilities and time-saving convenience. Looking for the best steam iron in Singapore for quick and creaseless ironing? Not to worry, as we have done the research for you. In this Best of Home series, we have curated the 11 Best Steam Irons in Singapore that we believe you will benefit the most from. Hope this helps to narrow down your choices. Let’s read on!

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This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

This article was last updated on 30 March 2021.

Table of Contents:

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Best Steam Irons in Singapore

Best Steam Irons

1. Beko Steam Iron SPA7131P


Innovative steam iron for quick, effortless results 

Our favourite thing about the Beko Steam Iron SPA7131P is its smart setting that makes ironing a hassle-free experience. This smart technology allows automated adjustment of the heat and steam for each type of fabric to protect the cloth from damage. All you need to do is fill it up with water, plug it in, and turn it on — this makes ironing progress significantly quicker because you no longer need to adjust the setting after every article of clothing.

Furthermore, this steam iron has some innovative features that allow it to deliver high constant steam exactly where you need it. The Integrated Power Pump ensures that high-pressure water is quickly and directly delivered to the ceramic soleplate for fast steam generation. 

This iron also has two steam options: continuous steam and shock steam. The continuous steam releases 60 g/min of steam, while the shock steam injects high pressure steam at 240 g/min, which allows you to straighten out those stubborn creases. 

Smart and convenient

Beko’s innovations also extend towards appliance safety and convenience, equipping this iron with anti-drip, self-cleaning, auto shut-off, and eco smart mode features. All these make maintenance and handling easier. Its 350-mL water tank conveniently has a large water inlet for easier refilling.

Even though this steam iron boasts these smart features, you can still turn the steam off and use it for dry ironing. This is useful for handling delicate fabrics that do not take to steam irons well.

Why buy this:
  • Constant Steam: 60 g/min
  • Shock Steam option: 240 g/min
  • Soleplate Technology (ceramica) for fast steam generation
  • Anti-drip, self-cleaning, auto shut-off, and Anti-calc function for safety and easy maintenance

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2. Tefal Steam Iron Turbo Pro [FV5648]

Tefal best Steam Iron singapore Turbo Pro [FV5648]

Advanced steam propulsion technology

We’re starting off the list with one of the trustiest steam irons in Singapore, the Tefal Steam Iron Turbo Pro. What I find most impressive is its unique steam propulsion technology called Turbo Boost that produces big and continuous amounts of steam at high speed, so that even the deepest creases are ironed out efficiently and quickly.

Durilium AirGlide Autoclean soleplate

Based on personal experience, using it is effortless because of its Durilium AirGlide Autoclean soleplate that evenly distributes heat and glides around like a dream, whether you’re ironing on a surface or against a hanger. The cherry on top of all these advanced features is the removable scale collector that is often underestimated but is actually important for longevity. It collects unwanted particles and hardened limescale that could prevent your iron from producing steam properly and for long periods of time.

Compared to another great option, the Tefal Ultimate Anti-Clac 3000W Steam Iron, this is more budget-friendly while still promising advanced ironing capabilities.

Why buy this steam iron:
  • Turbo Boost steam propulsion technology for effective creaseless ironing
  • Durilium AirGlide Autoclean soleplate glides around smoothly
  • Removable scale collector cleans steam iron efficiently
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3. Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron [NI-WL30VSH]

Panasonic Cordless Steam Irons singapore

Cordless for convenience

If you’re after convenience, a great option is the Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron. For one, its cordless structure allows you to manoeuvre it freely, safely, and anywhere you please. Its detachable water bank is another convenient feature so you can easily pour in and remove water without having to carry around the entire iron. Like the Tefal, it has an option for dry ironing and vertical steam for ironing against hanging clothes. Although it has lower power wattage at 1500W and less steam output, you are still assured of powerful ironing with an effective steam jet to remove wrinkles and a multi-direction silver titanium soleplate to tackle even the tiniest corners in clothing.

For those interested in more advanced soleplates, Panasonic has a variety of innovative irons. The Panasonic Steam Iron NI-W410 is a cheaper version of the multi-directional soleplate, while the Panasonic NI-U600 Steam Iron has a curved soleplate plus an auto shut-off function.

