Top 10 Wedding Photography Spots in Australia

Memories are preciously treasured through photographs. Special celebrations like weddings are the great epitome of the romantic moments captured by the lens of the camera. In Australia, they had the perfect wedding photography spots that will take your wedding portraits into another dimension. Therefore, we listed the Top 10 Wedding Photography Spots in Australia to […]

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Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Malaysia

wedding photographers malaysia

Wedding photographers have an important role for your wedding day. They are committed to providing their clients with quality wedding photography and strive for original images and of course a personalized service. With that, we gathered the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Malaysia to help you choose the perfect photographer team for your wedding. Each of […]

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Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Photographer, Jonathan from Lisagill

[Edition #1] Have you wondered what exactly goes on behind the scenes of each and every wedding photographed? What is the photographer’s plan for each key component of the day? Have you ever wanted to be a professional photographer but ain’t too sure what a typical work day looks like? In our first edition of Behind the Scenes, we are happy to feature Jonathan Griffiths’s story from Lisagill Photography. Read on…

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