Where to buy Flower Girl Dresses in Singapore?

Ever wonder why we have flower girls in weddings? It’s such a pretty tradition to have, but I’ve always wondered too!

Why is there a flower girl in weddings?

The flower girl precedes the bride down the aisle and sprinkles lovely flower petals on the ground for the bride to walk on. A sweet little girl all dolled up walking down the aisle is definitely the cutest way to start a wedding. There’s no doubt the cutie will charm the guests and set a perfect scene for the wedding. The tradition of flower girls actually originate from the Romans & Greeks in ancient times. Flower girls symbolize the passageway from childhood to woman/motherhood. The little young girl also serves a symbol of joy and innocence at the ceremony- and how brief yet magical it can be. In the past, they used to carry wheat and herbs as a blessing of fertility and prosperity. These are now replaced with pretty flower bouquets!

Where can I buy Flower Girl Dresses in Singapore?

You can find flower girl dresses from departmental stores like Takashimaya. Some bridal shops carry a selected range¬†too. But the prices are pretty steep though, ranging from SGD90-100 or even more. But nowadays, there’s no need to worry because online shopping offers you a cheaper alternative, and the dresses are just as, if not more gorgeous!


THE SUNSHINE KIDS is an online store (based in Singapore) retailing stunning flower girl dresses! Their designs are inspired by flowers, bows & all things pretty! Mainly using fabrics like satin & organza, these dresses have the poofy effect that any bride would want for a child. They have many different colours too Рwhich makes great for different wedding themes. Apart from dolling up flower girls, their dresses make great gifts as birthday dresses or for special occasions like Christmas and Chinese New Year! Check out these little gorgeous girls all dressed up looking so happy! Shot02 02Rapheka3235**03Hannah3525**02Qiqi3180**03qiqi339903lele3488**03Sophie3595**

Their smiles totally melt my heart! My absolute favourites are Princess Sophia, Azelea and Camellia!! <3 <3 <3


What are you waiting for? Check out their other designs here!



Do note that The Sunshine Kids have merged¬†with¬†Agape Babies. Check them out @¬†Agape Babies Singapore too. Retailing 200+ brands, 6000+ products of organic baby products, there’s just so much to choose from!

How to dress your flower girl up

You can choose to dress your little flower girl up as a miniature version of you, the bride- a tradition started by Queen Victoria! But if that’s too formal, any pretty dress made of satin/chiffon is perfect for the occasion. Just make sure the colour of the dress doesn’t clash with the colour scheme of your wedding theme. It’s also a popular tradition for the little angels to wear a hoop of flowers around her head. Like the wedding band, it symbolizes eternal and everlasting love.

Source: Pinterest Inspirations

How to prepare the little girl for her big day

Pre-wedding jitters are not only for the bride, walking all the way down the aisle by herself with all the guests looking her way can also be a daunting task for the little girl! A good way to teach and explain to her what she has to do would be to get her a children’s book that illustrates the process for her. Watching a video would be great too- children love to model after others. She’s bound to get all excited too! Which is great, because happy smiling children are the cutest¬†haha. Also, ensure that the little girl attends all pre-wedding rehearsals so she gets enough practice time! Do give loads of encouragement and smiles too.

Must I have a flower girl at my wedding?

Always keep in mind that¬†it’s your wedding, so feel free to follow the traditions that you feel will fit you more. If finding/preparing a suitable flower girl is too troublesome for you, there are always other¬†alternatives¬†that you could use. To end off, here’s some laughter for you! Check out this funny video of how this little girl screamed her way down the aisle. :D

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