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10 Best Mattresses in Malaysia for Comfortable Sleep | Best of Home 2020

Buying the right mattress is easily one of the most important decisions to make for your new home. Similar to a smart TV, you are looking for a good investment that will last you for many years. An uncomfortable mattress can reduce your sleep quality and potentially lead to back pains. On the other hand, a good mattress can provide you with restful sleep, and even boost your productivity at work. With an extensive variety of mattresses available on the market, which then is the best mattress in Malaysia? In Our Best of Home series, we have curated the 10 Best Mattresses in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle needs and budget.

This article was last updated on 1 August 2020.

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10 Best Mattresses in Malaysia

1. SpinaRez CareRest Mattress

SpinaRez CareRest

Affordable with good value

One of the more affordable mattresses in Malaysia, the SpinaRez CareRest Mattress offers pretty good features for a medium firm mattress at a very reasonable price. Made from aloe vera fabric, this helps to release your body static and help you feel relaxed. It offers extra plush, with 2 inches padding of high resilient reborn foam and another layer of coconut fibre to boost comfort levels.

4D mesh fabric

This SpinaRez mattress also has excellent air ventilation thanks to its 360 degree 4D mesh fabric, keeping it fresh and dry throughout. Its 6 Turn US Hybrid Spring System is designed to have more numbers of springs to provide excellent support for the human body. Moreover, it is anti dust mite, anti hypoallergenic and anti bacteria. 

Why buy this:

  • Aloe vera fabric to release static
  • Extra plush
  • Medium firmness
  • 360 degree 4D mesh fabric for air ventiliation
  • 6 US Turn Hybrid Spring System
  • Anti dust mite, anti hypoallergenic, and anti bacteria

2. KingKoil SpinalCare Pedic 13 Mattress

KingKoil SpinalCare Pedic 13 Mattress Malaysia

Trusted brand for pocketed coil mattress

KingKoil has been around for the longest time, established in the USA since 1898. That’s more than 100 years ago! Made from 100% organic cotton ticking, the KingKoil SpinalCare Pedic 13 is a great luxurious mattress with a comfy pillow plush top. Featuring an individual barrel-shaped pocket coil spring system, this contours perfectly to your body for maximum comfort. Furthermore, it is also great for minimal motion transfer and superior pressure relief. Additionally, the high resilient and high density foam is carefully encased to provide extra edge support.

Why buy this:

  • 100% organic cotton ticking material
  • Individual barrel-shaped pocket coil spring
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • High density foam

3. Sonno Queen Size Mattress

Sonno Queen Size best Mattress malaysia

Best memory foam 

The award-winning Sonno Queen Size Multilayer Mattress is one of the best memory foam mattresses in Malaysia. Featuring a unique 3-layer structure, this combines premium materials such as natural latex, support foam as well as memory foam for the ultimate comfort. The memory foam layer allows for excellent air ventilation to keep your mattress fresh and simultaneously provides great support. Moreover, with its Ultra-soft Outlast® technology fabric cover, the mattress is specially designed for optimal thermal comfort, proactively regulating temperature and heat.

Zero-motion transfer

With Sonno mattress’s Zero Disturbance Technology, this means that you and your partner will no longer be disturbed by each other’s tossing and turning. Sonno also uses materials that inhibit the build-up of mold, fungus and dust mites. Lastly, this series is great for spinal support while giving minimal pressure points, so it can reduce any aches you may have.

Why buy this:

  • Memory foam material
  • Unique 3-layer structure with natural latex, support foam and memory foam
  • Great air ventilation
  • Zero-motion transfer
  • Prevent build-up of mold, fungus, and dust mites

4. NeckPro Pasithea 

NeckPro Pasithea

Best firm mattress

If your preference is a firmer mattress, the NeckPro Pasithea may be a great choice to consider. Its Twin Talalay Latex Layer is designed for excellent body support and healthy sleep, while the 3-inch pillow top and 4-inch plush top enhances sleep comfort. With eco-friendly coconut fiber used for base support and on top of the springs, this helps to improve breathability while acting as a protective insulator for comfort.

Furthermore, its Pocket Spring design works individually as snug support for your body and minimize movement transfers. The materials used are also antibacterial, antifungal and anti-dust mites.

Why buy this:

  • Great firm mattress
  • Eco-friendly coconut fiber material
  • Pocket spring design
  • Antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-dust mites

5. NeckPro Suisu Roru

NeckPro Suisu Roru

Compressed & Rolled Pocketed Spring Mattress

The NeckPro Suisu Roru is a compressed and rolled pocketed spring mattress which can contour to your body shape while relieving any pressure points as you lie on it. The mattress is 12 inches thick, with a pillow top design to ensure optimum comfort and excellent support.

Anti dust mites, bacteria, and fungi

This model is made from materials that inhibit dust mites, bacteria and fungus. What’s potentially useful is that it comes in a compressed, vacuumed package that is compact and easy to transport, allowing it to fit into small homes or an awkward spot. 

