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Hi and welcome to our wedding venues page. We designed this page to be a one-stop place for you to find the perfect spot for your wedding celebration. Whether you are looking for a grand or intimate celebrate, an indoor or outdoor vibe, we've listed our top picks here, along with tips on how to go about choosing your wedding venue. Drop us a message if you need any help and we'll get right back to you. Enjoy!

How to

Choose your Wedding Venue


Think about your ideal location

Thinking about location can help you narrow down your wedding venue choices. What type of backdrop or ambience would you like at your wedding? Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?

For our wedding, we wanted to get married by the beach, with a sunset solemnisation followed by a indoor reception, so that narrowed our choices down to beach wedding venues in Sentosa. You can view the venues by theme above, or find a wedding venue to suit your theme here.

Tip: Always recee your potential venue before making a deposit. If you are looking at an outdoor venue, ensure that the venue has a flexible backup solution in the event of rainy weather. 


How many guests are you inviting?

Do a rough draft of your guestlist and have an idea of how many guests you are planning to invite. Are you looking for something intimate or grand? Most restaurants can accommodate 100 – 150 guests, and ballrooms can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 500 guests. Do note that restaurants usually have a minimum spend, and ballrooms have a minimum capacity count. 

Tip: When planning for your capacity, do buffer for some additional guests that might come last-minute. 


What is your rough budget in mind?

Your wedding reception will be the bulk of your wedding cost. Plan out your budget according to how many guests you have and how much you plan to allocate for each guest. Depending on your chosen venue, on average, chinese banquet weddings cost about $100 – $150 per guest depending on the number of courses. You can opt for a lunch buffet to lower your cost. 

While many think alternative venues (restaurants or parks) are cheaper, it may or may not be the case – depending on the inclusions. Alternative venues usually function on a per-head ala-carte basis, whereas ballrooms go by table and have more inclusions in their packages. Do a comparison between your shortlisted packages to see which is of better value. 

Tip: Read our cost of wedding guide for a full cost breakdown of your wedding essentials. Also check out our article on the cost of wedding venues in Singapore

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