Why buy this steam iron:
  • Cordless for added convenience
  • Detachable water bank
  • Powerful ironing with an effective steam jet
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4. Morphy Richards Turbosteam Pro Ionic Steam Iron [303105]

Morphy Richards Turbosteam Pro Ionic best steam irons singapore

Stylish steam iron

Like all Morphy Richards appliances, their Turbosteam Pro Ionic Steam Iron was created with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Underneath its sleek black exterior is nothing but top-quality features like an intense 3100 power wattage, 400mL water capacity, and an innovative soleplate. Its Tri-Zone Soleplate Technology smoothens out creases in 3 different areas and prevents re-creasing.

Ionic Anti-Static Soleplate reduces static

Featuring an Ionic Anti-Static Soleplate, this helps to reduce static in clothing for flatter and easy folding. If that isn’t impressive enough, it also has a self-clean capability and an easy control system. You simply match the settings to those found in your garment and it automatically suggests the right temperature. When cleaning, just hold the iron over the sink and directly flush out water and limescale build-up.

Why buy this steam iron:
  • Stylish and sleek steam iron for modern homes
  • Ionic Anti-Static Soleplate reduces static in clothing to help with folding
  • Easy control system automatically detects garment type and suggests the right temperature
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5. Electrolux UltraSteam Precision Iron [ESI6123]

Electrolux UltraSteam Precision

Expert ProTip™ feature for tight corners

The Electrolux UltraSteam Precision Iron is an easy choice if you’re particular about getting into those unreachable corners or have a closet filled with high-maintenance garments. Its ProTip™ is an expert technology created to flatten out wrinkles in tight areas and delicately handle fine collars and pleated skirts. While most modern-day irons have an auto-off button to prevent burning and energy wastage, this model takes it further with a 3-way auto-off function for 30-seconds and 8-minute time marks.

For those on a budget, you can check out a cheaper but equally useful iron, the Electrolux ESI5226 – ErgoSteam Iron.

Why buy this steam iron:
  • Expert ProTip™ feature for tight corners
  • RESILIUM™ 500 soleplate
  • 3-way auto-off function for added safety
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6. PowerPac Pro Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate [PPIN2400] 

PowerPac Pro Ceramic Soleplate [PPIN2400] 

The cheapest steam iron in Singapore

Next is the cheapest steam iron in Singapore and on this list, the PowerPac Pro Steam Iron with Ceramic Plate. It may cost less than half of the previous irons, but it definitely does not sacrifice quality. It contains features at par with most expensive irons like dry ironing, self-cleaning, anti-drip assurance, and a ceramic soleplate suitable for thick but delicate garments. If you do not want the trouble of figuring out manual temperature adjustments (which actually isn’t much of a hassle), consider the more sophisticated ones in this list. Other than that, it should be easy for daily use and basic clothing.

PowerPac also has other cheaper models like the cordless version and a basic one without the steam function (cheapest).

Why buy this steam iron:
  • One of the cheapest steam irons in Singapore
  • Does the job well with basic functions
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Best Steam Generator Irons

7. Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite [332001]

Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron singapore

Intense steam performance

First on our list of more advanced steam generator irons is the Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite. Not only does it look like a powerhouse, it definitely acts the part too. It has one of the most massive water tank capacities at 2.2 litres, which means more steam and more power to penetrate multiple layers of clothing and straighten out the most intense wrinkles in the toughest fabrics through 3 different steam settings. This also makes it a great lifesaver as it reduces the time spent on ironing, as well as the effort spent on refilling the water tank.

Unique auto-clean capabilities

Apart from its excellent ironing performance, it also makes cleaning easy with the unique auto-clean function that automatically cleans and flushes out unwanted limescale by itself. When it is detached from its huge water tank, it is actually very lightweight and easy to glide, especially because of its durable, non-stick “ceramaslide soleplate” made of ceramic coating.

Why buy this:
  • Ultimate steam power to reduce ironing time
  • Massive water tank capacity of 2.2 litres
  • 3 steam settings
  • Unique auto-clean capabilities
  • Steam iron is lightweight and easy to glide with its ceramaslide soleplate
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8. Braun Carestyle 7 Steam Generator Iron [IS 7156BK]

Braun Carestyle 7

Ultimate FastClean System and Braun’s lightest iron

When it comes to steam generator irons, the Braun Carestyle iron range is hands down one of the best ones out there, known for their best performing and award-winning steam irons. Their latest launch, the CareStyle 7, includes new features like the Ultimate FastClean System for better cleaning and 4x faster descaling compared to their previous irons, plus an innovative ergonomic design that makes it the brand’s lightest iron to date.

Anti-bacterial and eco-friendly

On top of its sophisticated technology that allows it to iron like a pro, it also claims to remove 99.9% bacteria from all kinds of fabric, a relevant benefit for many households. What I particularly love about it is its Eco Mode option that adjusts to the perfect temperature for silk, wool, and other delicate fabrics, all while caring for the environment and saving more than 30% energy vs. their other technologies.