Why buy this:

  • Pocketed spring mattress
  • Anti dust mites, bacteria, and fungi
  • Vacuumed package

6. Carest Ergology Extreme Cool Mattress

Carest Ergology Extreme Cool Mattress Malaysia

6x cooler mattress

Feeling hot sleeping on your current mattress? Check out the Carest Ergology, which is 6x cooler than other conventional mattresses in Malaysia thanks to its Extreme Cool fabric that can neutralize any produced body heat. In addition, it also has a customized 7-zoned design of Latexo layer to support and improve your spinal health.

Eurotech VHR layer

The Eurotech VHR layer offers minimal partner disturbance and excellent back support. Furthermore, its Extreme D60 foam provides excellent buoyancy and durability. The Carest model is also anti dust mites, anti-bacteria, as well as fungi.

Why buy this:

  • Extreme cool fabric
  • 7-zoned design of Latex layer
  • Eurotech VHR layer for the great support
  • Extreme D60 foam gives extra durability
  • Anti dust mites, bacteria, and fungi

7. Mylatex Rio Mattress 

Mylatex Rio Mattress Malaysia

Natural latex

Looking for a good latex mattress in Malaysia? Check out the Mylatex Rio Mattress, best known for its 100% natural latex material which has been tested and certified by international labs. Both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, it is specially designed to provide excellent contouring support and relieve pressure points for added comfort, while also gently conforming to your movements.

Good natural ventilation

This model has interconnecting air channels for natural ventilation that will keep it cool and dry, allowing you to enjoy deeper sleep. It comes with a removable, zippered and knitted cover for double protection that you can wash and keep clean. 

Why buy this:

  • Certified 100% natural latex
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Good natural ventilation keep it cool and dry
  • Removable cover
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8. ECOlux Zucca

ECOlux Zucca Mattresses Malaysia

ECOFoam technology

One of the more popular and affordable mattresses in Malaysia with over 500 great reviews on Lazada, the ECOlux Zucca utilises its innovative ECOFoam technology to maximize the durability of its compressed and reinforced foam for a long-lasting and comfortable mattress. Good for spinal alignment and support, it also has satin fabric for better cooling and a more breathable surface, keeping it dry and fresh.

Bonnell Spring system

The Bonnell Spring system is made for the optimal firmness and support for your body throughout the night. Additionally, the high-quality synthetic fabric between the spring and the foam balances the level of natural firmness. 

Why buy this:

  • ECOFoam technology for comfort and durability
  • Bonnell Spring system
  • High-quality synthetic fabric
  • Anti-dust mite

9. Dr.Alstone Stelapudic Mattress Tilam

Dr.Alstone Stelapudic mattresses malaysia

Chiropractic spring system

If you are experiencing back issues from sleeping, you may want to check out the Dr. Alstone Stelapudic Mattress Tilam. This mattress features a synthetic layer and Stelapudic spring intended for the most efficient support possible. The Chiropractic Coil consists of a 6-Sides titanium alloy spring system that has been arranged for excellent back support, helping provide you with restful sleep at night. This model also features a good air ventilation system, keeping it cool and dry.

High-quality knitted fabric top layer

The top layer is made from premium high-quality knitted fabric that is soft, comfortable and allows for minimum disturbance. It is also anti dust mite, bacterial and hypoallergenic. In terms of firmness, it has just the right amount that is not too soft or too hard. The perfect balance offers natural spinal alignment and support, as well as optimal pressure relief.

Why buy this:

  • Stelapudic spring
  • Chiropractic Coil for great back support
  • Good air ventilation
  • High-quality knitted fabric top layer
  • Anti dust mite, bacteria, and hypoallergenic
  • Medium firmness

10. SpinaRez Spinal 1

SpinaRez Spinal 1 cheap mattresses malaysia

Popular affordable mattress

One of the most popular mattresses in Malaysia by far with over 2,000 great ratings on Lazada, the SpinaRez Spinal 1 is very affordable. It features an aloe vera layer for a breathable and comfortable top layer, while also being anti-bacterial, fungus and dust mite. The Bonnell Spring System is used to improve support and long-lasting performance. Furthermore, this mattress also features coconut fiber, which is moisture-resistant and improves the durability of your mattress. 

Why buy this:

  • Very affordable and popular mattress in Malaysia
  • Aloe vera layer
  • Bonnell Spring system for good support and durability
  • Coconut fibre layer for moisture-resistant



Which brand of mattress is the best in Malaysia?

KingKoil is a pretty good brand for mattresses in Malaysia. If you have a bigger budget, check out Sealy and Dunlopillo.

Where to buy a mattress in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a mattress in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee is my go-to for kitchen and home appliances. It is also a great place to compare the prices of the mattress in Malaysia. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Mattresses in Malaysia will help you to buy the best mattress in Malaysia for your home. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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