Why buy this:
  • Ultimate FastClean System for better cleaning and 4x faster descaling
  • Braun’s lightest iron to date
  • Anti-bacterial – removes 99.9% bacteria from all kinds of fabric
  • 125g of steam output and 450g of steam boost
  • 3 modes (Normal, Eco, Turbo) for steam and temperature setting
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9. Philips PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Iron [GC8962/46]

Philips PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Irons singapore [GC8962/46]

Automatic temperature setting with OptimalTEMP technology

Another premium steam generator iron in Singapore is the Philips PerfectCare Performer. Besides the obvious functions and its ultra-chic exterior, its most valuable feature is the OptimalTEMP technology that does not require you to dial or input temperature settings unlike others in this list. Whether you’re ironing light or thick garments, the temperature automatically adjusts to the fabric it senses, saving you a lot of time with sorting clothes and waiting for the iron to fine-tune.

7.5 bar pressure and steam boost of up to 520g

The Philips PerfectCare Performer also has a maximum pressure of 7.5 bar, one of the highest you can find in a steam generator iron. Coupled with a steam boost of up to 520g, this guarantees powerful steam and crease removal.

An efficient cheaper alternative would be the Philips PerfectCare Performer Steam Generator Iron GC8962/46, which also includes the OptimalTEMP technology and a large 1.8L detachable water tank.

Why buy this:
  • Automatic temperature setting with OptimalTEMP technology, saves time manually changing the temperature via the dial
  • 7.5 bar pressure
  • Steam boost of up to 520g
  • Ultra-light iron
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10. Tefal Steam Gen Pro Express Ultimate [GV9563]

Tefal Steam Gen Pro Express Ultimate [GV9563] best steam iron singapore

High-pressure boiler technology

As powerful as it is stylish, the Tefal Steam Gen Pro Express Ultimate would be a great addition to your household. Its new high-pressure boiler technology boosts up to 500g of steam and 7.5 pressure bars, which basically means that heat can enter deep into multiple layers of clothing and tackle the most major crease issues. Other nice-to-haves include 5 presets for efficient ironing, and a double protection system of anti-drip and anti-calc so that your garments are safe from stains and your iron is safe from damaging build-up.

You can also check out the Tefal Steam Gen Effectis Anti-Calc GV6840 for a cheaper option.

Why buy this:
  • High-pressure boiler technology
  • 7.5 bar pressure and steam boost of 500g
  • 5 presets for efficient ironing
  • Double protection system of anti-drip and anti-calc to prevent stains
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11. Tefal Steam Iron Tweeny White NI5011

Tefal Tweeny White NI5011

Small and handy steam generator iron

The last iron on our list is proof that small things should never be underestimated. One of the smallest steam generator irons in Singapore, this Tefal Steam Iron Tweeny is actually a handy 2-in-1 appliance that acts as both a steam iron and a garment steamer. Like bigger, more expensive steam irons and garment steamers, it promises a variety of advanced features like its Smart Technology that automatically sets the steam and temperature to adapt to any garment, as well as an OptiSteam Technology and ceramic soleplate that works just as good on creases and wrinkles. It may not hold as much water as other steam generators, but its small size is beneficial in its own right, particularly for vertical ironing for long periods of time or for last-minute touch-ups on your outfit for the day.

Why buy this:
  • Smaller size for a steam generator iron, yet still efficient
  • Acts as both steam iron and garment steamer
  • Smart Technology that automatically sets steam and temperature to adapt to any garment
  • OptiSteam Technology and ceramic soleplate to remove creases efficiently
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Where to buy a steam iron in Singapore?

You can purchase steam irons in Singapore online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for shopping for electronics and appliances. It is also a great place to compare prices.

What is a steam iron?

Steam irons are self-contained appliances that produce heat and steam through their built-in water tank. The steam is then released through the soleplates for smooth and effective ironing. The best steam irons in Singapore are designed to address the most stubborn creases and hard to reach areas.

What is a steam iron generator?

Steam generator irons work similarly but are more expensive mainly because it comes with a separate steam-generating water tank. While the entire appliance is generally bigger and may be harder to store, the main iron is detachable and very light to carry around and use for longer periods of time.


That’s our guide on the 11 Best Steam Iron in Singapore. I hope that this guide has helped you to find the best steam iron in Singapore for your home. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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